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For me everyone need to have an experience or probably learn how to shop online because if the benefits I thought is worth it. I have been online shopping since 2008 as far as I can remember when most of the shops are called blogshops. So here I line up the reason why I prefer to shop online especially when more offers are available now with Flipit Malaysia

1. Comparison becomes easier
With more and more online sites were offered right now, more and more product choice we can have. Rather than walking from stores to stores, I can just open a new tab and compare on which one I should buy. No more Mrs grumpy pants Sales Assistance to chase you away from the store because you don't buy anything. XD.

2. Reputable brands to ensure great experience.
Ever feel scared to shop online because you don't have the experience? Check what others likes or have been around with good feedback. This is also where I discover more new shops to shop! Also here I can refer to what are the best deals I can get for my self at - Top 20 Coupon Codes.

3. You will save more.
You might spend more due to it convenient but at the same time if you have good planning, you will save more. Especially when there are coupons codes offered to you in just a click away. Flipit Malaysia has tons of codes that you can use during your shopping. Just a click away.

4. Finding product is easier
This is so true. I would say most of my "rare" items are from online. I juts google it away. During lazy days I would just browse to coupon sites and see a full list of shops I can discover. Flipit Malaysia has it all.

5. Get updates faster.
Rather than waiting for a call or flipping though newspaper, I rather have notification in my email. At Flipit Malysia you can follow your favorite shop for more deals in the future. In my case right now I am following Supermodel Secrets as I am looking for some stuff for my wedding day <3. Also some home equipment for cooking and stuff at Lazada. Lazada is one of the top stores that has new voucher codes released at the beginning of each month - including 10% off Lazada vouchers and other discounts. This is very helpful.

I hope this post will fin you helpful and hope you in any ways to shop more smartly. Check out Flipit Malaysia for more info!
**First picture are taken from WeHeartIt and all screenshost are credited to Flipit Malaysia Website

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  1. So happy to see more website offering discount codes for people like us who shops online! :p

  2. im crazy over shopping online tau. but then again i came across with few problems such as buying lipstick , blushed, foundations. finding the right shades is so difficult for me sometimes. Tengok dekat website lain, bile depan mata lain..

    1. true, for makeup, sab rely on other bloggers swatch post. so far ok la.. tp xselalu beli foundation online. quite hard. the best is referring to temptalia foundation matrix. that helps.

    2. really? i should give it a try then.. thanks babe! i miss tubbie. hug and kiss him for me. :)

    3. aw.. suree! tubbie says hi! <3

  3. Saya pulak jatuh hati dengan 11st. Banyak shocking deals. XD!!


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