Essence Stay All Day Liquid Foundation Review & Swatches


Hi guys! How you guys been doing? Having a great week? Today I am going to review a foundation that i have been using for quite sometime now. It is from Essence. I'm not sure again where is this brand come from. I pretty much have heard about it a long time but never get my hands on their product. So that day, while looking a nice affordable foundation around Watson, I saw this. Of course, the first time i saw it, I'm attracted by the packaging. 

Pigmentation: 8 / 10
It does have a true colors. What you see is what you get. As i blended, the color seems pretty nice. Not much of a change to its color. I might say it is a medium coverage foundation that is builable to a full coverage foundation. Leaving skin to a semi matte result.

Texture: 8/10
Blendable texture. The texture is a semi cream to liquid, not to runny not to creamy. Pretty light and easy to blend.

Scent: 7/10
It have this kinda cleanser type of scent if you know what i mean. Im not that good at describing scent. Haha! But it has a scent to it.

Longevity: 6/10
It claims to be a 16 hour long lasting makeup. After testing it for a week now. I might say, it is not 16 hour long lasting makeup. It pretty much stay around 6-8hours actively running here and there with our hot humid weather and cold air condition room. After then, it tends to fade and oil start appearing just like the other foundation i have used.

Packaging: 9/10
I really love the packaging. Especially the pump that the bottle comes with. The design of the bottle is pretty nice too.

You can easily get it at any participate Watson near you. It comes in nice 4 different shades that is quite different from others. Im surprise that my shade is the lightest shade that they have, because usually i have to get the middle tone of a foundation shade because i am not that fair. See picture above for the swatches and shade available.

Price: 10/10
I give it 10! Super cheap and affordable! Guess what? RM19.90! How cool is that? It is among the best drugstore foundation i ever use.

Overall : 8.2/10
I think this would be a great foundation for beginners. If you want to start your own makeup collection or just getting started with makeup. This foundation is an essential.Its afforable and simple.

What product from Essence have you tried? What do you guys think?

Hugs and kisses

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Nivea Daily Essential Cleansing Wipes Review


Hi beauties! Makeup remover product is a must have for all makeup lover. If you notice we use it every single day to keep our face clean. I have tried quite a lot of makeup remover product. My favorite would be wipes and water base makeup remover. So today I am going to review the Nivea Daily Essential Cleansing Wipes.

Packaging: 8 / 10
Ordinary cleansing wipe packaging. Sticky sticker type of closure. Beware of air trapping inside cause dryness to the wipes.

Scent: 9 /10
Refreshing scent.

Cleansing Power: 7 / 10
Most of the wipes are not moist/wet enough. The top layer of the wipes are a bit dry causing a bit harsh when i use it on my skin. Therefore, not much of my makeup are cleanse off. But then, after using it for a few days using it, I'm quite satisfy with the result. the wipe is actually very effective on removing makeup.

Ease Of Use: 9 /10
Easy to use. The size of the wipe is a just nice size for the whole face.

Availability: 7 /10
I only saw this at Watson. I'm not sure whether its available in other store.

Price: 8 / 10
RM15 +. Quite cheap. You get 25 wipes. Probably last you least a month, an average of 0.60 cent per wipe.

Overall : 7.3 /10
I might not gonna repurchase this. But it seems pretty nice, the refreshment feeling after using the wipes is quite nice actually. But in terms of removing my makeup, it tends to make me feel a bit harsh to my skin.

Have you try this? What's your current makeup remover product?
Love ya! Sabrina! xoxo
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MNG Malaysia is available online


Hi guys! Just a little sharing. Did you know MNG Malaysia is available online! Awesome right. So you can get your hands on these fabulous items right at home! If you found the item are sold out in store, maybe you can check in the website. I love MNG! Their design are very up to date, quite affordable and high quality. I have some pair of jeans, tops and bags from them. I usually go for their sale. awesome discount price. Here's a tip on buying pants/jeans from their shop. I found that their jeans are stretch out after washing. So when you trying them, go for the size that are the most fitted one. the most ketat one! then after washing and a few wear, the jeans will nicely fitted to your size. I have a jean that i bought a bit bigger than my usual size for comfort. But then it tends to get bigger and i does not look nice on me anymore. I have to wear belt to make it fit to my waist.
***all picture shown are owned / credit by/to Mango (MNG) store.

 Click here for the website 

Do you love shopping at MNG? What is your best purchase from the store?

Hugs and kisses

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Lip Smacker Coca Cola Lip Balm Review


I was watching Showdown 2012 when posting this. Awesome team i might say. AWESOME! How can i ever dance like that. Haha! Ok, I saw this in CLEO Magazine last few months. I got this around January. Give it a try first before reviewing it. They come in many different flavor such as Spritzer and Paul Frank line. The Paul Frank line is mostly on sweet fruity cupcake type of flavor. Would love to try more.

Packaging : 5 / 5
Awesome cool design and packaging. Just like any ordinary lip balm. Twist nicely.

Scent : 3 / 5
Have you ate the cola candy? Exact smell! Nice but sometimes it annoys me. I keep on licking my lip. They smell delicious but too sweet sometime.

Moisturizing power : 3.5 / 5
Quite moisturizing. Nothing special. Reapply it just like an ordinary lip balm.

Price : 4.5 / 5
RM12.00+. You can get it in Watson or Sasa. Sasa have the set package. The one comes in a nice round tin with other flavors lip balm.

Overall : 4 / 5
A nice buy. Not recommend you to buy it if your main purpose is all day moisturizing effect. I accept this as a collective item.

Have you tried this lip balm? Do you love flavored lip balm?
I love to hear from you
Lots of love, Till then!
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Neotrogena Deep Clean Ultra Foam Cleanser Review


Hello everyone! My skin condition is very upsetting this year. Pimple have been popping out like crazy! One healed, one popped! My nasty hand could not get off my face to pop it, resulting acne scar all over my face. The main cause of this happen may from the lack of sleep im having, havent get the chance to deep clean my makeup brushes that i use everyday and the meal that im having each day. Oh well. If you guys haven't heard, it all started when i tried the Hada Labo skincare range. It does not suit me well. Im not saying that the Hada Labo product isn't good, it may suits you but not for me. So. Get back to the review. I ever wanted to try a mousse type of cleanser. I have a wonderful experience with Neutrogena cleanser. So I pick up this one to give it a try. So my thoughts on it goes bla bla bla down here. :)

Packaging : 4 / 5
The pump is quite easy to control. But as you can see in the last picture, that is only the amount you get with one pump. Its foamy but not that type of big foam mousse type bubble. Not that fancy, just a regular plastic bottle. ( I love fancy packaging product)

Cleansing power : 3 /5
Foam can't be lather, glides nicely on face. But my skin feel nice and clean, but not that fresh enough.

Scent : 5/5
The smell of the cleanser are so nice! It have this energizing smell! Love it!

Price : 5/5
RM25.90 for 175ml. Cheaper than most mousse type cleanser

Overall : 4/5
I think it is a good buy. I love the scent so much. Very refreshing smell to boost up ypur morning. Love it

What current cleanser did you use? Have you tried this one?
Love to hear your feedback!

Lots of love! Till next time!
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NEWS : Best Camwhore Camera & Self Potrait?

Hi guys!!!! Today im gonna share with you guys on stuff i have been eyeing on. I have been searching for a good camera for my personal use. I want something that is handy, yet similar to the dslr system camera and easy self portrait features. At first i wanted the Sony Nex C3. Just get over the features i want. As i cant find any camera that really suits my needs. I want a camera where i can see my face while taking pictures. Iphone kinda camera. But I dont like Iphone as i already have an Ipad. My Ipad disappointing me with its camera quality. Last few weeks, I went to Sony Center for a little window shopping. I asked the sales person about the Sony Nex C3. I ask him, why Sony did not invent a camera with a 180 degrees tilt screen for easy self portrait. Lucky me, the sales person said that Sony will come out with that such camera this July 2012! How exited i am to hear that. I went home and Google about it. Yes! It is for real. There was a few option actually. Samsung also came out with that kind of camera called Samsung MV800 and the other option is the Casio Exilim's TR150 that is way cheaper than the Sony Nex F3. But i guess im stuck with Sony since I was a kid. Haha! Since I was in kindergarten, My father educate mw with PlayStation. I played Playstation 1 , 2, Xbox, Xbox360, Wii. Playstation 3 is now rule by my little brother as i dont get the time to play it. Im an adult with lots of responsibility now. -_-''' So, I have been eyeing on the Sony Nex F3 so much. I really want that camera. Here's the picture, price in Malaysia and some videos about it. Some reviews or i can say most reviews are men, find that the tilt screen is not an advantage. Well said. (They don't understand girls =P!)

**Picture Credit to @DigitalRev
The latest price I know. They have a pre order for this. You can get it before anyone else before the official launch this July 2012. Click here to find out more!
I wish they have a softer pink color. But I think Im gonna get the white one! <3

The other option I mention is the Casio Exilim TR150. It is kinda catches my heart too. =P But from what i know and asked around, the camera is not available in Malaysia. Read Yi Jing Tan from Chandelier Dreams blog for her review towards the Casio Exilim TR150 Camera. Click here to her blog - CLICK ME!
Do you own them? What's yours prefered camera?
I love to hear from you!
Till then!
*I am not paid for this. :)
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