Keep Baby Stuff safe from germs with Upang UV Sterilizer

Have you ever wondered that there are still germs & bacteria on your baby stuff even if they are washed? The hassles on boiling those things are pretty much wasting time. I got a solution, I recently discover a product that can save time and make me worry free about the stuff that my baby holds and use. This is the uPang UV Sterilizer; it is the fastest and most effective way to kill germs & bacteria. It is Korea No 1 top selling sterilizer and most mothers in Korea use it with full trust since 2008! It is FDA registered product and it is also categorize as a Medical Device. These kinds of product are usually found in hospitals.  It said to kill up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria (compliance & certified by 6 health organization worldwide). It is safe for babies too!
I love the modern sleek look, fits nicely into my home decor! Now let see more about this product. Basically all you need to do is wash milk bottles and nipples, then pat dry and separate it, and then put it in the uPang. It is most effective when the items have less moisture. The uPang are also easy to clean, simply use a steam towel and wipe it.
In the box it comes with the uPang Sterilizer it self, along with the stainless steel shelf, basket and the toothbrush holder that is sold separately. The product is well protected with foam, so if you ordered online, don't worry, it will arrive to you safely!
In the box it also comes with a easy manual that you can follow and learn about the uPang Sterilizer. It has all the info about the product, how to use it and more.
There are 3 modes that you can use. The Automatic, Sterilization and Ventilation. They are a simple one click button with no hassle. Will talk more down below.
In case you are wondering, the Infrared ray electric and Ultraviolet ray lamp are placed on top of the sterilizer. It can be replaced depends on your usage. The uPang UV light bulb and infrared should be replaced every year for optimal effect if used every day. The uPang bulbs can last 3-5 years. The replacement can be bought separately and can be replaced easily. Just like replacing a bulb light in your house.
This is how it looks like when I have arrange all the stainless steel shelf & basket. It has 5 sided High Quality Super-mirror 304 Stainless Steel with 1 sided UV High Reflective Glass panel to ensure 360 degrees of Effective Reflection of UV Light Penetration. There are no material made with plastic in the sterilizer to ensure optimal reflect of UV light.
It also comes with a toothbrush holder that you can simply place it on the door and arrange your toothbrush in it. Do remember that avoid direct sunlight when installing the uPang, make sure to place it on a surface that is not slopped, and make sure to properly plug in the power supply!
I still have more room to store more stuff in. Remember, not only baby stuff you can put in. As this is a great investment, even if your baby grow up you can still use this for other stuff such as other family member’s household products. Example: toothbrushes, gadgets, cutleries, toys, teethers, remotes, plastic bottles, virtually almost anything as long as they are a high grade plastic bottles and pacifiers.
The stainless steel basket makes it easy to arrange and take out the smaller items. They are easy to detach if you want to clean it. Items that are placed in the sterilizer that you have rinse off can be dried in it to save your time!
uPang Automatic Mode. This method implements low-temperature drying & sterilization on the go. Make sure to place the bottles upside down for a little while to make sure there are no large droplets. The total ventilation time for this mode is 40 minutes.30 minutes of Infrared ray and another 10 minutes for Ultraviolet ray. Basically this is a drying & sterilization process for the items placed in the uPang.
uPang Sterilization Mode. Use this method when drying of milk bottles is not required or item placed does not need drying and you only want sterilization. It only takes 10 minutes. The ventilation process takes 5 minutes after 5 minutes of ultraviolet operation. This method is for dry items only.
uPang Ventilation Mode. The last method is called Ventilation mode. Only takes 10 minutes. It helps to removes odours inside the sterilizer. Sometimes milk powder and breast milk can leave odours to the sterilizer, this helps to clean and removes those odors.
The uPang Sterilizer are 100% designed and made in Korea, they are not OEM brand. That also comes in many colour options such as Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue and the one I have here is Orange. They are approximately size around 28cm in Width, 38cm in Height & 32cm in Depth (measured roughly by me).
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