Nurturing creative skills with Play-Doh Shape & Learn Sets

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I’m excited to finally get to introduce Play-Doh to my little Aryan with these products sponsored by Hasbro. I have been growing up playing with Play-Doh too. They were my favorite learning toys when I was a kid! Along with having fun, I can teach Aryan to learn about shapes, colours, alphabets and more with these fun sets.
Look at his focus. Haha! I knew Aryan would love these. The first set that I introduced to him was Play-Doh’s Shape and Learn Colours and Shapes set. This set encourages Aryan to learn different shapes and sizes. It includes eight shape cutters, a roller, two double-sided mats and eight different cans of Play-Doh.
I love how it comes with the mat that contains pictures and instructions where Aryan can match which shapes he will need to make and shape. The colorful tools provided also attracted him to experiment on the different shapes that he could try out. As you can see, the cutters have shapes come in two different sizes on each side which allows Aryan to learn about the different sizes of similar shapes.
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The second set is all about learning letters and language. This is the Play-Doh Shape & Learn Letters & Language Set. This set includes all 26 letters from A-Z, six cans of Play-Doh, a roller and two double-sided mats. 
This set helps Aryan to develop his motor skills and sensory experience. By letting Aryan discover new letters, I taught him a few simple words while referring to the pictures that are printed on the mat and showed him the words are made up of how many letters. which words are associated with different letters. 
I also encourage him to touch, to feel &to shape the letters using the letter mold stamps to stamp onto the Play-Doh. This allows a more interactive communication & learning session between me and Aryan. He had a lot of fun and I love how he makes a surprise face when he shapes the letters using the stamps and Play-Doh. 
This interactive set can also be played by Aryan when I am busy with housework the set is easy and fun to play with the provided two-sided mat which helps to guide him on where to stamp the letters. He loves looking at the different stamp letters.
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