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Chamos Acaci is a well know Korean brand that has wide range of skincare products and even body care. Here is my top 5 must try products from Chamos Acaci. Chamos Acaci brand has been specializing in natural yet effective skincare products for many years since 1992.  They have been researching and developing to maximize the natural skin care effects by using natural ingredients extracted from plants and fruits for all skin condition & types. They are the Moisture Cleansing Serum, Bifida Ferment Lysate 100%, Vita-C Whitening Perfect Night, Lemon Ultra Whitening Cream & The Bright Hinijini Instant Whitening Cream Mask. 
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Chamos Acaci Moisture Cleansing Serum
This is a cleansing serum (water base). It gently removes your make-ups and also excessive sebum  from the surface of the skin. As it has a gel to water consistency, this helps to keep your skin hydrated and not dry. Best for people who easily get redness when using a makeup remover. This serum cleanser is formulated with Chamaecyparis Obtusa water that acts as an anti-bacteria and purification to your skin.It is natural vegetable water, contains various minerals and vitamins and gives vitality to your skin. Another great ingridient is Witch Hazel Extract. As you know this is the famous ingridient that helps to minimize pores and prevent acne. It keeps your skin firm too, as this product is also formulated with Collagen and lastly it has Centella asiatica extract which helps to heal wounds and promotes elastic protein and repairs skin. Comes in a big pump bottle, pump a few drops and what you do is massage this on to your face and it gently takes away all of the makeup when you wipe it off. This retails for RM85.00 (200ml) and you can purchase it here - link.

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Chamos Acaci Lemon Ultra Whitening Cream & Vita-C Whitening Perfect Night
The first cream I am going to talk about is the Chamos Acaci Lemon Ultra Whitening Cream. The bright yellow packaging inside the box wow me! It has lemon properties, makes sense. This sorbet looking cream and very light on the skin. This water drop cream provides oisture to the skin and perfect for day time. I really love the texture of this cream! As you rub it in, it turns to little droplets and quickly absorb to your skin leaving my skin smooth instantly. providing plenty of moisture intensively. As the name of the product itself, it contains lemon extract which is effective for brightening. But it also contains cucumber extract (so this is the reason why it has a cooling feeling) and portulaca oleracea (preventing dryness). This retails for RM65.00 (60ml) and you can purchase it here - link.

The second cream is best to use during night time. It is actually just like a sleeping cream. Much more intense and heavy and acts during your sleep. It is the Chamos Acaci Vita-C Whitening Perfect Night Cream. It is designed to provide healthy radiance and fresh feeling to the skin. It also contains Vitamin-C and active ingredients that helps to repair your skin during sleep time by helping your skin to look brighter. The texture is creamy but still is feels comfortable on the skin after massgae it in a few seconds. This retails for RM65.00 (60ml) and you can purchase it here - link.

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Chamos Acaci Bifida Ferment Lysate 100%
This product need to be use with terms! Make sure to use the Chamos Acaci Galactomyces first to clear skin of pimples or impurities before using this. This is not recommend for people who have acne prone skin as this could irritate you. So make sure to treat your acne properly before using this. This Chamos Acaci Bifida Ferment Lysate 100% helps to reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also gives your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Comes in a glass bottle, this helps you to get the right amount of product easily. It has a slight oil texture but mostly it feels just like a watery serum. This retails for RM79.90 (50ml) and you can purchase it here - link.
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Chamos Acaci The Bright Hinijini Instant Whitening Cream Mask
This is like the "tanning" that Asian will love. While the western love to look tanned, we like to look fairer. They have tanning lotion and we have this Chamos Acaci The Bright Hinijini Instant Whitening Cream Mask. The brightening effect lasted up to 10 hours. It is formulated with Niacinamide, extract of snail, Vitamin C and Arbutin that absorb into the skin giving you instatnt fair effect but at the same time it provides your skin with whitening properties to help heal and hydrate your skin. Directions : This can be apply on the entire body. Apply evenly to the skin and massage in circular motion and even out on the entire surface. The more you massage it it, the brighter the ffect will be and lasted longer. Then leave it for 3-5 minutes. You can do this in the shower, it is better and easy for you to clean out the mess. Then rinse off with warm water. Don;t rinse it off with soap/body shower/etc. This will remove the mask. So rinse until you are comfortable with the look and feel. I love to use it on my arm but a bit dificul on the nail area. You will need to massage it properly on the nail area to make it look even. This retails for RM39.90 (12ml) and you can purchase it here - link.

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