The Top 10 Things to Do in Haiti

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Taking some well-deserved time off? Make sure to pick the right place to go!

The world is full of destinations with beautiful defining features to explore - the elegance of Northern Europe, the style & comfort of the Mediterranean and the tropical paradise of the Carribean.
The Carribean will always stay one of the most popular locations, and for a good reason.

But why Haiti?
Haiti tourism is popular right now. Tropical and subtropical climates provide biodiversity of flora and fauna to explore, along with a rich cultural background.
Haiti is a sovereign country, and geographically, it is located on the island called Hispaniola. Haiti does not occupy the island in its entirety, however. It is sharing the island with the Dominican Republic. Haiti is relegated to the Western side of Hispaniola, and it roughly takes up one-third of the entire area. You can find more information about this beautiful place by writing a paper or you can use the help of  safe essay writing service.

Haiti has a turbulent history as well. Before Columbus discovered the New World in 1492, Haiti was a home to indigenous people — the Taino; and later, throughout the centuries, it was a part of French and Spanish colonies, before eventually proclaiming independence in the 19th century.
You mustn't worry if you have already booked plane tickets to Haiti. This short list will help you arrange a plan to get the most out of your trip.

We'll begin our tour with one of the more popular choices — the Labadee Haiti cruise
Labadee (or Labadie) is a privately-owned resort on the Northern coast of Haiti. Sometimes it is described as an island, but it is, in fact, a peninsula, and still a part of the adjacent island of Hispaniola.
The entire area of the resort is fenced-off from the outside and is protected by security teams. This adds to the seclusion and comfort factor of this resort.

It is important to remember that Labadee is a private resort and it can only be reached by a cruise ship. Tourists aren't allowed to leave the resort as well, so if you're committing to Labadee, you may miss out on Haitian culture and cuisine.
There are some great activities to choose from in Labadee, however.
1) Lounging on the beach
The obvious requirement for a good vacation. White sands, gentle waves, and fantastic views -  Labadee offers many opportunities to enjoy yourself.

2) Arawak Aqua Park
Looking for structured water fun? This option has you covered. Choose from many activities: kayaking, snorkeling, waterslides and swimming among other things. A favorite spot for families with kids.

3) Dragon's Breath Zipline
If you're looking for something a bit more extreme and memorable, look no further than this zip line ride.
One of the longest zip line rides in the world, the ride lasts for about a minute and gives a great view of Labadee and the adjacent areas.
Professional staff will make sure you have the best possible time you can.

Labadee isn't the only thing Haiti has on offer, so if you intend to visit the Port-Au-Prince (capital city), Milot or Cap Haitien, there are some more destinations to consider. Many colonial fortifications remain, and some of them are still in great form.

4) The Citadel near the town of Milot
Citadelle Laferriere is one the biggest fortresses built in the entire Western Hemisphere.
This massive structure was completed after Haiti gained its independence from France in 1820.
It stands tall on a mountaintop that is 900 meters high — an incredible asset for a fortress, having the option repel any ground attack.
It was complete with warehouses, dungeons and other defensive attributes like cannons.

UNESCO made it a World Heritage Site in 1982.
The fortification itself can be considered an icon for Haiti, an unwavering reminder of humanity's ability to build amazing things.

5) The Palace of Sans-Souci
Located in a commune of Milot and constructed in 1813 by a king who was formerly a slave, this palace was left in a half-destroyed state after a strong earthquake. It was never rebuilt. The Palace is a part of the Unesco world heritage site along with Citadelle Laferriere and Site Des Ramier; those three locations comprise the National History Park.

6) Bassin-Bleu in Jacmel
A little oasis that is filled with dense vegetation and complete with a beautiful waterfall tourists can jump from. Hardened minerals give the falls a distinctive blue appearance.
Reaching Bassin-Bleu can be challenging and will tax even the biggest cardio fanatics. You'll need to spend some time walking along the winding paths, be ready for 30-minute walks each way. Being hard to reach lends itself to the exclusivity of the place and keeps it preserved.

7) Musee du Pantheon National Haitien in Port-Au-Prince (or MUPANAH)
Learn about the rich history of Haitian people. Discover important historical figures and browse works of art in the national museum in Port-Au-Prince. Museum guides will add more detail to these exhibits, so getting one is advisable. As a side note, cameras aren't allowed inside the museum.

8) Cathedrale Notre Dame de Cap Haitien
If you ever end up on the main square of Cap Haitien, you will see this well-maintained Catholic cathedral. Clean cobbled streets and the church create an authentic picture of an old colonial town.

9) Marche de Fer
Haiti's biggest market is in Port-Au-Prince. Dating back to the end of 19th century, this structure was abandoned and almost entirely destroyed by an earthquake in 2010. Iron Market was since rebuilt and renovated; it now remains a vibrant place of Haiti's economy.
A place of commerce for local and national businesses.
Make sure not to give in to aggressive sale tactics and glue yourself to your guide; you don't want to get lost in the vast space of the market.

10) Barbancourt Rum Distillery
One of the better-known attractions in Port-Au-Prince, one of the oldest distilleries in the Carribean.
The place where Rhum Barbancourt is made, Haiti's most notorious alcoholic export.
Rum has a distinctive taste, and if it is something enjoy, you may want to give this place a visit.

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Minty Chocolate Mask by Lolavely Cosmetics Review

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Chocolate can win anyone heart! Its delicious but sometimes it can be a guilty pleasure thing. Now I am going to talk about this yummy food for your skin. As you know chocolate has great anti-oxidant properties for your skin. So instead of eating it, why not we put it on our skin as a skin treatment and pampering! I don;t have time to do the chocolate mask but I do have a product recommendation for you. 
This is the Minty Chocolate Mask by Lolavely Cosmetics! I have tried it for a few week now and I have been loving it! It comes in a glass jar and as you open it you can smell the yummy chocolate with a hint of peppermint scent! Basically this mask is made from pure chocolate & peppermint extract. The peppermint extract leaves a cooling sensation feeling when I am using it. I love how the cooling sensation does not leave any "gas" that cause my eyes to tear up. I experience this from some of the mask pack I tried before. This mask can help to treat minor acne problems and blemishes, reduce wrinkles (from its antioxidant properties), nourishing and moisturizing, soothing and calming & also can help to brighten your skin.
Direction of use, simply spread this on your entire face avoiding the eye area. Then leave it for 30 minutes. Wait for the goodness to absorb on to your skin. Then rinse it with lukewarm water. I found that my skin feels so much smoother and hydrated. After using this mask i continue using my serum & moisturizer. This whole jar can last you for at least 2 months. I use it 2-3 times a week after cleansing & toner.

More info go to :
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Most convenient Breast Pump ever! | Spectra 9+

Hello to mommies out there! Today I will reviewing a breast pump that I have been enjoying using and I hope this would be a helpful post for you to make your choice if you are looking for a breast pump that is travel friendly, lightweight & won't attract people! Hehe I mean silently help to pump your milk for your baby. This is the Spectra 9 Plus, one of the best selling breast pump brand worldwide and they came out with this one which has capture many mommy heart out there! It is 100% imported from Korea.
In the box, it has all the components that you need. 1st of all is the pump unit. I like how it is small (same size as my phone!), light weight and has simple button and screen on the front. The screen shows the Pumping timer and the vacuum Pressure Level. On the left is the Power Button and the below left side button is the mode.
You can choose either Massage/Expression mode. The Vacuum pressure control button (+/-) are o the right side. Massage mode can go up to Level 5 while the Expression mode can go up to Level 10. But it is not compulsory for you to go to the max level, just as what makes you comfortable. I usually will go for Level 4 in Expression mode. The Pump itself is rechargeable. So worry free if you are going somewhere and thinking of finding a power supply for this. Super convenient. A full charge pump unit can last for 2 hours of pumping. The adapter jack are located on top of the breast pump.
First of all of course, charge the pump unit. Then assemble the Breast Shield with the Valve, Bottle, Back-flow protector. Connect all of that with the Tubing and to the air hole that is located on top of the pump unit. Place 2 of them if you want to pump both sides.Place the suction properly and turn on the power to the level that you prefer. You can start with Massage mode to stimulate your body's let down reflex to speed up the start of milk flow.
I love how this Spectra 9+ Breast Pump is really easy to use and I can bring it anywhere. Even though I am working at home, I still need to bring this when I am traveling. It is really easy to wash too. I will only to wash these 3 parts which is the shield, bottle & valve. But if the milk overflow into the protector, stop the pump and remove liquid, wash and use cloth to thoroughly dry before use. Also it does not make loud noises when pumping. Awkward moment bye bye. This breast pump also comes with a 1 year warranty. All of Spectra 9+ components are also BPA free.
GREAT NEWS! Special for my readers, with a min purchase of RM200, you will get RM50 off with my code – SABRINA50
Link :
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Planning a mini getaway around Malaysia for my Hubby Birthday

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Hey guys! Whats up! Today topic is going to be something that I had in mind. 2017 is coming and I have travelling in my mind next year. So travelling, hmm. sounds simple but have you ever thought of where do I get guidance when I am going to travel? I plan to have a small getaway with my hubby and son. Just a quick holiday around Malaysia. Going to another place that you aren't familiar with. Meeting new people and new culture. Even if it is just a neighbor state, it is still new to you. I ask around especially some of my friends who are an avid traveler for some advice. It is best to seek for guidance and do a lot of research. We have the internet and it is a wide place to look for info. It is pretty overwhelming. So I did a little research and I think Langkawi will be a great mini getaway for us.
I want to experience a chalet type of stay and just relaxing and enjoying the food together. But there are so many attactions and all we got maybe just a few days there. So I found out something that could be useful. This is the, Expedia. It has all the guide around Malaysia in just one click.
Link :
This is such simple and friendly user guidance. This site shows you on the guidance on where to go around Malaysia. A simple interactive drop-down list button shows endless possibilities and where you can go around Malaysia. As you can see here, there are a list of places in Malaysia. Such as Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and more.
So now I had a plan. For things to do, I might plan to go to the Crocodile Adventure Land & Langkawi Cable Car & Ski Bridge. I found this out through the Expedia Guide. They also has listed the address and price range there too! Now foooodddd! There are so many idea on where we should eat and I definitely will list out a few from the ideas I got from the Expedia. I might wanna go to Seashells Cafe, Nasi Dagang Pak malau and return back to Red Tomato! I have been there before and it is awesome!
I will save this link in my phone for future and easy reference. It is so useful to a noob traveler like me and also I think it is great for people who use to travel too!

More info and check all these features here :

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Keep Baby Stuff safe from germs with Upang UV Sterilizer

Have you ever wondered that there are still germs & bacteria on your baby stuff even if they are washed? The hassles on boiling those things are pretty much wasting time. I got a solution, I recently discover a product that can save time and make me worry free about the stuff that my baby holds and use. This is the uPang UV Sterilizer; it is the fastest and most effective way to kill germs & bacteria. It is Korea No 1 top selling sterilizer and most mothers in Korea use it with full trust since 2008! It is FDA registered product and it is also categorize as a Medical Device. These kinds of product are usually found in hospitals.  It said to kill up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria (compliance & certified by 6 health organization worldwide). It is safe for babies too!
I love the modern sleek look, fits nicely into my home decor! Now let see more about this product. Basically all you need to do is wash milk bottles and nipples, then pat dry and separate it, and then put it in the uPang. It is most effective when the items have less moisture. The uPang are also easy to clean, simply use a steam towel and wipe it.
In the box it comes with the uPang Sterilizer it self, along with the stainless steel shelf, basket and the toothbrush holder that is sold separately. The product is well protected with foam, so if you ordered online, don't worry, it will arrive to you safely!
In the box it also comes with a easy manual that you can follow and learn about the uPang Sterilizer. It has all the info about the product, how to use it and more.
There are 3 modes that you can use. The Automatic, Sterilization and Ventilation. They are a simple one click button with no hassle. Will talk more down below.
In case you are wondering, the Infrared ray electric and Ultraviolet ray lamp are placed on top of the sterilizer. It can be replaced depends on your usage. The uPang UV light bulb and infrared should be replaced every year for optimal effect if used every day. The uPang bulbs can last 3-5 years. The replacement can be bought separately and can be replaced easily. Just like replacing a bulb light in your house.
This is how it looks like when I have arrange all the stainless steel shelf & basket. It has 5 sided High Quality Super-mirror 304 Stainless Steel with 1 sided UV High Reflective Glass panel to ensure 360 degrees of Effective Reflection of UV Light Penetration. There are no material made with plastic in the sterilizer to ensure optimal reflect of UV light.
It also comes with a toothbrush holder that you can simply place it on the door and arrange your toothbrush in it. Do remember that avoid direct sunlight when installing the uPang, make sure to place it on a surface that is not slopped, and make sure to properly plug in the power supply!
I still have more room to store more stuff in. Remember, not only baby stuff you can put in. As this is a great investment, even if your baby grow up you can still use this for other stuff such as other family member’s household products. Example: toothbrushes, gadgets, cutleries, toys, teethers, remotes, plastic bottles, virtually almost anything as long as they are a high grade plastic bottles and pacifiers.
The stainless steel basket makes it easy to arrange and take out the smaller items. They are easy to detach if you want to clean it. Items that are placed in the sterilizer that you have rinse off can be dried in it to save your time!
uPang Automatic Mode. This method implements low-temperature drying & sterilization on the go. Make sure to place the bottles upside down for a little while to make sure there are no large droplets. The total ventilation time for this mode is 40 minutes.30 minutes of Infrared ray and another 10 minutes for Ultraviolet ray. Basically this is a drying & sterilization process for the items placed in the uPang.
uPang Sterilization Mode. Use this method when drying of milk bottles is not required or item placed does not need drying and you only want sterilization. It only takes 10 minutes. The ventilation process takes 5 minutes after 5 minutes of ultraviolet operation. This method is for dry items only.
uPang Ventilation Mode. The last method is called Ventilation mode. Only takes 10 minutes. It helps to removes odours inside the sterilizer. Sometimes milk powder and breast milk can leave odours to the sterilizer, this helps to clean and removes those odors.
The uPang Sterilizer are 100% designed and made in Korea, they are not OEM brand. That also comes in many colour options such as Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue and the one I have here is Orange. They are approximately size around 28cm in Width, 38cm in Height & 32cm in Depth (measured roughly by me).
GREAT NEWS! With a min purchase of RM200, you will get RM50 off with my code – SABRINA50

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Paula's Choice Malaysia Review by Sabrina Tajudin

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There are a lot of causes to dry skin and hyper-pigmentation. It is very hard to decide which one is the main cause, so what we can do it protect and reduce it. Some of the causes can be too long in air condition room, harsh chemicals in skincare products and many more. Dry skin is when your skin becomes dehydrated. As I grew older my skin tend to get dry, from work stress, lack of H2O & probably harsh chemical in some of my skincare. So I was recommend by a facial expert to try Paula Choice skincare mainly to my main skin problem, dry skin & hyper-pigmentation. These are my 3 recommendation products from Paula Choice. Watch my video below for some demo & more explanation as below :
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
1. CLEANSER - Paula Choice Calm Dry Cleanser
I do practice double cleansing in my cleansing routine. That include removing my makeup first with an oil base cleanser then continue to a cleanser. I tried this one, the Paula Choice Calm Dry Cleanser. This cleanser is formulated with soothing plant extracts and skin replenish ingredients. It does not foams up that much but it lathers to a nice texture that makes my skin feel fresh and clean. It is definitely a gentle skincare that does not strip out the natural oil of my skin. This cleanser is really good for people who have dry skin or people who experience tightness and dryness after cleansing their face.

2. LEAVE-ON EXFOLIANT - Paula Choice Calm 1% BHA Lotion
After cleansing I will continue to this Calm 1% BHA Lotion. It is like an essence+gentle exfoliate fr my skin. This will help on my 3rd & 4th skincare regime all at once that I always practice. This is not your typical scrubbing exfoliate but all you need is to massage on to your skin gently and leave it on just like an essence. This will help to soothes the redness away and makes your skin feel hydrated and supple. From that, pores can also be reduced. This is great for you if you experience wrinkles, clogged pores, dehydration and uneven skin tone. I love how light and easily absorb to my skin when applying. Sometimes I like to pat in to my skin to let it absorb better.

3. MOISTURIZER - Paula Choice Resist Super-Light Daily wrinkle SPF 30
Another favorite of mine! I don;t always wear makeup everyday as I am working from home or even if you are a kind of person who does not wear makeup, this is great for you. This moisturizer have sun protection (SPF 30) and also a light tint of natural skin color to give your skin look fresh. It has pure mineral zinc oxide sunscreen along with diverse blend of antioxidants known to boost skin environmental defenses and also prevent skin premature aging. This also have help me with my last 2 skincare steps which is moisturizing & sun protection all at once. It really hydrates and I love the fact it also protects my skin. It has a matte finish and the lightly tint of color gives a nice finish to my skin. This is great for you if you experience aging signs, excess oil (through its matte effect), large pores and uneven skin tone.

***I have a giveaway running in my IG page - , ends on 8th January 2017, do check it out!


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