Softlips Cube Lip Balm Review

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A lip care product that will help to protect your lips from sun damage and also hydrates, replenishes, smooths, protects & add shine to your lips. How unique the packaging is. It comes in a cube form and the product itself has a dome shape for a better application. It reminds me of the famous EOS lip balm but this one has a cube packaging. There are a lot of flavors actually in the international market but for now in Malaysia they offer 2 flavors which is Fresh Mint & Strawberry. Overall I think this is a good basic lip balm, hydrates my lip pretty well, not too waxy and a great base for a lipstick/lip makeup application. It smells amazingly delicious, and glides on like silk. I like Strawberry the most! It said that you will need to apply this at least 15 minutes before exposing your lips to the sun. This lip balm also infused with Shea Butter, Vitamin A,C & E. They looks so cute and if there are more flavors coming here in Malaysia, I will definitely collect them.

You can get this at all participating pharmacies, and each lip balm retails for RM18.90 each. 
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Cute Tinted Lip Balm you should check out

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Over here I got the Mentholatum Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm & the 2 more addition to the Chu Lip Balm family, the Chu Tinted Lip Balm. If you are a go to quick makeup girl or maybe just running errads. A tinted lip balm might be great for you. It is fast, messy application might not be detected and it will help you look look more fresh with a minimal color.
First of all this is the Mentholatum Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm. It has 4 color options, I got the one in 01 Vintage Pink & 03 Kissy Pink. It comes in a standard rotating lipstick case and a slanted applicator. It has a "shiny specks" in it, so yeah, along side with a minimal tint of color on your lip, it has a subtle shine to it. It is pretty hydrating too. It said to be formulated with Crystal Brown Sugar that melts to your lips. It also has Super Hyaluronic Acid to help your lips from chapped.
The second one is my favorite. It has a unique sphere shape case and the lip balm it self is a dome shaped. Application are easy and the original ones has no color and the two new one here has a tint of color. It also has a sun protection of SPF 22 and has Vitamin C & E. Also formulated with Olive Oil, Shea Butter & Roseship Oil. 

The Chu Tinted Lip Balm retails for RM18.90 each and the Mentholatum Sugar Lip Coloured Lipbalm retails for RM15.80. Available at all participating pharmacies nationwide.
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Sunscreen for Sports Activities | Sunplay

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If you are an outdoor person, some who love sports but still, love the fact that skincare need to be well taken. I got some sun protection product to recommend to you. Recently Sunplay launch more sunscreen and this time, it is specialize for sports person. It features a powerful protection to your skin on long hours under the sun and sweaty situation. The new SunPlay Sport UV is formulated with a new innovation called the Wet Skin Technology. Perfect for your skin during hot humid surroundings and sweat proof. Come sin 2 types, lotion and mist. I personally love the mist. I am a hasty person and mist sunscreen always help me to get a quick sun protection routine before going out. Also they smell good, SunPlay sunscreen always has good smelling scent and they dont have the typical sunscreen scent that most sun protection product has. It has a quick dry formulation too. It also has a protection of SPF 120 PA++++. They also has a technology called the Solarex-3 Technology that provides a unique 3-in-1 UV defense system. It protect your skin against sun damage, premature skin aging and provide hydration to your skin.

The Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist retails for RM58.90 and the Sunplay Sport Lotion retails for RM43.50 They all are available in all leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide. More info you can check out their website here -
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Hermo 2016 Christmas Sale Haul

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As you know Hermo Malaysia always had the biggest and baddest sale every year especially when the year is ending. So I manage to grab some deal during the sale which are still going on right now if you are reading this post before the 2016 ends. I did some shopping and here is what I got for myself! My mask sheet stock has run out so I thought of trying out these mask from Faith in Face. The pink cute vintage packaging if you ask. It is a hydro-gel mask which I think I will love! I bought them in sets which are much more better than buying them individually. I save more! To my surprise I also got a full size oil makeup cleanser for free! Then I got myself some NYX stuff. NYX is now available in Malaysia and they are available to be purchase (authentic guarantee) at Sephora Malaysia and Hermo Malaysia. I got my self the dark circle concealer in Medium & the White Eyeliner. Kinda inspired by a pic where the model use a white eyeliner for a cut crease look! Then I also got exclusive makeup bag from Hermo and a paper bag! What did you get from Hermo 2016 Christmas Sale?
Shop here :
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Daisy Sky Malaysia Rose Skincare Range Review

A home grown brand that caught my attention on how gorgeous the packaging it! It also arrive to me exclusively with a box with a thank you card. Daisy Sky Malaysia has a wide range of skincare products that said to give respect to mother nature. They are all organic & vegan and gentle to any skin types and also environmental friendly. All of Daisy Sky products have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh skin irritants. There are also free from fragrance, coloring, alcohol, preservatives, mineral, silicone and animal derivatives. 100% paraben free too! Here I got my self their face wah, best selling toner and good smelling face moisturizer/gel.
Daisy Sky Herb Rythm Foaming Face Wash. This foaming face wash are formulated with essence of geranium and sweet orange! Aaah I love the refreshing scent of this face wash! It has a foam pump bottle, so just a few pumps, it will dispense out foam bubbles. I find that it also helps to remove any makeup leftovers and does makes my skin feels fresh. This are also formulated with natural essential oils and cold-pressed extra virgin vegetable oil. So it has a moisturizing effect. This face wash are suitable for any skin types and it does not dry out my dry skin.This retails for RM119.00 for 150ml.
Daisy Sky Bulgarian Rose Alba Hydrosol.This is actually a toner. It is one huge toner I ever saw! Although the price if pretty much a splurge, but actually it is a steal. You will get 150ml worth of product with that price. It is made purely from the finest white rose picked from the Bulgarian Valley of Kazanlak. This Hydrosol is an ideal care for your skin that you can even use it as a mask, facial, bath drops and even hair spray! You can purchase the Aluminium Bottle Spray from Daisy Sky too if you want to out some to make it as a hair spray or face spray. Dis you know that this Hydrosol are also edible? Yep! Add 10ml to 1L of drinking water for consumption purposes. It is distilled with Bulgarian Spring Water in a 1:1 proportion. It is also USDA-certified, edible and bottled in a GMPC certified facility. This retails for RM290.00 for 500ml product.
Daisy Sky Bulgarian Real Rose Gel. I love moisturizer that has a gel base. It always works wonders to my skin. This moisturizer is made from Real Bulgarian Rose extract with zero preservatives or parabens. Best for people who have uneven skintone and dul skin. This gel are also produced with A.Niger technology from Inonex, a U.S company, to ensure its antibacterial and anticorrosive properties. This helps to make my skin brighter and smooth. A perfect base for makeup too. It has a refreshing gel texture that easily absorb to my skin. This moisturizer also comes with a spatula to ensure hygienic purposes. This retails for RM210.00 for 100g product.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Order/Shop here :
More info :
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Best Stroller for Everyday use & Travel!

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It has been (looking at my fingers) 7 months since I become a mother! Phew. Time sure flies. Along with that I also have been looking and learning for new baby products to help with my journey. One of the most important items is a stroller. I did even realize when the time comes; it has been very hard for me to think of which is the best. Everything looks similar to me because I don’t have any experience having a baby before right. I ask around, and most of my friends recommend me from their experience on choosing a stroller is that it must be easy to open or close back, lightweight, compact, and comfortable, can be use from newborn size to toddler and has smooth pushing features. Wow, that is a lot of features for me to look at right. But then I discover this, the Looping Stroller. It has all the recommendations from my friend’s suggestion. Let me show you more about this stroller!
The Looping stroller comes with its own bag. It looks like a luggage and yes, this stroller fits the standard IATA cabin baggage. So you don't have to check in your stroller, just place it together with your hand carry luggage. I love the look of the bag itself, it looks sleek and I guess nobody would know it is a stroller. Looks neat!
The front bumper can easily be open to help you place your baby inside the stroller. So you won’t always need to bump you baby head on the canopy or and simple place him carefully when he/she is sleeping.
The front bumper has a cover that you can detach it out for washing purposes. This is genius! As I find that my baby boy loves to suck up anything in front of him in result the bumper are always covered with his saliva. So this feature allows me to open the cover and wash it for hygienic purposes.
 The backrest can easily be adjusted to a laying down position or simply sitting down position.
The canopy can be easily closed and open back. It also comes with a covered window so you can have a peek on your baby while pushing the stroller. I find that the canopy are really well design and it covers the entire seat with shade so my baby had a very comfortable experience riding on it.
The seat itself has a very modern and sleek design. It comes with an adjustable 5-points harness and protectors for the harness & buckle. The seat is well design so even new born can sit on it comfortable until it grown to a toddler. 
The wheels also has a integral suspension and also comes with a foot lock so you can sit down and worry free about having your stroller slide down! It also has an extra smooth ride with its 12 bearings in wheels. Like most strollers does not have bearings on the wheels. So when the stroller is weight up with your baby, the stroller can be hard to be pushed.
The basket is well design and looks small but actually it has a large compartment that you can fully use it to put stuff in there. I place the waterproof cover there so I can always have it during emergency.
Worry free when the weather suddenly decides to be gloomy. It comes with a waterproof protector that is easy to place on the stroller. Then simply fold back and place it under the stroller so you always have it anywhere you go.
This stroller only weights around 6-7kg as it is made out of Aluminium. The size of the stroller when folded is only 57cm in height and 26cm in depth. When it is open the size of the stroller is 104cm(H) x 48cm(W) x 77cm(L). You can simply pull the stroller even when it is folded in the carry bag. It is compact and can easily be handle by one hand.

I hope you find this post helpful especially for mommy out there. I admit that me myself are also clueless when it comes to buying baby stuff. I have zero experience and it is so overwhelming with all the products out there and to make sure you make the right purchase, I hope you find this post helpful. More info check out below links!

There will be a Christmas package available from 20th Dec to 26th Dec. Also with a min purchase of RM200, you will get RM50 off with my code – SABRINA50
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Naveen Chamomile Eye Moisturizing Review

I have not taken care of my eye area for such a long time because I have been hesitating my self to purchase one. Then I realize my eyes starts to look tired and makeup application under the eye seems bothering me with its dryness. So I try the Chamomile Eye Moisturizing from NAVEEN. This eye cream is said to rejuvenate cells and improve moisture retention. As you know saggy and tired looking eyes are also cause by lack of moisture. So this eye cream will help to visibly improves the appearance of fine lines, skin tone, texture and clarity over time. It will reduce puffiness, fine lines and makes your eye looks refreshed.

It comes in a pump bottle which makes dispensing product easy. It has a light weight texture and it is easy to apply under the eye as that area has minimal area that you can massage it in and needs gentle application. A good cream that absorb fast is a good benefits to the product. This eye cream helps to refresh my eye area and it is a good base for me to apply concealer and the baking technique. Overall it is a simple good eye cream, still no wonders to my genetic eye bag haha.

This retails for RM199.00 (30ml). More info & shop here :
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Travel to Singapore at Budget

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Travel by bus to Singapore has always been the most popular and in demand option, as well as the same route of taking a bus from Singapore to KL. Thus, you will never fall short of bus trips from KL to Singapore. Compare with other means of transport such as budget airline, train, and even driving your own car;traveling by bus to Singapore is still the much-preferred method for its convenience, economical and absolute comfortable.
Why travel by bus and not by flight
One of the main reason why people are attracted to the bus is the departure point, the departing point of KLIA2 is almost to 1-hour driving distance away from the city area whereas for the bus is within the city area. From that idea, we can draw a conclusion that bus is more convenient in terms of the departing point. The check -in time for the flight is around 2 hours compared to the bus which is 30 minutes before the departure. Despite the fact that taking flight can still be faster than coach, still passengers opt for bus considering the check in time for the bus is a bit earlier and that the total duration for a bus to Singapore from KL is almost the same. There is a beautiful environment inside the bus, seats are fully reclined, and some might even have wifi or TV that offers a lot of comforts.

Fare, Duration, Notes and Stops
The bus fare from KL to Singapore ranges from RM50 to RM100 depending on the classes of the bus you wish to book. The actual standard bus fare is around RM50 unless otherwise. The bus usually takes around 5 hours to arrive its destination in Singapore unless you are looking at a unforeseen traffic condition, which could constitute to the bus taking longer than usual.

In addition, some buses get into Singapore through Tuas checkpoint thus avoiding heavy traffic, so there could be a smooth traffic in around 5 hours of the journey. It is, however, important for passengers to check their bus ticket of their choice since some buses stop at some point for passengers to break for meal and washroom break as well.

Departure points in KL
Coaches offer different departure points because of their high demand. It’s utmost important for passengers to choose the coaches that offer convenient departure point that will meet their needs. The most common departure points are One Utama, Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Time Square and Pudu.
There are various ways to enjoy the wonders in Singapore without necessarily breaking the bank despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world.

Where to stay 
You will not run short of affordable hotels and hostels. Case in points, Geylang tends to have lots of cheap hotel choices that can meet your budget. However, do take note that such budget hotel usually do not come with a great environment and might not be family friendly.

In case you want to travel with a family, it is always advisable to check the overall environment. Airbnb can be a good option especially when you can rent the whole place to you and your family. It is important to do a lot of research on the cheapest areas you get accommodation and compare them and they will help you draw your conclusion.

Where to eat
Hawkers center is a good place to settle your cravings for delicious local delights. Remember the famous Michelin-starred soya sauce chicken rice stall? Hawkers center is exactly where it sits! The food here is generally below 5 SGD, which is surprisingly affordable for the living cost in Singapore.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you’ve got to try the local breakfast shop. There are Ya Kun, Toast Box and Killiney. Their coffee are amazing, the toast is crispy and the kaya that goes with the toast is simply delicious. Although these kind of coffee shop are expected to be more expensive, fret not, one decent meal will not be more than 10 SGD.

What to see and do
There various places where we have plenty of things that for sure they cost money but you may opt to for free such as attraction site and usual pressures. You’ve not actually seen Singapore until you come along SkyPark according to Marina Bay. There is a similar place which looks similar to Marina Bay and it is actually free and that is Roof Terrace and there are some additional activities like exhibits, concerts, and workshops and it is good for you to research whether the place is the best for you.

Make sure you visit some ethnic enclaves such Geylang and Little India and also most interesting things in Singapore related to the medley of its race and culture as well. You get a mixture of history and culture by following and downloading from any of the national heritage. In case you are interested in reading and listening to various guide and booklet as well, you may easily get from Singapore footprints. In case you are interested in the Chinese way of life or probably culture or their methodology have a visit in How Par Villa.

Perhaps your interest might be based on the nature walk, there are plenty of good places to visit such as Treetop Walk and Park Walking Trail among others and some which pass through mountains. There are places that you can get your nature and enjoyment completely free that you can watch or perhaps join them. In case it’s your first time in Singapore it is important for you not to forget to visit leisure Island a home of many and other Singapore universal studies.

Explore the city on your own and get a good map
There are various places in Singapore that can be cost savings and others are just free and will not cost you a dime. Although it seems that going to themed parks are a must but such parks will burn a hole in your pocket. However, you can always plan ahead and pre-book your tickets on activities, attractions, tours, and food as well and thus save time and money.

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Velvet Vanity Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatch

I'm so happy to find out there are more and more local makeup brands that has stepping up their game. I discover a brand called Velvet Vanity. Signature Tiffany Blue as their look and they started with some liquid lipstick. The on I got here is their new and improve packaging. Looks so sleek and I really love it! They have 4 shades currently and I ordered 3 as these 3 are the only one that have the new packaging. (blame my OCD problem). I ordered these during their Cyber Monday sale if I am not mistaken. I got them for RM45.00 instead of RM59 each with free shipping too! Such a steal!
They arrive gracefully with a box and a cute card. I am very impress as I appreciate seller who put an effort to their packaging. Each liquid lipstick is pack with their box with a peek hole on the bottom for each different shades.
They are formulated with amazing ingredients such as organic jojoba oil!
The applicator are also such a big part for making the application smooth & accurate.
Here are the swatches. From Left to right (below pic) and top to bottom (above pic) is Slamberry, Cheap Trills (my fave!) and Mr. West. The texture of this liquid lipstick are very creamy and pigmented. It is very moisturizing but it takes a few moments fr it to settle in to matte/dry. Overall it is a great liquid lipstick that makes your lips look plum (from the moisturizing effect). It is light weight a semi kiss proof. It has a mild vanilla scent to it too. Love it! Hopefully there will be more shades and surely I will be purchasing it to add in my collection!
You can purchase this online at :

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What you should know about owning a rental property

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Most probably, a big percentage of the world’s population in one point of their life have to rent house before they got their very own property. The pain of disbursing some of our hard earned money to the property owners as rent is all equal to us. These leaves us all yearning and dreaming of becoming rental properties owners someday in our life as we think and know the owners really enjoy getting our money.

Though financially independence is known to be achieved, what are some of the other things that you should know about owning a rental property? Let’s find out in this article.

1.) Taxes and Insurance
Having invested in a rental property that is also a non-current asset, you’ll have fear of losing it all. One of the fears will be that of tragedy such as fire that could burn down your property. To feel safe over your property, chances are you will join an insurance policy.

On top of that, the rental income can be subjected to income tax so be prepared to put aside few thousands of your rental income as taxes. 

2.) Tenants and Damages
You’ll encounter different types of tenants who will lease your property. Some may be good and responsible tenants and others irresponsible ones. A tenant might vacate your premises and you might be astonished of what you encounter. Responsible tenants are known of paying their rent on time, following the rules provided and even reporting anything that they might experience on their houses. On the other hand, the irresponsible ones are known of handling things on their own. They may break a window and instead of notifying the owner, they replace them on their own. They are also known to be rent defaulters and can even steal your things while they are vacating. Its best you keep a close monitor on your rental properties.

3.) Unexpected and Expensive Repairs
Tenants cater for the houses repair that ought to be done in the houses they were leaving in when vacating. Especially if the tenants made the damages themselves such as destroying doors and windows or when a house needs to be repainted due to their fault. 

As a property owner, shock might come your way as you realize some costs will come out of your own pockets. Some things like refrigerators, air conditioners and even stoves might have served for a long time and need to be replaced or upgraded. Be prepared as these costs are solely yours.

4.) Being a Landlord isn’t for the faint hearted
You’ll struggle a lot in the process of buying and acquiring rental properties. The fruits that include having a financial freedom and great profits will only be achieved if things are done in the perfect way.

It is always important to follow the laws where there is necessity, keep an eye on all your rental properties and regularly screen your tenants in order to protect the property you really struggled to acquire. Learn to save for all the repairs that might come or might not come up your way. 

5.) Deciding to invest in rental properties is one of the best decisions
Land and property is best known to appreciate in price and value in each and every new day. By investing in rental properties; you tend to be creating a new source of income that will happen to be securing your future. For a start, you might not be experiencing the new source of income as maybe all the income you get could be channeled towards repaying a loan that you could have taken and also catering for expenses and repairs. However, you are on path to securing your future as the property will supplement the retirement’s benefits income in future.

A property investment will often yield a handsome return but without proper management and knowledge, your investment could do more harm. Always remember to be prepared for all sorts of obstacles you might be facing while dealing with your rental properties. 

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Latest Fashion Trends To Try Beauty and fashion pretty much go hand-in-hand.

You cannot have one without the other. Beauty accents your outfits, and your outfits are what inspire certain beauty looks. With that being said, there is always plenty of inspiration in the fashion world just waiting for us to take hold of it and make it our own.

Today, I want to go over some of the latest fashion trends that are inspiring all kinds of new beauty looks and styles. Some of the popular styles have been adapted from retro looks, and some are completely new ways to wear clothing and accessories.

Are you ready to see some of these trending fashions? Maybe you will get inspired to change things up a little too.

Prairie Dresses

These frocks are an example of a retro design being used in modern times. You’ll see in this article that these sweet dresses are “no longer a '70s cliche” and can actually be quite chic if you wear them right. Details like lace, florals, and refreshing patterns make these dresses interesting and fun. Prairie dresses are known for their loose sleeves and flowing silhouettes. Surprisingly, they don’t look as dated as you would think.

Punny Tops

Another big trend lately is tops and jumpers that have funny or punny sayings on them. A jumper that says “Oh holey night” with a picture of holiday donuts is a perfect example of this trend. There are all kinds of variations, including luxe sport tops with funny sayings as well. This piece has all kinds of examples to show you that some of these playful tops that will make anyone laugh a little.


In case you haven’t noticed, a lot of fashion is adopting the very popular lace-up technique to add extra intrigue to pieces. Tops, sweaters, and even shoes have lace-up details. This website provides lots of inspiration when it comes to finding the best way to wear this trend. There is something so appealing about this style that it's no surprise that everyone loves it! Because you can find it on all kinds of items, it is very versatile and easy to bring into your wardrobe.

Pom-Pom Pieces

Lately it seems that fashion is all about fun details. Especially when you look at the trending pom-pom pieces. There are fluffy pom-poms on everything from bags to hats to dresses, making it one of the most whimsical trends on this list. If you’re not sure how to wear pom-pom pieces, this video does a good job of giving some pointers. I think the key to pulling off pom-poms is to embrace how funky they are.

Those are just four of the many fashions currently trending. Which of these styles do you like the best? Is there one you would never try?
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Sleek i-Divine A New Day Review & Swatches

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Did you know that Sleek is now available in Malaysia! You can officially purchase them at Hermo Malaysia and Sephora Malaysia. Today I will be swatching a do a quick review on the new palette I just got from Sleek. As you know their i-Divine eyeshadow palette are always the bomb and super pigmented. As for now if I am not mistaken, they have 22 palettes to choose from. I once have the palette in Store if I am not mistaken. This is the i-Divine palette in A New Day. This palette features a back-to-basic soft nudes, subtle golds and warm peach shades. Contains 12 shades in one palette. The eyeshadow is really creamy and easy to blend. Above are the swatches. My favorite has to be Let it Go, Be Happy & Believer! I just wish that the palette has a "indicator" or different design to show which is which of the different palettes they have. All of the i-Divine palette have similar black hard plastic case.

More info you can check out below links :
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Heavensource Consequence Face Regime Limited Edition Skincare Set Review

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Today I am going to share with you a great deal on a skincare set that is for skin brightening and anti aging! Sounds already great right. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Regime Limited Edition Skincare Set. It has 4 basic skincare needs in one box. Cleanser, Toner, Essence & Moisturizer. I am going to let you see on the benefits of these all you need skincare and thoughts after 10 days using it.
I love the bottle design. Simple and luxury. Also I love how every skincare are in a pump bottle. I rather have a pump bottle products than a jar. For me it is faster and more hygienic. Heavensource Consequence are formulated with effective and premium ingredients and premium formulations. All recommended acids in cosmetics are formulated together into these skincare such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) Sodium Hyaluronate (more bioavailable than Hyaluronic Acid). These skincare also have more than 10 extracts, oils and vitamins. Worry free as they are also water-based, and alcohol, silicone and paraben free. They are also registered with NPRA (MOH) and produced unter certification of  ISO 9001:2008. Here are my thoughts on these skincare.

Step 1
First step is cleanse. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Cleanser Limited Edition. It helps to safely cleanse your skin from impurities, deeply clean your pores while still maintaining the acid balance of your skin. So this helps to refresh your skin, clean but at the same time prepare your skin for the nest skincare regime. This cleanser is Anti-Carcinogen. Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-Irritant. Anti-Microbial. Anti-Oxidant. Some of the features ingridients that caught my attention is Camellia Sinensis (Tea) Leaf Extrac & Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract. Because that I felt very hydrated and fresh when using this cleanser. It really soothes my skin. This can be use during morning & night. My skin is dry, so I just use 2-3 pumps. You are advise to use 3 - 4 pumps for normal skin & 4 - 5 pumps for oily skin. The cleanser feels like a gel and it lathers nicely.

Step 2
Move along to toner. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Toner Limited Edition. This helps to purify the skin and refresh. Also helps to make the next step which is applying essence, the absorption will be much more better. This Toner is Anti-Carcinogen. Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-Irritant. Anti-Microbial. Anti-Oxidant. Cell Communicator. Skin Emollient. Skin Replicator. Melanin Suppressor. Free from Alcohol, Paraben & Silicone negative. Some of the ingredients in this toner is Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract. Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Water. Yep, rose water! Rose has lots of benefits to the skin. You can apply this with a cotton pad or simply tap on face and neck thoroughly with patting motion to allow it absorb to the skin faster and more effective. 

Step 3
The continue to Essence. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Essence Limited Edition. Helps to protects and nourishes your skin. Especially us hijabis, we tend to have "tan lines" or discolorations around the face. This helps toreduces the appearance of discolourations, spots and also wrinkles. Helps to tone up your skin at the same time keeps your skin firm. Simply pump out 2-3 drops on to your hand and massage with gentle circular motions thoroughly and allow to absorb into skin. 

Step 4
Last step is moisturize. This is the Heavensource Consequence Face Moisturizer Limited Edition. Provides optimal hydration and prevent from your skin lacking of moisture. It also helps to prevent sun damage. This moisturizer will help to make your skin look brighter, fresher, healthier, radiant, smoother and younger. Some of the ingredient in this moisturizer are Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil & Hyaluronic Acid.

This is a moisture test I run when using the Heavensource Skincare. At first my bare skin moisture level is 15.1%, it drops down to 10.8% after cleansing. That is why it is advise to use 2-3 drops for dry skin like me. Then after using the toner and essence, my skin starts to regain its moisture and I am so impressed by the last step which is moisturizer. It increase my skin moisture to 23.8%! This skincare regime for bright and firmer skin is definitely safe for people who have dry skin like me. Usually whitening skincare can strip away my skin moisture.

This set retails for RM299.00 (such a bargain!)
You can also buy them indivisdually but if you buy the set, you will save RM33.00
. . . . . . . . . . . .
You can purchase this set through their website - or through their reseller. They accept payment by Cash/ Card. More info check out there links :

There are also income opportunities for you! Check out the reseller page for more info! You may earn up to 30% of the profit margin.
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