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Travel by bus to Singapore has always been the most popular and in demand option, as well as the same route of taking a bus from Singapore to KL. Thus, you will never fall short of bus trips from KL to Singapore. Compare with other means of transport such as budget airline, train, and even driving your own car;traveling by bus to Singapore is still the much-preferred method for its convenience, economical and absolute comfortable.
Why travel by bus and not by flight
One of the main reason why people are attracted to the bus is the departure point, the departing point of KLIA2 is almost to 1-hour driving distance away from the city area whereas for the bus is within the city area. From that idea, we can draw a conclusion that bus is more convenient in terms of the departing point. The check -in time for the flight is around 2 hours compared to the bus which is 30 minutes before the departure. Despite the fact that taking flight can still be faster than coach, still passengers opt for bus considering the check in time for the bus is a bit earlier and that the total duration for a bus to Singapore from KL is almost the same. There is a beautiful environment inside the bus, seats are fully reclined, and some might even have wifi or TV that offers a lot of comforts.

Fare, Duration, Notes and Stops
The bus fare from KL to Singapore ranges from RM50 to RM100 depending on the classes of the bus you wish to book. The actual standard bus fare is around RM50 unless otherwise. The bus usually takes around 5 hours to arrive its destination in Singapore unless you are looking at a unforeseen traffic condition, which could constitute to the bus taking longer than usual.

In addition, some buses get into Singapore through Tuas checkpoint thus avoiding heavy traffic, so there could be a smooth traffic in around 5 hours of the journey. It is, however, important for passengers to check their bus ticket of their choice since some buses stop at some point for passengers to break for meal and washroom break as well.

Departure points in KL
Coaches offer different departure points because of their high demand. It’s utmost important for passengers to choose the coaches that offer convenient departure point that will meet their needs. The most common departure points are One Utama, Subang Parade, Sunway Pyramid, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan, Time Square and Pudu.
There are various ways to enjoy the wonders in Singapore without necessarily breaking the bank despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world.

Where to stay 
You will not run short of affordable hotels and hostels. Case in points, Geylang tends to have lots of cheap hotel choices that can meet your budget. However, do take note that such budget hotel usually do not come with a great environment and might not be family friendly.

In case you want to travel with a family, it is always advisable to check the overall environment. Airbnb can be a good option especially when you can rent the whole place to you and your family. It is important to do a lot of research on the cheapest areas you get accommodation and compare them and they will help you draw your conclusion.

Where to eat
Hawkers center is a good place to settle your cravings for delicious local delights. Remember the famous Michelin-starred soya sauce chicken rice stall? Hawkers center is exactly where it sits! The food here is generally below 5 SGD, which is surprisingly affordable for the living cost in Singapore.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you’ve got to try the local breakfast shop. There are Ya Kun, Toast Box and Killiney. Their coffee are amazing, the toast is crispy and the kaya that goes with the toast is simply delicious. Although these kind of coffee shop are expected to be more expensive, fret not, one decent meal will not be more than 10 SGD.

What to see and do
There various places where we have plenty of things that for sure they cost money but you may opt to for free such as attraction site and usual pressures. You’ve not actually seen Singapore until you come along SkyPark according to Marina Bay. There is a similar place which looks similar to Marina Bay and it is actually free and that is Roof Terrace and there are some additional activities like exhibits, concerts, and workshops and it is good for you to research whether the place is the best for you.

Make sure you visit some ethnic enclaves such Geylang and Little India and also most interesting things in Singapore related to the medley of its race and culture as well. You get a mixture of history and culture by following and downloading from any of the national heritage. In case you are interested in reading and listening to various guide and booklet as well, you may easily get from Singapore footprints. In case you are interested in the Chinese way of life or probably culture or their methodology have a visit in How Par Villa.

Perhaps your interest might be based on the nature walk, there are plenty of good places to visit such as Treetop Walk and Park Walking Trail among others and some which pass through mountains. There are places that you can get your nature and enjoyment completely free that you can watch or perhaps join them. In case it’s your first time in Singapore it is important for you not to forget to visit leisure Island a home of many and other Singapore universal studies.

Explore the city on your own and get a good map
There are various places in Singapore that can be cost savings and others are just free and will not cost you a dime. Although it seems that going to themed parks are a must but such parks will burn a hole in your pocket. However, you can always plan ahead and pre-book your tickets on activities, attractions, tours, and food as well and thus save time and money.

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