YUMMY POST & TIPS : Fast Easy Breakfast Idea!


Hey! What breakfast has to do with beauty! You are wrong! Breakfast without we notice is super important! (Which I don't really do) And i want to start eating breakfast from now on! 2012 resolution perhaps? Hehe.

Do you find tired, weak in the morning although you have good enough sleep yesterday? Well did you have you breakfast? I mean, LIGHT breakfast? Not HEAVY breakfast for example a dish of nasi lemak and fried chicken, 3 piece of roti canai with the dal! Breakfast has its limits. We need it but we cant take it to much.

What is the best time for breakfast actually? It is between 7 - 8 am! Eating healthy food is a must for a-go boost  to start off the day. So i have search high and lows for this topic. I found that sometime we don't have enough time to do breakfast right?

So i have arrange some recipes that you guys can follow! I have adjust and experiment it for you guys, to make sure all the recipes are easy to do, basic ingredient are used and convenient! I edit all the picture my self, image are taken from Google. You can copy & paste those picture if you want! It is already sized up. If you paste it in a normal A4 doc size, it can fit 3 in one page. They are 7 wide and 3 in height!

So lets start!

The first one is the Mashed Potatoes with boiled eggs! this is my fave! Its super easy and you can make some extra which you can keep it for around 3 days. Just heat it or eat it straight from the fridge! So i just list up basic ingredients. You can put in more stuff like, slice of bacon, bits of roasted chicken or sprinkle of black-pepper.

2nd one is the Potato jacket! Eat it with the skin! It have good nutrition! (Don't forget to clean the skin first ok) Ingredients can also be customize. As i said, i listed ingredient which are easy to find and basic. You can add anything to this potato! Mozzarella cheese!

3rd one is the basic Sandwich. Its tuna! Squeeze some lemon in the ingredients if you like sourly taste! (Vitamin C ok!)

4th! Same as above only that the bread change. With really make a big difference.

Lastly, the cereal. If you really dont have the time. You can just speed up with a bowl of cereal which is easy. My fave cereal is Milo & Honey Stars! & snow flakes and...and...(too much!

So a total of 5 recipes. You can arrange it from Monday to Friday which the weekdays that people usually are busy to college or work. Form a schedule. Most of my recipes used oven right? because we want it to be fast and easy. Frying pan cause you to clean it up etc etc. Make sure you get ready a Tupperware at the night before so you can pack them if you on the go.

change the ingredient as you like! Which any convenient for you!

Prepare everything in the night, so you can access fast for tomorrow workload. So who's with me! Let's start breakfast ok! & don't forget to exercise at least 3 times a week. Want some advice? I'm not an expert but my father is a gym trainer. So i can drop some question to him for you!

So most of the ingredient used are the same. To save the budget and hassle I listed them out! Go take a paper and pen ok! ;p
Tuna in a can
Fave Cereal
etc. optional.

Easy right?

*Picture of recipes can be copy & paste if you wanna print out! Pictures help you appetite right?! hehe... Im in a project for Bento boxes! Planning to make my own lunch box! Wanna start saving & eat healthier! What a Bento Box? Scroll down! Till then! XOXO!

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UPDATES & HAUL : Birthday & Stickhouse?

Haha... pretty malas to blog lately.... too cozy to be home with my family and love ones... My birthday was on 11 December, Sunday. I just came back from KL on the night of 10 December. Pretty tired after a long journey. But was super excited after that because there was a lot of present in my room! I then, scream like hell... haha! So here a picture of what i got on my birthday!!! Love love love!

Naked Palette from my boyfriend! A cute small diamond necklace from my mom, a Blackberry Bold 3!!! from my father, and some makeup goodies from my little brother! haha! My 2nd bottle of Revlon Photo Ready Liquid Foundation. I just love it!!!

<3 I love you mama!

 Yes! I got my NAKED Palette!!!! Super super excited! That is from my lovely boyfriend! I did expect it either.... We still having some financial problem due to our new job, he said he wont do anything during my birthday, pretty sad to hear but i may just smile because i understand... Then we went to KLCC, as always, i will never miss visit sephora, walking and swatching stuff there! i can spent hours in there! haha.. suddenly a sales girl came to me and hand me a huge sephora paperbag... i was like, "did i entered a contest?" or am i like the 1 million customer or something?"... then i looked at my bf an he laughed to she my shocked faced, and i was about to scream and he quickly came to me and say, "ey, calm down..public..haha"... I'll be reviewing it after i wore it like a few times... Wanna see does it really nice like it have been raved!

 Birthday Card! I just love em! Its like a tradition in my family.. i have a full boxes of card since i was a baby!
This one special! is a cad from my cat Tubbie! Hehe..my mom make him paw the card! So cute...

And lastly, i actually got an invatation to a grand opening of the Stickhouse Malaysia! I was super excited.. but then i canceled it last minute.. (Sorry to the Stickhouse :( ) I got an important clent meet from my part time job.. really important...i could not cancle that meet... So i manage to go to Sunway Pyramid on that same day of the opening. So i might just see it from far... haha... Rugi besar... The ice cream looks delicious! But i dont have much time to spend there... :( I wish i can visit and try some... I'll do a review on it!

Location : 
Sunway Pyramid, up floor from the ice rink.
Price range : 
RM5.00-6.50 (extra RM1.00 / RM2.00 for topping)
What is it? : 
It is a home made ice cream on a stick!

Like there Facebook page! Click here - STICKHOUSE MALAYSIA

I could not take a closer picture, there too many customer. Below are the picture i took from google. Similar to what i see there.. More picture visit their Facebook page. Link above.

Till then,

And hi Fiza! Thanks for the lovely email you send me! Hope you always visit my blog! <3

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NEWS : Have you heard about beautylish.com ? Beauty Junkie community!

Hi guys! Have you heard about beautylish.com? What is that? Its kinda of a community age for makeup/beauty product junkie! I love it! So here's a quick overview,

So, down here is their homepage, You can see the bar on top have labels like, products, videos, photos, people, talk and articles. I personally think its very nice arrange for easy references....
The homepage
 If you click on the product button tab, you can see all the product that have been reviewed and rate. So its kinda an easy access for you if you wanna do research before buying anything. Pretty nice huh! Loving it! You can sort it to the categories you wanted.

 For example, I'm clicking on the Jumbo Pencil. So here we can see some review on it... Some swatches pictures, videos related to the product and many more!

The review
 Below, This is my fave part, a whole group of beauty videos straight from YouTube! Only beauty videos! Nice! You can even sort it to only tutorial videos or even, only giveaway videos!

 So, i clicked on one video, below is an overview on the page. You can access to the Beauty guru profiles and all the product mention pictures are also listed on the side!
It's hollyannaeree! <3
There's much much more to be explore! Nice huh? Hehe, Im not affiliate's or paid to promote this page, I just like'em! I think its a good page to share with all my beauty junkies friends! Ok, Till then again.. Tata! Off to KL again tomorrow! :( Need to work!


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