SK-II Facial Treatment Essence for you


Yes I am not joking! Since my previous post on how I really love my SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, a lot you you guys have been asking ans wanting to try it. Don't worry. I am giving away 5 FIVE full size SK-II Facial Treatment Essence to you. 5 Winners! How cool is that and the way of winning this? Super simple. Let me tell you now!

SK-II will open up a pop-up store called the SK-II Pitera™ House at The Square @ Publika from 7-14 October 2014. Showcasing their latest beauty revolution called ‘Skin Destiny’ and trace SK-II’s anti-aging breakthroughs and innovations leading up to our award-winning Stempower series. It's going to be a fun event there that you must bring your besties their! When you visit the Pop-up store you will also get to experience first-hand, the state-of-the-art skin analysis technology that SK-II offers. There will be also lots of promo going on during the event, workshops, club membership and many more. I receive a lot of emails asking about the SK-II but I did really manage to answer all of your questions so this is the perfect timing for you to consult and ask the beauty consultant! They will recommend you which is the best for you!

Then, how do I win the awesome Miracel Water called the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence from Sabrina?
So here is how! All you got to do is :
1. Follow my instagram :
2. Post : Upload yout selfie in your instagram (within contest period) and...
**Selfie must be taken around the Pop-Up SK-II Pitera House venue.
3. Dont forget to tag : @sabrinatajudin #sabrinachangeskindestiny #skiipiterahousemy

5 most creative selfies will win a bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml worth RM229 each!
Contest period : 7 Oct - 14 Oct 2014 
*Winners will be announce around a week after contest ends.
*You must also reside in Malaysia

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

So don't forget to go to the SK-II Pitera House on the dates above and snap snap some selfie, post in instagram and dont forget to hashtag! Make sure your profile is not private so I am able to view your entry. I repeat, 5 winners! High chances of winning! I know you are good at that! hehe...
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Colors Cosmetics Malaysia Flat Top Foundation Brush Review


We are small but cute aren't we? Most Asian comes in small sizes. Wehuu. Our average size are below 5 feet. We need smaller things to fit our cuteness. Hehe. So yes, I bet you all have know about the makeup brush from our home grown brand, Color Cosmetics Malaysia. An awesome webstore selling tons of awesome makeup products. From NYX, Sigma, Tarte, nars and many more. Offering a Free Shipping with purchase up to RM150.00. So they have relaunch their best selling item that is the Flat Top Foundation Brush and thank you to them I got to try it for my self before the launching date which is on 30 September tomorrow! I have been using it quite frequently, and I will let you know about it below!

What I like about it. I never thought a short handle can be really make a difference when applying makeup. The bristle is super similar to the Sigma F80. I own that brush so I can tell! The bristle are made from synthetic material, which means no animal hair we use. So don't worry my fellow sister. What I like about it it is easy to carry and how the handle feels firm when holding it making my application easy and accurate. The price are also reasonable and love how they improve on the look of the brush. From what I can remember, the old one comes with a sticker. I find that looks tacky. now,the logo is engraved on the wood handle which I find super sleek! Love it! The bristle are dense and super soft! Also to mention that it is super easy to clean.

What I don't like about it. So far, I have been loving this brush, but short handle can be accurate but sometimes I find it is more tiring than the longer handle. I don't know why. But it is still workable.

Overall & Recommendation. If you are looking for a brush to apply your favorite liquid foundation, you should own this! It buff into your skin nicely and leave your makeup application seamlessly and stay longer. The short handle are also good to be work with your clients if you are a makeup artist.

Name : Colors Cosmetics Malaysia Flat Top Foundation Brush
Price : RM 55.00
Bristle Type : Synthetic (No Animal Hair)
Where To Buy :
*valid till June 2015
**Disclaimer - This product were send to me for product review purposes

Giveaway Time!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
- Living in Malaysia -
- Only entry that full fill all 8 points are counted as an entry -
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Lofa Lens in Gorgeous Pink Review

Review Lofa Lens Gorgeous Pink
Review Lofa Lens Gorgeous Pink
Review Lofa Lens Gorgeous Pink
Review Lofa Lens Gorgeous Pink

Lofa Lens! Yep yep. The new "it" thing from Neelofa. Neelofa is an actress, TV host and an entrepreneur. Frankly speaking, I was not a fan of her at first maybe because of the drama all these people talking about. Geezz why would I listen to people gossiping! I hate myself for that. But till now I am so inspire by her. She is a freaking awesome business women who never give chances to loose any opportunity she has got. She has her own clothing, collagen drink if I am not mistaken and now contact lens! So I was driven by the influence all around me and then I saw my friend selling it, I said to my self. Why not I give it a try. So after a few days of making my decision on what color I want, haha. I choose the lens in the style Gorgeous Pink. I wanna try something different from the normal grey and brown neutral shades that i usually got. So here it it! Let me tell you what I think about it.

What I like about it. Ok let me get this straight. I love how she takes the effort to make that kind of packaging. A self illustrated barbie like girl on the front with those pink stripes. How cute is that! Also the lens does not comes  in that "glass" jar usually circle lens come from. It comes in a case that looks pretty professional and also easy for me to open it up. i usually get cuts from opening circle lens glass bottle. It super comfortable and it does not look weird at all! You know the ones that look super fake and mata macam alien. But if you look closely it looks weird lah. Here is a selfie wearing this lens -

What I don't like about it. So far, I pretty much loving it! But the price is a bit pricey to my opinion. Since it is a 1 month disposal lens.

Overall & Recommendation. I recommend this to everyone! Although the black lining outside of the lens seems a bit too over the top ( to my opinion at first ), the black lining actually going to give you a more natural looking color to your eye. It seems Neelofa knows what she is doing, and these lens are suitable for our most Asian eye color. Looking forward to try Celebrity Brown and Innocent Blue! Love it! Okay, need to start continue my packing. I am going to have my convocation tomorrow!!!

Name : Lofa Lens in Gorgeous Pink
Price : RM 69.00
Where To Buy :
**Disclaimer - This product were purchase by my self

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!
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The New Sephora Black Card

Sephora Malaysia Sunway Pyramid Black Card

I just got back and so pumped up to do this post because I have a little something for you later. So I went to Sephora Sunway yesterday for the Black Card launch event. It's a public event where you can also go there and get lots of fun stuff to do which I will be telling you in this post. If you are familiar with Sephora, you have notice that you can be join their loyalty program as a member. Which is the White Card. So Sephora has re-lauch a new card called the Black Card specially for Sephora VIP members. 

Sephora Malaysia Sunway Pyramid Black Card

Deluxe Sample, freebies, fortune cookies and many thing waiting for you! It is located inside the Sephora Sunway Pyramid.

What is the different between Sephora White Card & Sephora Black Card?
It is actually the same thing, but Black Card is to recognize loyal customers of Sephora that actually have reach the 250 points. (250 points is about spending RM420 in Sephora). Black Card owners have more privileges and more upcoming benefits in the future! 

What is the advantage and benefits of Sephora Black Card?
Can be use in 3 different countries. Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand.
MYR 5.00= 3 points
SGD 1.00 = 1 point
THB 25 = 1 point
Enjoy VIP access to Private Sales, Events, Workshop, Pretty Surprise on your Birthday & 10% for every 250 points.

How do I get to be a member of the Sephora Black Card?
You will be automatically be a Sephora Black Card member when your White Card points reach 250 points. The Black Card will exclusively be posted to your registered address starting this coming October 2014. So wait for the arrival in your post box!

Sephora Malaysia Sunway Pyramid Black Card
Sephora Malaysia Sunway Pyramid Black Card

Spend a minimum of RM300 during this Black Card event and get these super cute Lip Travel Kit for free! I got mine! Super cute <3

Sephora Malaysia Sunway Pyramid Black Card

Go around Sephora and if you see this QR Code, just scan it and who know you might win something! Its fun is it!

When is the event? So go to Sephora Sunway pyramid from 18 Sept 2014 - 1 October 2014 during operation hours and get :
  • Beauty Offers & Tips
  • Fortune Cookies! With every purchase you will get a fortune cookies. Crack it open and see what did you get. You might win some prizes! Wuhoo!
  • Spend a minimum of RM300 and you will get a limited edition Sephora Travel Kit (A lip makeup bag & luggage name tag) & 2x the points of your purchase!
  • During weekends (20-21 & 27-28 Sept) you can get Cake pops! yums!
  • Sample such as Urban Decay foundation and many more.
  • Snap a picture wearing the 3D glasses in the store (will be provided there) and post it in Instagram. You will get a chance to win a Beauty Box from Sephora worth RM300! Not samples okay. The beauty Box contains makeup products from MUFE and many more. Full size items! (20 winners weekly, high chance of winning bebeh!) #MYSEPHORABLACKROCKS
  • Photobooth! Go cray cray over the photobooth and you can bring home the photo strip for your self and your bestie of course.
  • More and more gifts and freebies such as Sephora exclusive shades and stuff! Go grab your card key now and go!

So here are the stuff that I bought using my Sephora vouchers that I got. I am a happy girl of course! I got to buy my long waited wishlist foundation that I really really wanted to try for so so so long which is the MUFE HD Foundation. Although the price has increase, but I still  buy it because I wanted to see it for my self why people love it so much. I got it in the shade 123. Then I bought the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. I really wanted to try a high end concealer because I have been using drugstore concealer for so many years and one thing I notice that drugstore concealer fade fast. So I wanted to see if a high end concealer can solve this problem. I will test it and let you know about this concealer because it is also one of the most rave concealer around. Plus, I love Tarte products because it cruelty free and free from chemicals! Hope this concealer is good because it cost like 5 bottles of drugstore concealer! You better be good Tar-te! 

Sephora Malaysia Sunway Pyramid Black Card

Then I bought some Soap and Glory bath products. I love their packaging. One of the reason. No. I am not sorry for that! Hahahaha. Then I bought a Dior lipstick for my mom. She gave me a call and ask if I can buy her a lipstick then I thought why not spoil her with some fancy 3 figure price tag lipstick. So I bought her the Dior lipstick. I am so happy that she loves it! Then to round up the voucher, I just buy the Sephora Bath Fizzes. I am so happy that I got a deluxe sample of the Tarte Eye Cream that I was actually plan to buy! And also some freebies that I got such as the fortune cookies, makeup bag and others in the pictures complimentary during the black card event. So if you wanna get your hands on these. Don't forget to pay Sephora Sunway Pyramid a visit!

I got 5 sets of RM30 Sephora Vouchers for you! Go to my latest Instagram picture here ( ) to find out more! Contest ends fast! 
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Jone's April | Headpiece


Happy Malaysia Day everyone! I got some exciting stuff to show you. I have ever wanted a head piece. I saw Amenakin, Ruba Zai and many other hijab fashion girls wore them and they look stunning! Glad I found Jone's April who offers lots of accessories from head to toe. The one I got here is called Green Stone Angel Headpiece. It is super pretty and easy to wear! What do you think? Does it looks good on me? If you don't wear hijab, this will also looks good on you! Elfira Loy also wearing it and she also got it from Jone's April!

Now let me introduce you who is Jone's April. You got to know them!
Also known as, they offers wide variety of accessories import from South Korea. A company named Zhengye Company founded iJones April since 1998. Then Jone's April were introduce in 2013 based in Malaysia. They offers only the best quality of accessories from bracelet, watches, rings, hair accessories and many more. Each piece have been carefully selected by their fashion buyer Miss He Yuange. Each piece are exclusive and come in limited quantities. They are limited edition, outstanding design, affordable and high quality products. I got to agree on that. I have a few piece from them and they are still in good condition! So you better not miss it!

They practice quality check of each piece that were bring to they brand. And don't worry, their customer service is excellent. You don't have to worry about any problems when shop with Jone's April! They can also assist you if you have any problem during shopping. 3 Days guarantee of receive products when you shop with them . I receive mine less than 3 days!

Korean Drama fans here put your hands up! Did you know they have accessories inspire from those Korean movies that you love? Such as My Love from the star anklet, necklace, nail ring, The Heirs short necklace, Master’s sun necklace & Miss You Actress’ middle ring.

Your accessories come exclusively and packed super nicely! Super love how they put effort on this! So don't forget to check out Jone's April store! I got to play dress up again with my favourite headpiece now. It is super gorgeous!

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5 Life Lesson you can get from YouTube


Its Monday and I am so pumped up for the new week. I am in a mood for some motivational post. I like this kind of stuff. I love reading about it and I like to search about it. I love reading stories about successful people who I can relate. I can say that I can be super negative sometimes and I truly regret it every moment of it. I actually love being positive. Although sometimes I can be a real ***** for some situations I can't control. So I am an avid YouTube viewers. I have 3 different account before because of changing my username. Haha. Youtube have so many life lesson to my opinion. YouTube also teach me so many stuff that I wanted to learn. I can't afford to go to art school, and there is these YouTube people love to show tutorial videos online and have helped me a lot. I also have a passion and dream to inspire people in a way that they can be more than they expected. I always believe in that. I don't really like normal life. That is me. Really. I really want especially young girls to be more than they can imagine. Be amazing. Be a passionate fulfilled person. I hope this short blogpost will give you a pumped up start for this new week!

1. Even how good you are, there are still going to be haters.
When you watch video, you probably going to notice the like "bar". No matter how good the video is, how matter how positive the video can be, how matter awesome the video can be. There is still a 'thumbs down". So that is life. How good you are, how you does not disturb people's life, you are still going to get a "dislike". So calm down. Don't panic, don't be sad. Its normal. People are just gonna hate. There is always someone who just love to write in hate comments. Because they choose to be negative. Remember that. There is no one in this world can satisfy everyone. Not even a prophet. But if you look properly, which is the most button clicked? Thumbs up right? So yes there are still going to be haters, but, haters are just a small portion in life that we just need to ignore. There is no failure but feedback.

2. Believe in yourself and you never know what future holds for you.
Watching Draw my Life videos gives me so much good example. Most of the successful YouTubers does not really comes from a good past. They just doing what they love and believe in. And look at them now. They are freaking successful. You never know what future holds for you. You never know where your talent can bring you. When they starter, 0 views are nothing to them. They just keep doing what they love and what they believe in. Now? They are just amazing so are you.

3. There is no such thing as a perfect life.
YouTube videos are made from real people. Real people with life. Especially when watching Vlogs. As you can see there are always curses came out from the mouth. They are real people with real life. Messy room, messy hair, uneven makeup sometimes. There are always things does not going as planned. But being positive is the key. There is always a little breakdown in life. There is no such thing as a straight perfect life. There is no happy ending. There is only a rocky road for you to go through in the most positive way.

4. We all have different views.
This is one of a topic we need to remember. We always have disagreement about something. Take an example of the comments you can read in each YouTube videos. There are always people fighting, trying to get people think what they want others to believe what they believe. Remember. Not everyone have the same cup of tea as you. Don't go over people life's and tell them what to do. Yes, even in religious views. Prophet Muhammad also does not practice forcing method. He does not go on all people lives and force them to believe in Islam. He does not embarrassed other people for his own belief. He practice to himself and make an example to people who wanted to see. This is just and example okay. Some goes to a basic life stuff. You like orange, and when people does not like orange, you bashed them, Remember that everyone have different views. So respect each and one another and let them decide. 

5. Past does not define you. 
Abused? Bullied? No friends? Ditched? That is only an event. Not a life time problem. Do not blame what happen to you in the past and blame people for what you are right now. There is no failure, but feedback. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone have dark past or stuff that they wish they did not do. What you need to do is, repent to all of the mistakes and start to be better. For things to change, yourself have to change. Not the people around you. Starting from today, be awesome. Cause you already are, and your life need YOU to make it happen. Take the past as a lesson, for you to be amazing.

I love you, Sabrina.
*all pictures obtain from tumblr.
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Sigma 5th Year Anniversary | Luxola


Hey hey. All I can say is I love Sigma Brushes. I have been around loving their products since it became a most raved topic in YouTube. When they first started, getting my hands on their brushes are such a trouble. It is shipped internationally and problems may occur. Sigma is a USA brand that carries wide variety of make-up brushes. They are high quality and comparable to the high ends ones. So luckily Luxola are offering Sigma products in their web store with affordable price and what more great about it is Free Shipping if you spend RM40.00 & above.

My parcel is package in a bubble wrap envelope. The brushes came with the Sigma Box. I still remember back then where it was packed with the organza bag. Improvement! Can't stop starring at the beauty of the rose gold ferrule!

The items I got here are the holy grail best foundation brush ever which is the F80 Flat Top Kabuki in copper ferrule with a "5th Year Anniversary" engraved text on the handle, E21 Smudge CopperE10 Small Eye Liner Copper & Sigma Gel Eye Liner in Unexpected. When you purchase any item from Luxola, your items will always be wrapped nicely. I love it! Back to the brushes. Actually I have own the F80 before, back in 2009. But then I did not take care of the brushes well, so I actually damage the whole bristles. Then I repurchase it again in the standard silver ferrule. It is one of the best foundation brush I ever use. Getting my hands on the Copper edition is a bonus! I love how it looks like and would be a nice back up for me if I did have the time to clean my Silver F80. The other two brushes I got are eye brushes.

The smudge brush is an excellent brush for applying eye shadow in the inner corner of your lid. It does not feels flimsy and all over the paces. It is firm and give you precise smudging on that area. The other one is an eye-liner brush. Great to be use with gel liner like the one I got here! The shade is called unexpected and it is a matte grey shade eye-liner. Can be use as an eye-shadow base and of course eye-liner!

Go to  Luxola Webstore -

and get 20% of all of your orders!
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Free Social Media Button Codes


Yeay for another blog tips & tricks! Today I am going to give you Free Social Media Buttons. I decided to create this post for you who wants a click-able Social Media button in your blog. It does look fancy baby. So if you are not familiar with HTML. No worries, try to learn slowly and you will understand how easy and fun they are. So below are the codes for the social media button. You can paste this in your HTML Gadget section where you can find in you Edit Template section. What special about my social media button is that (echecheche) is that is hovers (change) when your cursor move on it. So it looks click-able and attract more people to click it.

Go to your Dashboard, > look at the left section > Click Layout > Add Gadget > Search HTML > and paste all below codes.
* If you want to edit, paste in Word Document first, edit and then paste the edited codes by you in the HTML Gadget box.

You can delete any part that you don't want. For example if you don't want Blogloving section. Simple delete the whole paragraph of the codes. From <td> .... </td> <--- this is consider 1 whole section.

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

<td><a href=" YOUR FACEBOOK LINK " target="_self" ><img src=" " width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" Facebook " onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

<td><a href=" YOUR TWITTER LINK " target="_self" ><img src=" " width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" Twitter " onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

<td><a href=" YOUR YOUTUBE LINK " target="_self" ><img src=" " width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" YouTube " onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

<td><a href=" YOUR INSTAGRAM LINK" target="_self" ><img src=" " width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" Instagram " onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

<td><a href="YOUR GOOGLE PLUS LINK" target="_self" ><img src=" " width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" Google Plus" onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

<td><a href="YOUR BLOGLOVIN LINK" target="_self" ><img src=" " width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" Bloglovin " onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

<td><a href="YOUR PINTEREST LINK" target="_self" ><img src=" " width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" Pinterest" onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

<td><a href=" YOUR CONTACT PAGE LINK " target="_self" ><img src="" width="35" height="35" style="opacity:1.0; filter:alpha(opacity=100)"
title=" Contact " onmouseover="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=40"
onmouseout="; this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" /></a></td>

</tr> </table><center/>

YELLOW = This is where you paste your social media links. For example, Instagram ( You know the drill.

RED = change the number to your preferred size. If the size of the button don't fit well in your gadget, try to adjuct the numbers. smaller or bigger. Its up to you! Play around with it. If you wanna make it bigger, just increase the number to make it fit better or smaller or something like that. :)

PURPLE = This is the image direct link that i provide for you. Its a standard simple grey round social media button. But if you wanna create your own, sure you can. Just upload it in Photobucket or something and copy the Direct Image code and paste it in the purple section. Additional notes, PNG formats works nicer!

How it will look like :

If you still have questions, write down in the comment section below and I will reply ASAP!
Happy beautify your blog! A pretty blog is a happy blogger!

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Mark & Spencer in Komtar, JBCC


If you all know that I have move back to Johor Bahru. My hometown is in Johor. So moving back to Johor has been very exciting for me although I do feel a bit sad of leaving those awesome opportunity and especially not to be able to meet my lovely blogger friends. If you know me back there, I just want to say I miss you guys so much! You guys know who you are! Moving back to Johor have been so great so far. I got a day job now (the reason behind lack of posting), I just got my driving license! Wohoo! And many new things to explore here. The best part is got to be to have my own room and be around with my cats and parents. Hehe. So back to the topic, I don't normally blog about press kit but this press kit I got I feel quite interesting. I felt so lucky because as I move back to Johor, there were so many new things develop here in Johor. So many new shopping malls, cool spot to hang out and many other attractions.

One of the best thing that happen is this. Which is a new shopping mall open in Johor. It is located beside City Square JB. Orang2 JB mesti tau port ni. Hahahaha. Zaman cinta monyet selalu pergi sini. :P So JBCC were actually build up from the old shopping mall called Komtar. There renovate the whole building and relaunch the shopping mall to JBCC. I have been there and there were a few shops open which is like Sephora (scream), Pandora, Dora the explore.. No I'm just kidding on the Dora part. But basically what I can say about JBCC is that they are targeting to be like KLCC because there are many high end brands open in there. One of them is this. that I thing one of the main attraction of JBCC would be the Mark & Spencer. When I visited JBCC, Mark & Spencer were still renovating. But now I am going to tell you that, is is finally open! *pops confetti*

The picture I got here is from the press release send to me. As you can see Mark & Spencer have variety of department in there. I am excited about the Food Hall & Beauty Department of course! They offers wide variety of items such as Women's clothing, Men's Wear, Office Wear, Food (love the packaging) and Beauty Department. Bath Products! I love their Talc product because I am a powder person. Haha.

Any Johorean here? Are you excited about the Mark& Spencer opening in Johor? Mark & Spencer Johor Bahru is located on Ground Floor just beside Sephora. And Sephora is beside (going to open) Bath & Body Works. So this means I am going to be broke. Oh yeay. Yay me on my "Saving Resolution" this year *rolls eyes*. Who cares HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok. I should stop now.

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Otterbox Symmetry Case Review


Iphone cases. I can go crazy for it. Its like pampering your one and only most favorite things in the world. Just like iiSuperwomenii said in her video that we all have relationship with our phone. Haha. So this time around I have been loving this case. It is the NEW Otterbox phone cases which is the Symmetry Series. It features a ultra slim, stylish, pocket-friendly design. Compare to the previous Otterbox case that I got, I am much prefer this. It does not feel bulky and of curse it is super stylish! If you are new to this brand just to let you know that Otterbox is a well know company that produce heavy duty protection case for electronic devices.. They have many range of phone cases series and every series is design for each different users with different needs. Let me get down to the details.

For me the main attraction of this case is that how stylish it looks on your phone as well as at the same time it gives you this super duper protection to your phone. To a very clumsy person like me, this is a must have case for my phone. It wraps around my phone firmly and I just love love love the design on the case. Just to let you know they have in so many design to choose from. Super pretty I promise you would love it. The case it self is not like any other cases you may seem to find around. Its dual material absorb shock and withstands drops. The edge is curves and really protect your phone from within. As you can see it has a bit if beveled edges on the front which helps to protect your front screen from touching the surface. I can just throw my phone in my bag without worrying about it. Oh and yes, I have dropped my phone a few times and it did cause any damage. I dropped it on the road if you ask! Think about if I don;t have this case with me. Phew.

Oh not to mention, this case available for Samsung, HTC, LG & many more. If you are a person who put safety first to your phone as well as wanna look stylish, I really recommend this cases. Although the price is a bit expensive to my opinion but take note about repairing your phone. I 've been there! I was charge RM350 for my cracked screen. Urgh! The Otterbox Symmetry Series cases retails fro RM149 (solid colors) and RM169 (graphic design). Now I am eyeing on the Preserver Series! It protect your phone from water! How cool is that aaaaaa! More info & purchase go to -

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