Philosophy is now available in Malaysia


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Just a quick post on a little fabulous find. Last week I saw a Facebook page of Philosophy Malaysia. I was not sure if that official, until now I gain some trust. So yes, Philosophy brand is now available in Malaysia. i don't really know about this brand, but I heard a lot of raves from the Youtuber years ago. Especially to their best seller Grace fragrance, and Purity facial cleanser. From what I know Philosophy is a brand that sells skincare items and bath products, packaged in a very simple and humble packaging with "Times New Roman" font on it.It looks pretty sleek to me! So I am happy to know that this brand is now officially available in Malaysia since I have a few wishlist from this brand. I really want to try the Purity facial cleanser and some body shower from the,\m About price, I don't really know yet. I have not seen it live in Sephora yet. So hopefully it will be not too overpriced! I hope I ncan try the Purity facial cleanser soon! It cost 42USD in the US, so I'm guessing the cleanser gonna cost 3 figure here. Hm... *all image are from WeHeartIt.

Philosophy is available at all Sephora Outlets:
starhill gallery,
181, jalan bukit bintang,
55100 kuala lumpur.

lot c22 concourse floor, suria klcc,
kuala lumpur city centre,
50088 kuala lumpur.

lot 6&7, upper ground floor,
no. 1, jalan ss7/26a, kelana jaya
47301 petaling jaya selangor.

163d-1-19 & 20, gurney paragon mall,
persiaran gurney, 10250 penang

lot no. : g1.132, no 3 jalan pjs 11/15,
bandar sunway, 46150 petaling jaya, selangor


Have you heard about Philosophy brand? Any wishlist?
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Beauty Blender Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I just got back from work! I feel restlest for not posting anything today. So I guess I write up my review for this holy grail most loveable tool for all makeup junkie, The Beauty Blender. No. No. I am not gonna review a pink egg. Its not Easter Day. I am going to review this magical tool that claims to be a sponge that gonna make you can look like a movie star without the pricey services of a major make up artist. This sponge is invented by a top Hollywood make up artist Rea Ann Silva. What the hell is this pink egg!? Okay, here's a basic explanation. So basically this pink egg shape sponge (also comes in white and black now) is created to give you that awesome application from its suede soft surface and shape for hard reach area and such. This sponge can be use for cream/liquid or even powder for your makeup application. Just like ordinary sponge, but this was created with a unique shape for an ergonomic application and the soft texture for a flawless finish. This sponge was also highly recommend by many makeup artist and YouTube beauty guru.

First Impression. When I got this I was so excited because its pink. Well, you know that. This sponge is packaged nicely in a cylinder packaging with a holder inside. Making the sponge looks so prestige! When I first open it, and touch it. *sparkle aaaaa....* came in my mind. OMG! I can't stop squishing it! Its super soft and fluffy just like marshmallow! Your heart just goes, boing boing boing just floats away with its softness! How can I express this... Hm.. Ok, Its super soft! Just... super... soft. Ok stop with that. Back to the review, done with the softness. So this sponge is recommended to be used damp. You can use it dry but damp is better for more softness and your product would not be absorb that much. The idea of the packaging is quite nice, after using it, I put it back inside the holder and close it. It was a bad idea. My sponge becomes smelly. I think it cause by the dampness and no air flowing inside the container. So it was my bad. It is better to use it and wash it immediately to maintain it cleanliness. But I always in a hurry, so what I do is, I just throw it inside the container and I did not close it. In the night, when I am free, I wash it off, try to get rid as many wetness as I could with a towel and place it on a dry towel overnight.

Below, this is how it looks before and after its been rinse with water. On the left is how it looks when its dry, smaller but still soft and on the right is after rinsing it with water and squeeze as many water as I could and leave it in damp texture, bigger and softer.

In above GIF picture show how soft is this sponge really is! Just imagine marshmallow! What's good about its softness is that, you would feel rough or putting too much effort on applying makeup with this. Below picture shows the application with liquid foundation. Oh yes, this was recommend to be use for loose powder too! I haven't tried that.

Overall thoughts. I tried to use it while its dry for experimenting purpose. I hate it. Its absorb my product and cause waste. The application is also so sheer and need a lot of effort to let it come out. Then I wash it back, and use it in damp texture. At first, I kinda okay with it. Because I was using the pointing tips upwards and patting it all over my face. My application is flawless but sheer. I need to put a lot of product out to cover my whole face. Then I tried using the bottom part (*Minion : BOTTOM! ahahahahahah) in damp texture. Its better with this way. My makeup application is more nicer and blends effortless. Then I use the point tip for my under eye concealer application. Its blends super nice, fast and quick. So for overall in terms of application, I kinda like it for blending my concealer more than using it for foundation application. I think its best for blending but not overall application. Its my favorite tool for concealer application under the eye. Its a great tool for beginners as well as professional.

Comes to cleansing. Cleansing was a mess on first try. I can't get rid off the product inside the sponge. I was stress out at first. I clean it with my facial cleanser. I ran out of baby shampoo. After a while, I search some videos in YouTube for tips and trick on how to clean this sponge, then I got the idea. I was suppose to squeeze the sponge from the bottom part to the point. After that, I don't find that this beauty blender is hard to maintain. It was easy to clean and to use. Oh yes, Beauty Blender also sells their own cleanser for this sponge, but its a little pricey, many said that the Daiso Cleanser is a great dupe.

Name : Beauty Blender
Price : RM75.00
Where To Buy : For now, Beauty Blender is not available retail in Malaysia, I got mine from The Fashinette Sister Facebook Shop. You can purchase this online from :
Made in : USA
Official Website :
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Go to their Instagram to ENTER & know more about it!

Have you tried Beauty Blender?
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ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Serum & Lotion


Salam & hello everyone! Did you know that your skin also needs their "moisturizer". I do admit that I do sometime neglect my body but not my face, which is a bad thing. Why this happen is because I hate the sticky feeling lotion usually gave me. But not this time, I have an awesome range of body lotion and serums to share with you people! You should care for your skin as much as you care for your face. This is what I really need to keep in mind. After discovering ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Lotion & Serum range I am by far so happy! This is one of the best lotions I ever tried and what is the best part of it? It does not leave sticky feel at all and it absorb fast! Everything is a water based lotion & serum. Looking at how we need to face our hot humid weather, with a hectic city lifestyle it is a must that we need to protect and ensure enough benefits to our skin so we can get good smooth *muah muah* skin! Now I can't stop sniffing my skin because it smells so good!

I was raised with ENCHANTEUR, when I was a kid my grandma will always use ENCHANTEUR Talc to get me ready so I smell good! It was her favorite thing to stock up every month for me and for my cousins. Hehe. I love the smell so much! ENCHANTEUR always have the best range of scent and care. Just like the Body Lotion & Serum that is newly launch under its sub brand ENCHANTEUR Paris, you can have 4 options to try on! Each lotion and serum have been caters to suits all women skin needs. Choose what suits your skin or choose your favorite scent! Or just everything! They are retails at a very amazingly awesome price too!

Here is a swatch for all 4 lotions and serum. As you can see the first from the left is the All in One Serum and continues to all ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Lotion. The star product to this range is the new All in One Body Serum that has all the best benefits all women must have! The textures of these lotions are very light and easily spread on your skin. It absorbs fast and does not feel heavy on the skin. Below I will explain and review each lotions and serum!

As I mention in my previous post so many time that sun damage and sun rays are very dangerous. Especially in our humid hot weather, our skin can get burn easily and damaged. Exposure to harmful rays can cause a lot of negative effects to skin such as skin darkening, uneven skin tone and the baddest part is, it will lose its moisture. This can cause skin aging fast. No we don't want that right. Did you ever hear that our body can also have a serum? Well not only your face deserve a serum! Now you can have a full concentrate serum for your body that can give you sun protection, hydration and whitening! All in one and all the things I want for my dry skin! It’s a multi-benefit serum that is perfect for you who is on the go, love body cares that absorb fast and smell so good! The scent is mild and not overpowering. Just perfect! I love this serum because it contains sun protection of SPF24++ that protects your skin from both UVA & UVB rays. The Licorice concentrate that contains in this serum helps to lighten your skin and this serum also contains Hyluronic Hydration which gives 24hr hydration!!! In short, it’ll keep my skin supple and moisturize! All you can have in one bottle!

Name : ENCHANTEUR Paris All-in-One Whitening Body Serum with SPF24++
Price : RM11.50 for 135ml | RM19.90 for 275ml bottle
Where To Buy : All participating outlets and pharmacies
Made in : Malaysia
Net Weight : 135ml/275ml

Ingredient Highlights : Sun Protection SPF 24++, Licorice Concentrate, Hyaluronic Hydration.

Did you realize that some parts of your body for example your knees, elbows and the back of your neck is a lil darker than the rest of the part of your body? Well I have that! Thanks to this, now I can make them lighter! I always want my whole body to be as light as where I find my skin is, the one that is not exposed to the sun. Sun damage can really makes your skin darken. Which I hate. ENCHANTEUR Paris came out with this lotion to help my problem go away. This lotion contains three effective Whitening ingredients that help to lighten your skin which is the Vitamin B3, Sakura Concentrate and Licorice Concentrate. Vitamin B3 helps to stop melanin production that causes pigmentation. Pigmentation is the dark parts of your skin. The Sakura concentrate helps to even out your skin tone and the Licorice Concentrate helps to prevent dark pigmentation forms causes by the UV rays. If you want to find a lotion that helps to lighten your skin. Go for this!

Name : ENCHANTEUR Paris Triple Whitening Body Lotion
Price : RM8.90 for 150ml | RM14.90 for 300ml bottle
Where To Buy : All participating outlets and pharmacies
Made in : Malaysia
Net Weight : 150ml/300ml

Ingredient Highlights : Vitamin B3, Sakura Concentrate, Licorice Concentrate

As you get older, the elasticity of your skin will decrease. One of the reason is your body losses the form of collagen that helps to make your skin firmer. That is why we can see that babies have such soft and firm skin. They have the highest amount of collagen in their body which we lose everyday. The new ENCHANTEUR Paris Firm & Repair lotion contains Micro Collagen that helps to restore your skin elasticity. Out of the four lotions, this has to be my favorite! I love how it smells and its like you are wearing a perfume! It smells so nice and it makes my skin feel moisturized! The Micro Collagen also helps to strengthen the elasticity of your body tissue which I like. Another ingredient contains in this lotion are the Swiss Edelweiss Concentrate that also helps to protect your skin as well as repairing your skin overnight. I love to use this during night time before bedtime! The scent is like lavender calms me to sleep too! I wanna wake up with a baby skin and a baby face! Echeh! Hehe...

Name : ENCHANTEUR Paris Firm & Repair Body Lotion
Price : RM8.90 for 150ml | RM14.90 for 300ml bottle
Where To Buy : All participating outlets and pharmacies
Made in : Malaysia
Net Weight : 150ml/300ml

Ingredient Highlights : Micro Collagen, Swiss Edelweiss Concentrate

One of the things I wanna do this year is to be more active outdoors. Thinking about the sun damage sometimes makes me sit back to my couch and watch tv. Now I can have a protection as well as whitening benefits to my skin when I wanna go for an outdoor activities. I love how the new ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh gives my skin feels fresh and protected. If you love the smell of after shower, you love this. It also contains awesome ingredient such as Portulaca Concentrate, Aloe Vera Concentrate, and Licorice Concentrate that helps to protect and helps lighten your skin. Its smells lemony fresh! I love this one too.

Name : ENCHANTEUR Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion
Price : RM8.90 for 150ml | RM14.90 for 300ml bottle
Where To Buy : All participating outlets and pharmacies
Made in : Malaysia
Net Weight : 150ml/300ml

Ingredient Highlights : Portulaca Concentrate, Aloe Vera Concentrate, Licorice Concentrate.

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More info go to :
Official Website :

Sponsored Post. This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Have you tried ENCHANTEUR products? Which is your favorite!
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Nature Republic Garden Recipe Wash Off Pack in Carrot


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Remember my last shop tour post for Nature Republic new store at Times Square (read it here- link ). If you have seen it you know one of my haul is this mask pack that I am pretty excited to try. I am a fan of "spreading" type of mask than the sheet mask because I find it fun to use. Nature Republic is a Korean Brand focus on natural resources in their products. This is one of their product in their Garden recipe Wash Off Pack Line. I have picked up Carrot. There were not a lot of choices when I was there. There are suppose to be 5 different type of these. The only one I saw during that day is this Carrot one and the Kohlrabi Pack. So I grab the carrot one because it said its for firming. I'm reaching to my "middle" 20's so I though its time for firming care. Hehe. I have use it since I have bought it and tested it around 3 times.

This pack claims to be a product that have all kinds of vitamins & minerals with 7 kinds of fruit contents. One of it is the carrot which rich in vitamin A that provide elasticity for a firmer and energize skin.

My thoughts. Of course the packaging attract me. I love how it comes in a jar with these cute cartoon design on it. I know jar product may comes to the fact that they are not hygienic, but I kinda like this packaging. I use my left alone foundation brush to apply this all over my face. I don't use this brush in my makeup routine because I find its very tiring to use for foundation application. So I use this as a "spreading brush" for mask pack like this. As you open, a slight smell of "veggies" came out of the jar. The texture of this mask is very "goowyy". Kinda like a soft jelly with a hint of orange colour in it. One scoop is enough for the whole face. Talk about price wise, this pack is RM34.90 for 190ml.  I scoop is equivilant to 3-4ml of this product. You basically can use it like 47 times! 

How to use it? Spread the right amount on the entire face. Look at me! So lazy to wear my hijab, just wear my towel to cover my head. Haha. Ok back to explanation. Ok spread it all over your face. From my experience, I felt a cooling sensation when applying this. Which I like. The "veggies" smell does not bother me. It was okay. Then, leave it for 10-15 minutes. Usually i will wait until 15 minutes. Around 8-10 minutes it will get dry. Your face will feel a little tight. After 15 minutes, it will fully dry and then you can peel it off actually. But it is not easy. It is better to just rinse it with lukewarm water. My experience, my skin feel fresh and "cool" after that. It feel "bouncy" a little bit after that too. In term of firmness, I don't really can tell. Overall, I like this mask during my pampering night for that fresh and "awake" skin feeling.

Name : Garden Recipe Carrot Wash Pack
Price : RM34.90
Where To Buy : All Nature Republic Outlets (List)
Made in : Korea
Net Weight : 190ml for full size jar & 8ml for travel pack
**Disclaimer - This product(s) was obtain from a gift/door gift on attending a launch/beauty event I went before.

This Garden recipe wash off pack also comes in 5 different types. Purchase the full size jar for RM34.90 or the travel pack 8ml for RM9.90.

have you tried any wash off pack mask? What is it?
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My Top 15 International Blogger


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡ . So... I have did my Top 15 Youtubers and you guys kinda like it! So I guess since I am in a blogging world, of course I have some favorite blogger! I'm sorting it out into 15 and its international. If its include my own country I guess I have to do Top 50. Haha! So of course, a blogger that I look up to is the one that have a neat blog, awesome pictures, details in what they are saying and the blog really reflect them self! There are some blog that I love to include but they just don't update anymore and its sad because some of them were goof. :( Lots of my bloglist have like 3-6 month not been updated. I kinda miss the. From Beauty, to Fashion, I have it all below here. Hope this will give you more blog to go blogwalking! Hm.. i wish blogwalking burns calories....

Of course I have to include her! Although she does not really update that often, she is one of the blogger I really look up to. On how she took her pictures, how neat is her blog and just amazing! I love how cute her blog is and her pictures are really amazing! Presenting to you, my internet idol, Zoella!

2. Lily Melrose |
One of a beauty blogger I love. I love how she review things and I don't know. I just love reading her blog as well as how she took pictures for her product review. Just amazing!

3. Indah Nada Puspita |
An Indonesian fashion blogger. Top notch high fashion scene. She can wear anything and look fabulous. I love looking at her fashion pictures. It inspiring although I don't think I will wear something like that.

4. Stella Lee |
Another Indonesian blogger! If I am not mistaken, she is one of the best Beauty Blogger in Indonesia. Presenting to you Stella Lee! She love Japan if you can tell! I have been reading her blog like before she converting to her new blog. At first she only have and then she convert to I love how she review her product, she is also not sombong. Although she is famous, she always find times to reply to her blog comments. 

5. Hello Sasyachi |
Another, another Indonesian blogger. Haha. I discover her last year and I was like, is she using like a Korean model for her review. HELL NO! It is herself. Super pretty man! She does not look Indonesian at all. She look so Korean! She also love Korean cosmetics and she have review a lot of them Her review is very detail! I love it!

6. The Misty Mom |
I discover her around last two years if I am not mistaken. She always change her layout design. hehe. But all of her layout designa re super amazing pretty! She is from Philippine if I am not mistaken. Followed her even before she gave birth to her cute daughter! Her review are amazing, plus her pictures are absolutely amazing too!

8. Kayture |
One of my favorite Fashion blogger! Kristina Bazan! I discover her when I have this obsession towards YSL Rouge Volupte, then I saw her pictures where she had this photoshoot with the lipstick. All of the lipstick look good on her. Jelly. She also have a very high taste in fashion which, erm I may not afford right now. Haha. Well, I just love her fashion blog! Very inspiring!

8. Beauty Crush |
Whenever I can watch youtube, i go to my favorite youtuber blogs. So I can get short easy loading updates. Haha. She also updates about her lifestyle and beauty review here. Which i find easy!

9. Style Suzi |
Same as Beauty Crush, I don't know. i just look looking at amazing photos for product review. So stylesuzi blogs have it all!

10. Wendy's Lookbook |
Another fashion blogger I love! I don't know why I have not seen her youtube anymore. It just not in my subscription box, and I have to like find her channel and watch it. So her blog does the "synopsis". i love her fashion photos and style. Just amazing.

11. Wonder Forest |
My Art and Graphic inspiration idol! The one who design Zoella blog! Her work is amazing and I do have some purchase from her design shop. i love how she updates not only beauty stuff, but also motivation and her life. Her pictures are gorgeous and her blog is just awesome to be on!

12. The Beauty Department |
A fun quick beauty blog! I think this blog owns by a lot of admins. They pictorial are very popular in Pinterest! 

13. Cupcake Clothes |
A cute kawaii blogger! She is bold but she is confident! Her style are just out of this world but just looks amazing on her! She also review some korean product, cute packing stuff and interior design stuff. Love her pink kawaii blog! Addicted!

A new discovery last year, her blog is also awesome, her pictures are amazing and her review is also good too!

15. Miss Makeup Magpie |
Another beauty blogger, who actively review products! Great finds and lots of new product can be seen here! Not pocket friendly!

So that all I think! I cannot put everything her of it will be endless. Haha. You can check out my blog list here! This is where I get all of my favorite blogger updates!

Who is your favorite blogger?
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