Prevent itchy,dry & irritated feeling after shaving your legs! The affordable way!

Pic taken through Google and credit to :  beauty.about

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Quick tips for today! Its about shaving! Do you ever feel itchy or burning after shaving!? Thank encourages you to scratch your legs and cause marks on your legs? We don't what that! So here a tips! I have been using it for years! Its a tips I got from a magazine long ago! What makes its more fun because you don't have to spend another money for a new product to solve this problem!  Because Im guessing all of you already have it in you bathroom now!

So how this gonna work? Use your hair conditioner! Seriously? Seriouslah! I'm not gonna show you a demo station on my leg. Mana boleh tunjuk kaki saya... haha! So a lil illustration i made will give you picture of it! Anyway its easy!

Step 1 : Go grab your hair conditioner
Step 2 : Apply and spread on your legs that you wanna shave
Step 3 : Massage it gently to cover every inch of your hair and leg skin surface.
Step 4 : Shave by different directions where your hair growth
Step 5 : Rinse it off
Step 6 : Enjoy your soft and none irritating feeling after shaving

Easy peasy lemon squezy. Hope this works for you! Tell me down below if this works!
Don't use razor that have been use more than 2 times ok! and,
Spread the tips around by sharing my link okay?

Hugs and kisses

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