How I store my false Lashes


False lashes are like the must have for people who really love to get dolled up! Haha~ I have some few false lashes. I don't wear them very often. I usually use them on special occasions. I do have some branded lashes that i really want to own like the Tsubasa false lashes called the DollyWink. Really love the packaging. I would buy the all and put it on my table! don't really like lashes that are to thick and bold. They look scary....( !‿‿! ) The one I have is only from drugstore brand. I love buying the one are longer on the outer lash and shorter on the inner corner of the lid. Keeping your lash in suitable storage is very important. If you notice, the packaging of lashes sold in the market are stored and stick to a curved shaped plastic. This is to ensure the lash are curled out. The lashes that I owned is from Daiso and lashes that I bought at a night market. The quality is quite ok, but I really love the one from Daiso! They feel so light and natural!

Do you know why there are lash storage cases? These cases help you to store your lashes properly. This help you to reuse you lashes again. Usually this are done on the expensive lashes that you can reuse for a very long time. After wearing it, you can gently clean it up with an ordinary makeup remover and glue'em up and store them properly. My storage are from a Japaneses store near my house called 100yen. I once wanted to buy the DollyWink lash case, but the price seems unreasonable, but still, i cant resist the package design. Lucky me, I found this for only RM5! There are 3 pair slots of lashes I can store in. I really love the packaging! So cute! It makes me fell so girly!(◡‿◡✿)

Do you wear false lashes? How do you store them?

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Lots of love, By Sabrina

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