NYX Butt Naked Underneath It All Palette Review

I got this palette a while back last year during my birthday and it has been my staple palette when I am traveling last year. This palette make me discover that I love warm and burn orange eyeshadow. Never knew it is such a versatile color and a pretty bold color to be use in my everyday. It makes me wanna go and find a single eyeshadow color that looks like some of these eyeshadow and put it in my custom empty palette. This palette comes with 15 eyeshadow color with a mix of matte, glitter, shimmer and satin finish, 4 blusher from lights, peach and bright and lastly 3 illuminators. The blush and illuminators are place in a easy to slide pan on the bottom part of this palette. The case is made out of plastic and comes with a big huge mirror that is handy. Its pretty bulky but I find that it is travel friendly.
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Here are the swatches for the NYX Butt Naked Underneath It All Palette.
The 15 eyeshadow.
From first row left to right. You can see the numbering on the back of the box packaging. There are no specific names for each of these shadows. My favorite has to be number 2,5,7, 11, 13 & 14. Some of them are butter smooth especially the top row and some of them are pretty chalky like he number 15. It is one of a kind palette that not natural palette usually have. The mix of burnt orange, greens and dark plums are amazing to create different looks than your usual. 

The 4 blusher and the 3 illuminators.
The blush are pretty okay, not that pigmented and you will need a whole lot of layer to make it visible. My favorite blush are the one in number 3 and 4. A natural matte blush that looks good together. The illuminators was pretty disappointing. It is pretty chalky and hard to blend. It does not look really smooth on my skin. But they look pretty cool when swatched.

Look I created using this palette :
I use the eyeshdow number 11 for my entire lid, 15 for my transaction shade, 12 for my crease and I deepen out my crease using the number 14. I also use the plum shade number 12 on my lower outer corner. I highlight my inner corner using the eyeshadow in number 10. For cheeks I am using the blush in number 3 and 4 then highlight my cheekbones using the illuminator in number 2. 

You can purchase this palette at Sephora. I am not sure if they are a LE or a permanent palette. I got this from my mom during my birthday and I think they retails for about RM100+. What do you think of this palette?

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SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence & Aura Essence Review

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It is said that from a long term research in SK-II study discovered that women in their 20’s dramatically lose more radiance in their skin than other age group. It could be the damage cause by the UV Rays and this cause hidden spots and cloud to develop and in the end this will appear on to your skin. So SK-II recently launch a product that can help prevent these spots and cloud. It is the new GenOptics whitening skincare series. 
In our early 20’s we can’t really see these spots, but these spots are developed during this stage and will appear in later years. The GenOptics contains an infusion of Prumus extract and Pitera. Another surprising fact is that we actually tend to use the wrong amount of products on to our face. Both of these new products comes with new auto-fill dropper technology pump that is specially designed to dispense out the optimal amount of dosage you need for the best result.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence
This is the latest SK-II’s spot reducing serum that is created with the new formula called the Spot Resist Complex.  It is a replacement for the Whitening Power Spots Specialist. It helps to tackle spot formation in the early stage of your age. Added with a new ingredient called Lumina Kelp Extract when it is combined with the SK-II active whitening ingredient called D-melano P3 C it helps to inhibit melanin production and enhance the spot reduction power. In 6 weeks you can see the result. Recommend to be used after cleanse, tone, and your essence. It has a lightweight texture and takes a few seconds to fully absorb. It is pretty moisturizing and easy to blend into my skin. What I notice is that it gives me a visible radiance look to my skin in just 2 weeks of usage. My spots (acne scars) can still be seen but I could say less visible. More info : (link)

SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence
After 10 years worth of research observing why skin loss its radiance and had visible age spots over time the new Genoptics Aura Essence is produced. It also has the whitening ingredient, D-melano P3 C to tackle spots and skin clouds before they surface. The GenOptics Aura Essence replaces the Cellumination Aura Essence. There are 3 factors that contribute to skin clouds which is brownish clouds (hidden spots), grayish spots (wide-spread melanin) and reddish cloud (increase of hemoglobin/dull skin tone). It can be seen through their Magic Ring with its new feature “Cloud Meter”. With 2 amazing ingredient called Prunus extract and Inositol that is in the Aura Essence it helps to cambat all of these damaged causes to your skin. In 8 weeks of continue usage, you will see the difference. Recommend to be use after cleanse, tone and your essence. It has a similar texture as the Spot essence but slightly thicker and has a more fresh scent to it. I love to use this after I have tone my skin. It leaves my skin hydrated and leave my skin velvety smooth. I also notice that my skin is more radiance and healthy after 2 weeks of using this. It takes a few couple of seconds to fully absorb. More info : (link)
You can also pay SK-II beauty counters for a visit for your skin checked with the Magic Ring. They have a new feature called cloud meter which measure on how clear your skin is of hidden spots and clouds that is hidden. The higher the reading the clearer your skin is. You can check the changes before and after using these 2 product I feature today within 4 weeks. Book your appointment today here - (link)

They are available at all SK-II beauty counters and they retails as below :
SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence 30ml RM555 / 50ml RM790
SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence 30ml RM470 / 50ml RM685 / 75ml RM920

More info check out below links :
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Doll Skin Foundation by Sendayu Tinggi Review

Looking for a matte stay all day foundation? Check this out! I have been loving this foundation for the longest time. I even use it during my friends wedding where I did her makeup. It last all day and it looks so good on them too. It is from a local homegrown brand called Sendayu Tinggi. I wanna get more into local brands and you will be surprise by how good they are.

This foundation is in their Hijabi Doll Series range. There are 4 shades to choose from - Very Cute, So Sweet, Too Pretty & Quite Lovely. The one I got is in So Sweet. It said that this will give you a fair effect, matte, and give your skin that nice doll like skin. I love foundation that makes me look fair but not that fair where you look weird. This foundation does that! As you know most high end foundation oxidizes as their market segmentation users love tan skin. We Asian tends to love fair skin right. This foundation has a high coverage, super creamy but easy to blend. Best use with a dam beauty blender or a buffer foundation brush. It feels thick but as you apply it feels natural. The shade option are pretty much best for fair to medium skintone. Mine is in So Cute, pretty fair for my skintone but looks pretty well with a full makeup on. I wanna try a deeper shade color just to see if it looks more natural. I really recommend this foundation, plus point the price is super affordable. It comes in a jar, so what I usually do is I use my finger to scoop out some amount of the foundation, dot it around my face and buff in. Finish off with alight powder to set everything in.
Above picture, here is how the foundation looks on me! Below video, from the founder itself, Yatie. Here is a video on how she use the foundation! Yep! She is one of my beauty industry inspiration!

They retails for RM38.00 each. 4 option of shades you can choose from. You can get this foundation at any participating Watson store or online at their website - (link)
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More Baby Stuff Haul! | Bloom & Grow

Tick Tock Tick Tock! I'm actually now at the final stage. Its my 36 weeks! It is not a surprise if I would have give birth tomorrow haha! So many new things to learn and sooo many things to prepare. So I got more haul for my baby, in shaa Allah. I got hook up with some Bloom & Grow products and I am sooo excited to use them I know it takes some stages and time for some of these as it need some suitable time to use them. So I got some essential and so cool stuff for my little man, hopefully! So Bloom & Grow (B&G) is a distributor for all kinds of baby/children products brand. You might have seen them in some shops/retailers and online stores. There are tons of products they offer, from care to safety, toys, accessories, clothes, food utensils and many many more. So wanna see what I got? Come check out below!
I got a few stuff here. Some clothes, toys, baby carrier and some for my self too. Do follow my Instagram because from time to time I will give you my thoughts on these products on how they works, how it helped me taking care of Baby A and of course review on them.
So first off, I got some stuff from Skip Hop. I got some newborn clothes, this starry chevron side-snap long sleeve body suit set. Love the quick snap side buttons to make my job easier later haha. It is 100% made out of cotton and it is so soft! Baby A going to sleep so comfortable in these. Then I got a hooded towel (Skip Hop Zoo Hooded Towel), It is a soft, fast absorbent 100% cotton material made perfectly for any sizes of ages. It's going to be a fun bath time! Lastly from the picture above I got this babyprints color ornament from Pearhead. Got in blue and will use this when Baby A is big enough haha. It is a non-toxic, soft air drying clay. No baking required. Just a little touch of fun to mark Baby A journey as a baby. I know he is going to grow up so fast and I am going to miss his little chubby hand later. hehe.
I saw a lot of parents these days a re using this so I got one for my self. This is the Egrobaby Four Position 360 Bundle OF Joy Baby Carrier. It can be use in so many ways and it also comes with a newborn Infant insert. So I find this is pretty cool! Got it in black so hubby can use this and still look masculine. hahahaha!
So mama also got to make herself comfortable. I got myself the Egrobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow for breastfeeding comfort or I think can also be use during bottle feed time. It provides nursing support and comfort while breastfeeding. Then I got the Belly Bandit to help mummy looking slimmer after giving birth, ya all know mommy needs some looking good essential too right. Then I got to try this cool device call grohush This device is a unique tool that use to calm babies. It transmits soothing "white noise" directly to your baby that will help to calm and soothe the baby without disturbing others around. It has 3 different noise sound to choose from, heart beat, ocean waves and rain falling. The device is operated with batteries and it has a soft cover on the bottom part to make it more comfortable on the baby while using it. You can watch a video on how this works here!
Then some accessories for the car seat and stroller. That cute lion head rest and seat belt accessories are from Benbat. Some accessories for the stroller, I got the CuddleCo Momory Foam Stroller Liner, just to give some extra comfort for baby A and the toddle tray from Food N Fun for the front part.
Last and not least of course, a diaper bag! A bag that is pretty much the savior of all as a parent. Will need to carry lots of stuff after this and instead of going for a normal tote, I choose a backpack so me and hubby can switch roles carrying this. First impression of this cool Skip Hop bag is, amazing! I love the design and material. Will definitely give my thoughts on this more when I have use it! So if you are interested to know more and what more do they have, check out these links below! Follow them as you will get useful parenting tips along the way too! More to come, and see you in my next post!

More info :

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UD Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Review

Stop what you are doing right now (except for reading this post), because I have an awesome concealer you should check out. I have raved and recommend my friends with this concealer and it is the UD Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. I am on my 3rd bottle now and I am loving it. It somewhat pretty pricey but I just can't get enough of this concealer. This concealer was released in 2014 if I am not mistake. It said that this concealer is an innovative, high-coverage concealer that provides build able, weightless coverage and leaves an invisible, Naked Skin finish. They also have these in the color correction version called the Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid. Same bottle but with different type of hues.

What I like about it. Full coverage but feels light on my skin. Just like the name itself. It is super creamy but easy to blend. I love the applicator. It is not too stiff and it is flexible (in a way it does not drag your skin when apply). It makes the application gentle on to my skin. This concealer is high coverage and last pretty long hours. Cover up my under eye and dark spots perfectly and beautifully without creasing or cakey feeling (even with powder on top).

What I don't like about it. I still can't find my perfect shade and it's pretty pricey. The first shade I got to try is the Medium Neutral. It is a bit dark for me overtime as it oxidize. I have to use a darker foundation to make sure it looks natural and blend to my skintone. Then I purchase my 2nd bottle in the shade Med-Light Neutral. The perfect shade for me! But it get a bit darker after a few minutes. But this still looks good on my face but not on my undereye. As I like a brighter shade for my under eye for that lifting look. Then I go and purchase my 3rd one in the shade Light Warm. Pretty okay for my under eye, a bit too light pulak. I think I have to mix abit of the Light Warm and Med-Light Neutral. Gosh its such a good concealer but even in 12 shades option I can;t seems to blend in a good one!

Overall & Recommendations. If you wanna find that one good concealer to cover up your dark spots and under eye. Go for this! You might wanna buy a lighter shade for your under-eye for that bright effect and a one tone lighter shade for your face as this will oxidize and match your skin perfectly. I hope they will come out with more shades and I think they are as I saw a teaser in the insta feed. Next I really want to try the NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer that people said to be comparable to this one too.
You can purchase this concealer at any Urban Decay beauty counters in their store or Sephora. They retails for RM110.00 each. Comes in 12 shades option. - http://www.sephora.my/brands/urban-decay

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The Battle of YADAH Cleansers | Remove My Makeup Challenge!

I have a fun video for you guys today! As you know, I have been blogging about Yadah products since my early blogging years. I was there during their brand launching and it was an amazing experience. I tried a lot of Yadah products and they are definitely a brand recommended for all especially young adults out there. YADAH is a brand from Korea and they have wide variety of products such as makeup and skincare. Oh! And cute makeup bags too! hehe. Their signature ingredient is the Opuntia-Ficus Indica. They are known as a brand that uses ECOCERT certified organic ingredients that are extremely safe for sensitive skin. Also, their formulas are 100% free from artificial coloring, preservatives, mineral oil, sulfate and NO animal ingredient.
So in this video, I will be testing out all Yadah natural cleansers for you. I have taken out 4 different days to test out all 4 cleanser (each day, one cleanser). The objective of this test is to find out how well each cleanser removes my makeup (will have my daily makeup on) & how well they keep my skin hydrated (before & after skin moisture test). Then I will do a round up and conclude which one is my favorite and propose a suitable cleanser for your skin type. Enjoy watching my video below!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Here is a quick and short introduction of all 4 cleansers that I tested out!

1. Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser (link)
One of the earliest product I tried and love from Yadah! This is a foam type cleanser. It features an action of slightly acidic micro bubbles has minimal irritation to skin. It says to effectively washes away makeup and removes dirt, excess sebum and blackheads on your skin.
Effectively washes away make up and removes wastes, excessive sebum, and blackheads. Best for all skin types, normal/combination and people who want a gentle cleanser for daily use.
Main ingredient :
Portulaca extract, soy sprout extract, Magnolia kobus bark extract, Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, Decyl Glucoside, orange oil, Opuntia, Magnolia extract
Thought after the test : A long time favorite, I love the fresh citrus scent it has. Although its a foam, the foams feels so creamy when you massage it to my skin. My skin feels fresh after using this cleanser.

2. Yadah Pore Refining Foam Cleanser (link)
This cleanser contains 2000mg of Albumen Extract from Egg whites that helps to control excessive sebum and deeply cleanse your skin. It comes in a squeeze tube and foams up pretty well. It features an ingredient called Nelumbo Nucifera Flower water that helps soothes your sensitive skin and of course helps to reduce your pores and leave your skin smooth. Best for enlarge pore (jeragat, blackheads and such) problem skin.
Main ingredient : 
Egg whites extracts(Albumen Extract), Mineral Water, Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Water, Diospyros Kaki Leaf Extract, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract.
Thought after the test : It foams up pretty well with a little bit of water and circular motion application on to the face. It feels a bit tight aftre washing but tstill it does not dry out my skin. My T Z feels smooth after using this, also my pores looks reduced a bit.

3. Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser (link)
Contains all natural extracts and minimal chemicals that is less harsh on the skin. Perfect for trouble sensitive skin! As this cleanser has green tea extract, aloe vera gel, rosemary extract, sage extract. All of these ingredients are very popular in anti acne products. They help to treat and reduce your acne skin at the same time give your skin that balance moisture. This also comes in a foam pump bottle, the bubbles are acid free and has 100% natural surface active agent of amino acid extracted from coconut oil to control excess amount of oil on your skin. Best for blemish, trouble acne prone skin!
Main ingredient :
Salicylic acid, Green Tea Extract, Rosemary Extract, Aloe vera gel
Thought after the test : A foam type cleaner, creamy too even tho its a foam. I feel this cleanser deeply cleanse my skin at the same time it does not gives me any tight feeling of skin drying out. It is gentle when you have acne on your skin. It does not irritate that much.

4. Yadah White Boosting Foam Cleanser (link)
Latest addition to the Yadah family! I'm head over heels on the packaging design. This is from the new range called White Boosting. This comes in a squeeze tube. It is a soft & mild whitening cleanser. It features a deep cleansing, vita boosting and perfect for sensitive skin. The White Boosting benefits are made of Tremellia Mushroom, signature ingredient - Opunita Ficus Indica, Edelweiss Flower. These ingredients help to keep your skin healthy and fairer. Most whitening products contains chemical, Yadah featyres this line as a whitening range that only use natural products such as Niacimamid (Vitamin B). How awesome is that! Best for all skin types, uneven skin tone and who want a fairer looking skin.
Main ingredient :
Candeia Wood Extract, Orange Oil, Cactus Extract, Mandarin Peel Oil, Natural Coconut
Thought after the test : A new favorite, I love how foamy and creamy it lathers on my skin. My skin feels so soft and awake after using this cleanser.

You can get Yadah products exclusively at Hermo Malaysia! So check out below links for more information and shop online!
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia
Shop : https://www.hermo.my/brand/171-yadah.html
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Charisu Doll Fiber Mascara Review

What's up! Quick product review for today featuring another mascara. I have been trying out a lot of mascara this month and it has been fun. hehe. I recently got this mascara from an IG shop called @ugly.betti. It is their best seller mascara. It is a fiber  type mascara. That means it is suitable for short thin lashes as the fiber will help to extend and add more volume to your lashes.

The wand it self is pretty big and the curves makes application easy for the upper lash but I find hard for the lower lash. It has the blackest black color payoff. What I like about this mascara is that it lengthens and holds up my curl pretty well all day. It is also easy to remove. I use a makeup remover wipes to remove them. After application, I wait for it to dry and then I curl my lashes again. This helps to give more curl effect for my lashes.

This mascara retails for RM36 (with postage) or add RM4 if your address is around Sabah Sarawak. Plus you will get a free gift! Get more discount if you buy 2 pcs of this mascara for RM60 with free postage to entire Malaysia.

More info and order contact :
COD available around Shah Alam area
SMS/WhatsApp: (+6) 017-617 8403
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