Cleanser & Serum with 3 gemstones essence by Meeracle

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Last Friday, I was invited to the Meeracle Skincare launch. Meeracle is a homegrown skincare brand owned by Edelsteen Sdn Bhd. They are the 1st brand that uses the unique blend of diamond, ruby and pearl extracts as their main skincare ingredients along with other active organic ingredients. At the launch event, they introduced their new & improved product with 23 natural active ingredients which previously has only 21 active ingredients. Also Meeracle did a whole new rebranding of their brand in terms of packaging, website, print ad and much more to give it a more luxurious and exclusive look to it.
Here are the two start product from Meeracle. Meeracle is the first Asian brand that has these 3 unique blends of gemstone in their skincare. They are sold not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and Dubai. Celebrities Izreen Izmida, Catriona Ross, & pro Makeup Artist such as Alha Alfa swear over this amazing skincare product.
I got to try it for myself too! These are the two products that best to be used as a set.
This is Meeracle Facial Cleanser (50ml), it retails at RM49.00. This cleanser has a very luxury foam sensation when using it. It lathers nicely and removes impurities from the skin nicely. This cleanser has a natural exfoliator that are the finely ground diamonds that is gentle on to the skin and helps to even out skin tone while minimizing the appearance of scars and fine lines, leaving skin looking smooth and radiant. This Meeracle Facial Cleanser also contains apple stem cell and avocado that helps your skin elasticity and acne scars.

My favorite, Meeracle Facial Serum (30ml), RM79.00. This serum is very unique and I find it is not like those typical serum you can find in the market. This new & improved serum has 2 additional active ingredients which previously only has 21, and now it has 23 ingredients in it to give more benefit to the skin. Of course with the unique blend of Pearl, Ruby, Diamond extracts. As you can see, the serum has a pinkish glowy texture to it, that helps the skin to look glowy and radiant in just one use. That iridescent glow from the pearls helps to moisturize, gives anti-aging benefits and has lightening properties to the skin. I also love the fact on how light and non sticky this serum is. 

Meera Nordin, the founder of Meeracle Skincare talks about how she was inspired by the benefits of gemstones towards our body. There is where she has that idea of having the unique blend of the gemstones in her skincare. After many years of research with a pharmaceutical research team she came out with this two star product. It has proven so much on how it can help make the skin look more radiant and healthy. 
With a good cause, the Managing Director of Edelsteen Sdn Bhd, Raja Mohd Nasrullah Haziq b. Raja Abdul Rashid also launched the “EMPOWERING YOU” program, where they provide opportunities to women to gain income & improves their financial with them. Meeracle also work closely with their distributors, making sure they are motivated, learn business skills during a training session, mentoring and provide business start-up kit.

More info :

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You can purchase Meeracle Skincare from their website or from their authorized distributors, list here :

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More Reasons To Shop At AEON BiG

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It is shopping time again, and there is never a better time to do so than when AEON BiG is running a wonderful promotion. Hurray! Do you know of the Tapao-Ware redemption that began on 12th January, 2018? AEON BiG has always offered us an extensive choice in products, so with this Tapao-Ware promotion, there are simply more reasons to shop and redeem our favourite Tapao-Ware.

There are a total of 5 Tapao-Ware designs to choose from. Redeem one, or be like me, collect 3 units in one shot! Why? These Tapao-Wares are:

*made from 100% Borosilicate Glass
*easy to wash
*non-toxic & non-reactive
*can transfer directly from freezer to microwave/oven.

With AEON BiG Tapao-Ware, I no longer have to worry about toxic chemicals while heating up my food! Yay! Worry-free cooking every day!
There are 5 types of Tapao-Ware to choose from. These Tapao-Ware is 100% Borosilicate Glass, odourless, easy to wash, non-toxic & non-reactive, can transfer directly from freezer to microwave. So worry free about chemicals while heating and time consuming to let your food defrost when you want to heat it up.
 Redemption period is from 12th January, 2018 to 22nd April, 2018.
Redemption of the Tapao-Wares has never been easier. That's because we can get one redemption sticker for free with every RM30 spent shopping in AEON BiG. Once we have five stickers in our Collectors Card, we can redeem our favourite Tapao-Warefor as low as RM9.90 – RM24.90 per unit.

Here are two Bonus tips for you;

Tip No.1: Get Extra Sticker
Did you know that you can also get a free sticker with purchase of these listed participating brands such as Adela, Breeze, Colgate, Downy, Dutch Lady & many more!
You can get extra stickers with purchases of participating brands such as Adela, Breeze, Colgate, Downy, Dutch Lady & many more brands! And you know what? AEON BiG has a special Redemption App whereby you can also receive an extra sticker once you register yourself in the app. So download the app now!

Android user:
Apple user:

Tip No.2 : Redeem 2 units with Maybank Card
If you redeem with any Maybank Cards, AEON BiG has a special promotion that’s exclusively for you! Once you have collected 5 stickers, you can redeem not only 1 unit, but 2 units of Tapao-Ware! Yay! Double redemptions with Maybank Cards.

Easy tips for extra benefit!
These are the 3 designs of Tapao-Wares that I have redeemed, just 2 more designs to complete my full collection. I personally love square and rectangular Tapao-Ware as they are easier to store. These look great, don’t they? What a wonderful addition to my kitchen.
From top to bottom: 950ml Square Tapao-Ware, 900ml Rectangular Tapao-Ware & 1.52L Rectangular Tapao-Ware with Divider.
Not only it can be used to store food but I also use it to store my makeup & stationary. It os a multipurpose product that you may find very useful!
I have found the Tapao-Ware can also be multi-purpose. For example, not only do I use my Tapao-Wares for food, I can also use them to keep my makeup and stationery. Call me crazy but I just love to be organised and Tapao-Ware helps me to be so!

My food is kept fresh in the Tapao-Ware and can go directly into the microwave for my food to be heated up, and yup, even directly into the oven for baking.
Remember, Tapao-Ware redemption is only available until 22nd April, 2018. Start shopping to redeem the Tapao-Ware that you fancy. Don't lose out because these are what every household needs, seriously.

By the way, if you are not an AEON BiG member yet, do sign up now to enjoy 5% discount on all items without minimum purchase every 2nd Sunday of the month during Special Thank You Members Day, as well as on Thank You Members Day on the 28th of every month. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up in store - membership is FREE! Mark your calendar to make sure you visit AEON BiG on those dates to save more! We're all about maximising our Ringgit these days and this is a good way to it! Don’t you think so?
 For more information about AEON BiG membership, check out

More info visits these links :

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