Top Cuepido Skincare that I have been loving

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If you have been following my blog for quite some time you know how I raved about this brand Cuepido foundation. This time I am trying out their skincare products. I am very excited to show you guys as one of them has been my staple product nearly every day. I kind of bring it everywhere in my house. After washing my face as usual, I'll continue using these skincare products. It has been done great to my skin and let see what my thoughts on them. I love how they send me these products in such a good presentation! The packaging and appearance looks very luxury.

This mist right here, is the one I'm talking about. I have a few mist favourite but I have been loving this one so much! It comes in a metal pump bottle and box with lavender graphic on it. So ya guess right, this mist is infused with the goodness of lavender essential oil. Of course this has a lavender scent to it which is one of my favourite things about it. I leave my skin and self calm and soothes. How to properly use this, spray this all over your face or even body after cleansing or your bath. Then gently pat in to let it absorb faster. It said that it helps to replenish moisture and skin nutrients. I was told also that it is so natural that it is safe to use for babies too as an alternative for nappy rash products and promotes better sleep! I tried it the other night when I was told about this and my baby loves it! No irritation or what so ever just giggle happy smile <3 It does not leave any sticky feeling. It has a cooling sensation which I love and this can also be use over makeup to freshen up your face after that long hot humid day. I have tried it and it does not leave my makeup cakey at all. The spray mist is really fine and distribute well in just 2-3 pumps. You can also make this as a facial mask, spray generously on your face and leave it for 5 minutes, then pat in any excess amount of the mist.

With its lavender good properties, it also has an antibacterial benefits which helps to reduce acne. As I mention above this can also be use for body, and yes it is amazing for that too. During hot days even in my own place, during the afternoon time, the weather can be pretty humid. Spray this on my neck and arm, I feel so refreshed, plus the lavender scent helps to calm me down during stress moments! Each bottle contains 120ml of products and retail for RM99.00.

Antioxidant helps your skin in many ways. This serum has a highly effective serum that contains good potent of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It has a high concentrate of these great ingredients that quickly absorb to your skin to help improve skin texture and gives your skin the hydration and anti aging benefits. It comes in a glass bottle with the pipe pump. It helps your skin protected from daily pollution from its potent antioxidant from rooibos leaf extract and vitamins. Use 3-4 drops only and massage it all over my face and neck. I am reaching 30s girls, need to care for the neck! 

Great thing about this serum is that it is suitable to be use for under the eyes. The antioxidant benefits going to help reduce the appearance of fine line under your eyes. I tried it under my eyes, my eye bag does not completely go away but I could see a difference where my eyes look more awake. You can feel the firming effect instantly. Definitely there is a firming improvement under my eyes. It can be use before makeup and my concealer does not crease. Use this before your makeup and you can feel a different where your makeup application becomes smoother too!

This is a great daily moisturizer. It has a gel to cream, texture, very lightweight and leaves my skin a satin finish, not too matte. Has hydrating properties and suitable for both day and night. I use this after applying the serum or any serum that I use alternately. It helps to restore your skin balance at the same time helps improve skin elasticity and collagen production. It contains minerals ferment from ocean that promotes collagen production naturally can help heal damage skin which means helps to heal scars.

It is hydrating and a great base under makeup. I think it is best use during the day as it is very lightweight and can be a great base for your foundation. It helps to make your foundation last all day and not cakey. This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types. During the night it can also act as a sleeping mask which leaves you wake up in the morning with soft hydrated skin!
I recommend this skincare products if you have normal to combination skin like me. I have use this for 2 weeks plus and it really helps with my tired skin. Motherhood is tiring but fun, these skincare especially the most has really help with my skin. Pair it with your favourite cleanser, after pat dry apply the beauty mist to freshen up your skin, let it absorb a bit, then apply the serum and moisturizer. I guarantee you with a proper diet, lots of H2O intake and a simple discipline skincare routine with these products will give you great result. All Cuepido skincare and products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, triclosan-free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, gluten-free, bpa-free. Made from USA. Try it!

More info and shop online at :
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Pay less when you shop for beauty stuff

I always told my friends that always do some searching before buying any products online. Especially beauty stuff! There is a tip where I am able to buy more makeup stuff regularly. You don't a;ways need to pay full price girl. Its the coupon code and deals I use and grab during my check out! From there I can get more discounts and deals when purchasing stuff. One of the site that I love to make my purchase is Hermo Malaysia. Hermo Malaysia beauty and skincare products offers amazing deal everyday and you don't want to miss out. Sometime they have a really great deal with limited time. So need to keep eye on it. It seems a bit impossible to keep an eye for all the deals, so I recommend you to check out this website to help you with the situation.

There is a website called Paylesser where specially for avid Malaysian online shopper like me can get more deals and coupons when shop online. Happen to see a empty space in the "Coupon Code" Section when you check out? Don't leave it empty! I'm sure there is some coupon code you can use and get more discount in your total cart. The deals are updated regularly too!
All you got to do is go to the tab right on top on the categories that you are interested. In my case, Health & Beauty of course. Duhh. Scroll down for the current deals that are going on. Not only Hermo, but other beauty sites such as Colors Cosmetics (NYX stuff is here!) and Best Buy World are in there too. More coupon code for Sephora Malaysia, The Body Shop Malaysia, Supermodel secrets and many more!

Not only that, more stuff such as fashion items, home stuff, food and even traveling are in there too! Some of the offer are direct from the website and some of them are coupon codes like this one from Zalora. During check out apply the code and get your deals. Read the terms and also how you can get the coupon code valid. For example like below, a minimum spend of RM150, apply the code and you will get 15% discount of your purchase. Don't want to miss every single thing, subscribe to the newsletter.

So go to Paylesser to get more deals and discount on your online purchase! Save and shop more! Register an account, its free, no worries!
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OGAWA New Home Living compliments my living space!

Massage chair reminds us on how big and bulky they can be. Recently, OGAWA has launched a few models that trust me, you are going to think again on owning one! As you know, I am very picky when it comes to what I want to put in my living space. I don't like crowded things, complicated stuff in my living space. Inspire by a modern living, OGAWA came out with 3 massage chair with its latest technology, features, functions that fit any needs at the same time give your living space an interior that compliments your home. I will be talking about these 3 types which are iModa (newly launch), NEX EVOL&LOXA Sofa.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I once said and wish how I want my bedside chair to have a massage feature! It's a reality now! This cute and compact design single seat sofa is a massage chair people! Comes in 2 color option Fox Red & Truffle. Fox Red for a pop of color to your space and Truffle for a mod style. Since my room is pretty dull with only grey and white colors, I choose the Fox Red. It gives a pop of color to my space. I live in a very small apartment, this iModa fits in my bedroom perfectly.
This iModa comes with its authentic massage chair rollers and a new couple innovative tapping motion that creates comfort massage. It has a L-Shaped Massage Track which follow the curve of your body. It is made from real leather for the luxury feel and comfort.
It comes with a small pocket on the side where you place your remote to operate the iModa. The remote features simple button indicator that also allows a few mood function that you can choose, heat features and size adjusting. The remote operates with 3 AAA Battery.
Comes with massage features such as, Hip-Shaping Boost Massage. Ladies, this feature helps to shape and tone your hips! At the same time it relieves fatigued muscles with its Oscillating Taping motion. Second, the Active Boost Massage. Helps to reduce muscles cramps and improve poor posture. Third, A flexible Boost Massage. A gentle stretching program that helps tired mussels to relax and also improve your body's flexibility. Lastly, the Energy Boost Massage, before bed, rejuvenate your body and improve your body vitality with it combination of rolling & kneading. Also known as Tui Na.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
You are all about the luxury and lush look, check out OGAWA NEXEVOL. Create a special relaxation space in your living space with this bad boy! It features function of the Thermo Care Massage Chair and warm touch. Feels like a real human massage experience anytime at your home! Luxury design with leatherette and sleek diamond cut pattern on it. Inside there is a dual 10cm in size (mimic real human hand) heated rollers. It gives you a soothing sensation that helps to treat your sore neck to waist muscles with care and comfort.
It compliments any interior and looks like a single sofa. What great about this model is that it can be personalized its massage programs and to your body shape. For example if the rollers are too high reaching your neck area, it can be controlled and adjust to your perfect fit and height.
When not in use you can actually hide the leg massage for a more spacious space in your living. So when not in used, you can keep it inside and looks neater!
The NEXEVOL comes with a touch screen tablet. It features endless programs to your needs and liking before starting. As I told you guys, it can also be personalized to your body shape. Easy touch screen button reachable when you are seating on it.
Choose from various programs such as Deep Tissue, Morning, Noon or Night session and specialty. It runs on 9 grids and focus on 3 major areas such as neck, shoulder, back and waist. Endless possibilities for your ultimate comfortable massage experience.
 If you guess it, you guess it right It is my husband favorite chair at the moment! Hehe.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
It has a modern and simple design with luxurious comfortable padded leatherette.Just like a sofa! It is also designed to fit any body curve. It is styled to compliments any type of interior. Also comes with a hidden leg massage which makes space are neater. Choose from 3 sleek colors option!
The LOXA Sofa has a touch screen remote. Easily choose any mode you like for your massage section easily! It can be expand when in use and turn back into a sofa like chair when not in use. The pedal angles are adjustable and can be extended up to 8cm. It has a wide massage coverage which provides 720mm deep comprehensive massage that runs from your neck all the way to the lumbar area.
The LOXA Sofa features mode such as Body Tone, target  to relieve sore muscles around the shoulder, waist and back perfect for people who sits and work in front of the computer in long hours. 2nd mode, RECOVERY, promotes relaxation of sore muscles and tired muscles after a workout. SHOULDER & NECK, features deep massage focusing on the neck to relieve stiff and aching muscles on that area. Perfect for people who overuses the phone and portable gadgets, due to long hours of looking down. *cough* Too much Pokemon Go probably hehe. Then there is a DEEP WAIST ode, best for any kind and anytime relaxation and massage session for a relaxation moment.
All of these massages chairs also features easy moving rollers at the back below of the chairs. Just turn these massage chair in 30 degrees angle and roll it to new space anytime. 

The iModa retails for RM2999.00 with 2 colors option, NEXEVOL retails for RM12,999 with 3 color options &LOXA Sofa retails for RM5,999 with 3 colors options.

More info go to & shop:
Website :

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DIY Kitchen Counter - Your Storage Solution

I have move in to a new place and I thought I share you guys on some of space and living items that you can check out. I move to a very small apartment and I understand the struggle newly weds or young adult have problems when it comes to furnishing your home in a minimal cost. So I found that in Malaysia, most Kitchen has lack of working space during cooking. To have a kitchen counter is pretty expensive, so I discover this website where they have customization part to make your own table top/counter/storage shelf and more! Watch my video below :

As mention, this is the website. It is the Vetop Storage.

It only takes 8 minutes for my husband to completely finish building the kitchen counter that I mention about. the wood shelf on the top part really makes it looks like an expensive kitchen counter. Anyone can build this thing, you do not need any other tools such as hammer or nails. The compartments uses this clip on clips on each levels and combination of the parts.
The levels and shelf bar are very very sturdy. Pretty heavy and it is a real solid metal. So no worries!
I just love the wooden shelve finishes! I could say since I have this table top as my kitchen counter, my cooking process has never been faster and easier. I can lay the ingredients and utensils on the table top and so all the chopping on the table top.
There are more ways to customize and ways to use the shelves. You can use it in your living room, kitchen, children play room and more!

More info and shop go to :

Use my coupon code for more discount! :
( discount RM15 for all size of rack, accessory and chair not included )
Start from today until 30th September 2016
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Metal Liquid Lipstick by Ruby & Roses

Metal lips are so in right now! Lots of brand are coming out with metal series but most of them are international, proudly a local company here in Malaysia came out with these! I'm so excite to try them as I never tried any metal lipstick before. So this is pretty fun! They came out with 2 more new shades along with their brown shade collection. Here I am reviewing the metal shades that I got. There are 4 shades, they have a metal finish but dried completely matte.

The first shade is Rose Metal, the lease metal effect from all the metals shades here. It has a deep burgndy base with a nice shimmer in it. Second is Copper metal, super creamy and opaque. Third is Gold Metal, not that pigmented, pretty sheer but with a few layers it can be more opaque. What I love about this shade is that it has this duo chrome kinda effect. When you "move" it has a rose gold to gold shade that looks suppperrrr pretttyyyyy! Lastly is bronze metal. A brown undertone metal shade, A more natural shade than all other 3 shade from my opnion.
They are creamy, easy to apply and dries to matte. 1 layer is enough, 2-3 layers can make you feel a bit uncomfortable. They are long wearing and I could say kiss proof too! Does not transfer easily.

I can't get enough of how pretty the Gold Metal are so I use it as an eyeshadow. It dries matte and feels like wearing a cream eyeshadow on the lid. Stays put and does not crease yo! I also use the Rose metal on the outer part of my lips and blend it in the center with Copper Metal shade. Each liquid lipstick retails for RM40. More colours other than these metal finish are also available!

More info & shop online :
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