Top Cuepido Skincare that I have been loving

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If you have been following my blog for quite some time you know how I raved about this brand Cuepido foundation. This time I am trying out their skincare products. I am very excited to show you guys as one of them has been my staple product nearly every day. I kind of bring it everywhere in my house. After washing my face as usual, I'll continue using these skincare products. It has been done great to my skin and let see what my thoughts on them. I love how they send me these products in such a good presentation! The packaging and appearance looks very luxury.

This mist right here, is the one I'm talking about. I have a few mist favourite but I have been loving this one so much! It comes in a metal pump bottle and box with lavender graphic on it. So ya guess right, this mist is infused with the goodness of lavender essential oil. Of course this has a lavender scent to it which is one of my favourite things about it. I leave my skin and self calm and soothes. How to properly use this, spray this all over your face or even body after cleansing or your bath. Then gently pat in to let it absorb faster. It said that it helps to replenish moisture and skin nutrients. I was told also that it is so natural that it is safe to use for babies too as an alternative for nappy rash products and promotes better sleep! I tried it the other night when I was told about this and my baby loves it! No irritation or what so ever just giggle happy smile <3 It does not leave any sticky feeling. It has a cooling sensation which I love and this can also be use over makeup to freshen up your face after that long hot humid day. I have tried it and it does not leave my makeup cakey at all. The spray mist is really fine and distribute well in just 2-3 pumps. You can also make this as a facial mask, spray generously on your face and leave it for 5 minutes, then pat in any excess amount of the mist.

With its lavender good properties, it also has an antibacterial benefits which helps to reduce acne. As I mention above this can also be use for body, and yes it is amazing for that too. During hot days even in my own place, during the afternoon time, the weather can be pretty humid. Spray this on my neck and arm, I feel so refreshed, plus the lavender scent helps to calm me down during stress moments! Each bottle contains 120ml of products and retail for RM99.00.

Antioxidant helps your skin in many ways. This serum has a highly effective serum that contains good potent of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It has a high concentrate of these great ingredients that quickly absorb to your skin to help improve skin texture and gives your skin the hydration and anti aging benefits. It comes in a glass bottle with the pipe pump. It helps your skin protected from daily pollution from its potent antioxidant from rooibos leaf extract and vitamins. Use 3-4 drops only and massage it all over my face and neck. I am reaching 30s girls, need to care for the neck! 

Great thing about this serum is that it is suitable to be use for under the eyes. The antioxidant benefits going to help reduce the appearance of fine line under your eyes. I tried it under my eyes, my eye bag does not completely go away but I could see a difference where my eyes look more awake. You can feel the firming effect instantly. Definitely there is a firming improvement under my eyes. It can be use before makeup and my concealer does not crease. Use this before your makeup and you can feel a different where your makeup application becomes smoother too!

This is a great daily moisturizer. It has a gel to cream, texture, very lightweight and leaves my skin a satin finish, not too matte. Has hydrating properties and suitable for both day and night. I use this after applying the serum or any serum that I use alternately. It helps to restore your skin balance at the same time helps improve skin elasticity and collagen production. It contains minerals ferment from ocean that promotes collagen production naturally can help heal damage skin which means helps to heal scars.

It is hydrating and a great base under makeup. I think it is best use during the day as it is very lightweight and can be a great base for your foundation. It helps to make your foundation last all day and not cakey. This moisturizer is suitable for all skin types. During the night it can also act as a sleeping mask which leaves you wake up in the morning with soft hydrated skin!
I recommend this skincare products if you have normal to combination skin like me. I have use this for 2 weeks plus and it really helps with my tired skin. Motherhood is tiring but fun, these skincare especially the most has really help with my skin. Pair it with your favourite cleanser, after pat dry apply the beauty mist to freshen up your skin, let it absorb a bit, then apply the serum and moisturizer. I guarantee you with a proper diet, lots of H2O intake and a simple discipline skincare routine with these products will give you great result. All Cuepido skincare and products are paraben-free, phthalate-free, triclosan-free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, gluten-free, bpa-free. Made from USA. Try it!

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