SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence & Aura Essence Review

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It is said that from a long term research in SK-II study discovered that women in their 20’s dramatically lose more radiance in their skin than other age group. It could be the damage cause by the UV Rays and this cause hidden spots and cloud to develop and in the end this will appear on to your skin. So SK-II recently launch a product that can help prevent these spots and cloud. It is the new GenOptics whitening skincare series. 
In our early 20’s we can’t really see these spots, but these spots are developed during this stage and will appear in later years. The GenOptics contains an infusion of Prumus extract and Pitera. Another surprising fact is that we actually tend to use the wrong amount of products on to our face. Both of these new products comes with new auto-fill dropper technology pump that is specially designed to dispense out the optimal amount of dosage you need for the best result.
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SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence
This is the latest SK-II’s spot reducing serum that is created with the new formula called the Spot Resist Complex.  It is a replacement for the Whitening Power Spots Specialist. It helps to tackle spot formation in the early stage of your age. Added with a new ingredient called Lumina Kelp Extract when it is combined with the SK-II active whitening ingredient called D-melano P3 C it helps to inhibit melanin production and enhance the spot reduction power. In 6 weeks you can see the result. Recommend to be used after cleanse, tone, and your essence. It has a lightweight texture and takes a few seconds to fully absorb. It is pretty moisturizing and easy to blend into my skin. What I notice is that it gives me a visible radiance look to my skin in just 2 weeks of usage. My spots (acne scars) can still be seen but I could say less visible. More info : (link)

SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence
After 10 years worth of research observing why skin loss its radiance and had visible age spots over time the new Genoptics Aura Essence is produced. It also has the whitening ingredient, D-melano P3 C to tackle spots and skin clouds before they surface. The GenOptics Aura Essence replaces the Cellumination Aura Essence. There are 3 factors that contribute to skin clouds which is brownish clouds (hidden spots), grayish spots (wide-spread melanin) and reddish cloud (increase of hemoglobin/dull skin tone). It can be seen through their Magic Ring with its new feature “Cloud Meter”. With 2 amazing ingredient called Prunus extract and Inositol that is in the Aura Essence it helps to cambat all of these damaged causes to your skin. In 8 weeks of continue usage, you will see the difference. Recommend to be use after cleanse, tone and your essence. It has a similar texture as the Spot essence but slightly thicker and has a more fresh scent to it. I love to use this after I have tone my skin. It leaves my skin hydrated and leave my skin velvety smooth. I also notice that my skin is more radiance and healthy after 2 weeks of using this. It takes a few couple of seconds to fully absorb. More info : (link)
You can also pay SK-II beauty counters for a visit for your skin checked with the Magic Ring. They have a new feature called cloud meter which measure on how clear your skin is of hidden spots and clouds that is hidden. The higher the reading the clearer your skin is. You can check the changes before and after using these 2 product I feature today within 4 weeks. Book your appointment today here - (link)

They are available at all SK-II beauty counters and they retails as below :
SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence 30ml RM555 / 50ml RM790
SK-II GenOptics Spot Essence 30ml RM470 / 50ml RM685 / 75ml RM920

More info check out below links :
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