Mieyradori Handmade Planner

2015 is about to end. I know. I still felt like I just receive my planner that I did a haul last year a few weeks ago. Time do flies so fast without us realizing it right. Well, when this time around has come, me myself always go for a planner hunt. I am not a planner junkie. Usually I will go for one planner a year. There are some people who have more than 5 planner for a year. Well that great to me! Everyone has their own hobby, I can relate. For example having 20 lipstick like that. Hobby is fun and I love when people have something to love. I personally love planner, but maybe 1-2 different type of planner is enough. Today I am going to introduce to you an affordable cute handmade planner from Mieyradori. I receive this a while back and been keeping this for pretty long time as I am not well for the past month. I got a bit better and I think this is the right time to blog about it as I know you guys are also must be in the midst of a planner searching right?
This planner are made from pattered fabric that she sew her self. The inserts are just plain white papers that is attach on the middle with a cord. Cord or string I don't know the name.
As i open the planner I excitedly squeal to see this cute coffee magnetic book mark. So cute! Might be keeping this for my other main planner. I love coffee! Bonus!
 I mainly use this planner to scribble some ideas or sketch some brush lettering I like.
 She also give me some cute stickers that I can use! Love the additional detail she put in.
A few weeks of using this, I got an idea how I would love to treasure this planner. I also use this to display all of my washi tape collection. It is a cute planner that I find great to use for all time around occasion writing. Ideas, drawing and things I want to express out. Her planner are well made, I really recommend you to check her out. She has lots of other design too! Check her out!

To order and look at more planners she made go to :
Whatapps : 0179588283
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Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo & Conditioner #flat2fabhair + Giveaway

Another breakthrough range from Dove for your hair! It is formulated with Oxyfusion Technology that deeply nourished and smooth your flat and dry hair up to 95% more fuller/volume! What is the Oxyfusion Technology about? It is an oxygen-infused conditioning molecules that will nourishes your hair without weighing it down. Some shampoo use a formula that said to make your hair fuller but at the end of the day it looks flat. With Dove, it will give you a natural fuller hair.

As a hijab wearer, I still find that taking care of my hair is important. Wearing hijab all day long can make my hair flat and dry. I tried this shampoo and just love the result! My hair is more nourishes and not too flat even after 12 hours of wearing hijab. The best part it I crazily love the scent of this shampoo. It last all day. Even after a long day outside, after coming back at home, my hair still smelling good! 
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Dove Volume & Nourishment Shampoo - Start my washing routine with this shampoo. With my long hair, this helps to cut down some shampoo time with it rich lather. It has a transparent liquid which I find lathering it give me smooth bubbles that thoroughly washes my hair. Although this focus on volumizing, it still leaves my scalp fresh and all of the oils and dirt washed away when I rinse it off without giving me the dry feeling at all. This retails for RM15.00 (340ml), available at any participating pharmacies and supermarket nationwide.
Dove Volume & Nourishment Conditioner - I can never end my shampoo routine without a conditioner! It's like a whipping cream on top of a blended ice chocolate! With my long stucky hair sometimes after washing, I use a bit of this and massage it thoroughly on the ends of my hair. After 1 minute, I rinse it off and wow! My hair feels smooth again and I just use my finger to run my hair through. I don’t normally use hair dryer if I wash my hair at night. I leave this dry naturally and comb it though when it 80% dry. My hair feels smooth and fuller but not that dry type of full hair if you know what I mean. Love this! This retails for RM15.00 (330ml), available at any participating pharmacies and supermarket nationwide.
Best used together, the shampoo and the conditioner. Even wearing hijab has not been something I scared that my hair would be flat. After having someone in your life, you wanna make sure that even though you open your hijab, you wanna look beautiful right. With this hair care, my hair looks fuller and healthier. My hubby said it too! hehe. The fuller effect last pretty long day to when I am not going out or wear hijab at home. Say no to flat hair! Try this!

It's giveaway time! 5 lucky winners will will Dove hamper worth RM100 each! Ok here is how you can win, simple!

How to enter
2.Comment down below with these details :
-Name :
-Email :
- Answer to this question (How much additional volume (in %) will you experience after washing with Dove Volume & Nourishment as compared to flat hair?)

Terms & Condition :
o Contest ends 30th October 2015 at 11:59PM
o Enter once only
o You must live in Malaysia
o Comment down below with correct answer and details
Good Luck!

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Maybelline Velvet Matte Liquid Lip Color Review | Mat 8 & 10

These lip product are said to be a cream-to-matte lipstick that promise to give you that hydration without that tacky feeling you usually experience with matte lip products. It claims to be a "Hydrating cream color glides on smooth and sets with a matte finish; vibrant, richly-pigmented hues are designed for long wear; lightweight, non-sticky, non-drying formula; velvety, cushion-like texture keeps lips in comfort all day". I'm always love to try anything that says "liquid lipstick". Pretty much obsessed with it. I got two shades with me which are MAT 8 a red undertone lip color and MAT 10 a true cool tone fuchsia pink color.

Overall & Thoughts. My first thought was, this is not a completely matte lip product. As I glide it on my lips, it does feels glossy but not that sticky glossy which is good and I find comfortable. Feels more like a gel than a gloss. For me it is like a more pigmented version of the Maybelline Lip Polish. The packaging are similar only that this Velvet Matte version have a black cap instead. The applicator also looks the same. The pigmentation is very good, on my lip swatch, on each side of my lips are completely just one application. I could not say that it settle into matte after a few minutes, still look the same as I first apply it but on the other good point of this lip, it is very hydrating. Bare in mind they do not look matte but they look pretty good on the lip as a hydrating pigmented liquid lipstick. There is no weird scent to it. I think why it is called Velvet matte is is because it does not really give you that kinda "fuller lips" , this does settle into your fine lines a bit for that "matte effect" but definitely their formula really want to give you that hydration and avoiding discomfort while wearing it, like most matte lipstick are pretty tacky after a few hours. But still I don;t find this a completely matte lip product. More like a liquid lip color.

Available at any participating pharmacies nationwide such as Watson, Guardian and many more. Retails for RM32.90 each . More info here.
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Malaika Facial Treatment Oil Review

Let's talk about skin dryness during pregnancy or you might simply have dry skin. I normally have combination skin, I rarely have skin allergies and such. But this time around my skin has changed so much and my usual skincare product has not been doing well to my skin. I read a few articles and during pregnancy, I need to avoid some chemical based product. I need to use more of a natural skincare ingredients. So I got the chance to try some oil facial treatment and this is from Malaika. A homegrown brand features natural ingridient safe from any harmful chemicals.
Some of their main ingredients are Extra Virgin olive Oil, Lemon Oil, Castor oil, Temu Lawak Powder, Herbs and flowers. These ingredients has benefits to your skin especially in repairing damaged skin. Malaika Oil can help to heal your acne, acne scars, oily sin, blackheads, pores, dry skin without any side effects. Each bottle contains 50 ml of product and store inside a high quality pump bottle. Malaika Oil is a natural way to heal your acne scars as well as helping your skin to be more firm and all such of skin problems. With it natural oil characteristic, it also helps to remove any small amount of makeup residue during the night.
You can use this Malaika Oil just like a serum. Best used after washing your face. You can spread this evenly on to your face or you can massage this on to problem spots. I like to use this on the areas where I find most dry and on my acne scars. 
I love how it comes in this pump applicator. You won't get mess up easily and it is hygienic. Even though it is made from oils, it blends so nicely on to your skin and absorb pretty well. It has a minty citrus scent too, which I love! Best use during the day and night. I use a small amount during the day and this works great as a makeup base too when I am using matte foundation. This helps t give me a "not too flat" makeup especially when working with matte finishes. Overall I find this oil helps to reduce my dry skin effectively. You can use this product with your normal skincare product/routine. It works best as an additional serum for your skincare routine. This retails for RM55.00. It also have halal certificate and certified by KKM.

More info and order go to :
Whatsapp 'Malaika' ke 0112-572 1213
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Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline Review

I have been wanting to share my review for this mascara like forever but time just would not be there for me. So today I got the chance to talk about a new mascara that I have been loving since I got it. It is this beautiful metallic pink tube mascara from Maybelline called the Lash Sensational Mascara. It is said to be the first patented fanning brush with 10 layers of bristles. The mascara it self are made out of a liquid ink formula that will coat your lashes from all sides for that full fan effect making your lashes looks more fuller and multipled

I was a bit disappointed with the Rocket mascara, and I don;t know why I am not hanging around with Maybelline mascara that mush after that. But this came in the mail and in just one application I was blown away. I instantly said, I love this mascara and has been recommending everyone who ask me what mascara can they buy. It hold my curl for hours, separate, makes my lashes longer and gives me the blackest black lashes that I love. Easy to remove with a makeup remover and I freaking love the brush it self. It has this unique fan and shape that I could not describe my self that helps application easier and faster. Definetly a mascara I will repurchase if mine dries out.

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think about it?

Retails for RM39.90 each and available at any participating pharmacies nationwide in Malaysia. You can shop online too here - Guardian / Watson .
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I just had a Makeover! | #8hoursofLux Event

Last few weeks I made a trip back to KL for an exciting event by Lux. The event was located in 31 Square PJ, and as I entered, I was greeted by an amazing Black Orchid theme decor that is absolutely stunning. I forgot to take a picture of it as there were so many people walking pass by arranging stuff for the event. Gladly I found out Ayeen Kadir was going to the event too, so I came along with her. It has been so long since I went to a blogger event and I could say I feel a bit awkward for a bit. So had a great chat with her and come along other bloggers such as Sarah, Chenelle, Shea, Cik Epal, Namee, & Charis! So glad I could meet them all. The event starts around 11 am and we were introduce about Lux Fine Fragrance Body Wash.
This is the section where we got to try the Lux Fine Fragrance Body Wash in Magical Spell demonstrated by the Lux crew. Also the brand Ambassador which is the pretty and beautiful Juliana Evans was there to talk about this amazingly good scented body wash. The event kicks off with a speech by the brand manager. Chong Yen Nee the Brand Manager said " “The Lux Magical Spell is not only infused with fragrance notes that is crafted to last for up to 8 hours, but it is also a bold fragrance that provokes a powerful and sensual confidence in a woman. The fragrance represents any woman’s readiness to bring out a bolder side of herself and experience feeling beautiful and glamorous all over again.
Here I am, trying out some stuff around while waiting for the event to start. We were told to wear our usual simple outfit for the event because we are going for some makeover. As you know Lux body wash is all about that luxury bath experience everyone could have at home. This event is about their long lasting fragrance body wash that could last for 8 hours. Along with that Lux want women to be confident and beautiful all day long just like their amazing body wash. The Lux Magical Spell serves as a bold, powerful fragrance that will leave your skin smelling beautiful up to 8 hours and that is why they want us women to embrace the confidence within us for more new experiences.
Here is me and the beautiful Ayeen Kadir! We know each other though social media for like 2-3 years if I am not mistaken and we met for the first time face to face exactly during the event! Here we are, all 8 bloggers waiting for our next activity. Each of us was place on each of our spot for the makeover. We have Min as our stylish for the day. Lux also partner up with Zalora for our outfits and SUB International School of Beauty for our makeup.
Min & Juliana giving me some tips and idea look for my makeover. They have prepare me a full outfit that I should wear on that day and a makeup look idea for me. They want me to go for something bold which is a full cat eye look. There were no mirror everywhere, and we could not event allowed to hold our phone during the makeover. What is on our face and how we look is definitely a surprise. It was nerve racking!
 Getting my makeup done!
 ...............and here is the result! After my makeup is done, I wore the outfit that they pick up for me.
I certainty look very bold and colourful! I admit that my before look is my comfortable everyday look. I don't normally wear colourful outfit because I am actually not confident wearing it. Lux definitely has helped me looked at myself that I should experiment more with my looks. Colourful outfit makes me look more happy and confident. Ayeen won a surprise during that day, she is among the most confident of all and I have to agree with them Ayeen does looks beautiful, bold and confident! I had a great time during the event. Thank you Lux for this amazing experience and I learn a lot during the vent. Beautiful & bold, definitely I got to start my day with Lux!
What do you think about my makeover?
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Since the event I have been using the Lux Body Wash religiously every morning to keep me awake and fresh up. The most favourite Lux Magical Spell will offer you an indulgent, luxurious shower experience at home with its intense fragrance that last up to 8 hours. The notes of this body wash are the Black Orchid with opening notes of Juniper Oil finishing up with the blends of dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean. A scent that resembles a bold, powerful and confidence. 

I have been using Lux since forever and it is of the best Body Wash I love because it lathers so nicely and the scent last on my skin all day long. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated. Shower time has never been so fun with this body wash. I love to use it with a loofah, so I can get to play some bubble while showering. Pretty awesome bath time haha.
Remember that we were demonstrated about the best way to enjoy this body wash? We were demonstrated by the Lux crew on how to experience an indulgent and luxurious shower in just three steps! Simply wet the loofah and pour in some of the Lux Magical Spell. Gently massage the loofah until it lathers rich fluffy foam of bubbles! Massage it all over your skin and rinse it off. Deep breath (optional hehe), and smell that goodness.

Lux Magical Spell is available at all participating hypermarkets, supermarkets, pharmacies and trade outlets. The Lux retails for RM17.90 (950ml) , RM6.00(220ml) and  RM8.90(refill pack, 600ml).

More info go to : www.facebook.com/LuxMalaysia
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SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age Essence & Cream Review

After their successful Stempower range from SK-II they gave a more new and improve range called the R.N.A Power. It is a replacement of their Stempower range that said to be more effective and has more to offer you. Comes in 2 different texture which are essence and cream. It is SK-II new anti-aging series develop up to date in 35 years of history. One of the SK-II R&D person said that it took 3 years with 150 formulations and has been screened more than 600 candidates to make the formula perfect.

In the anti-aging line contains the two mention product which are the R.N.A. Power Cream and R.N.A. Power Essence are also powered by SK-II signature ingridient which is the new Pitera™ combined with the Radical New Age Complex (R.N.A.. Working together it activates the firmness of your skin in every angle.
First of all this is the R.N.A Power Radical New Age Essence. Comes with a sleek signature red bottle and a pipette cap to help you take out the product hygienically and easier. This is more like a serum to me but just a bit thicker. This is best using during the day to my opnion. What they promise you with this essence is that, after 1 day you can feel that your skin is much more bouncier and less visible pores. After 10 days you will start to notice your skin looks more glowing and hydrated. After one bottle you can see a significant improvement of less sign of aging and wrinkles. I love how this feels on my skin. It's light and absorb quickly to my skin. My skin feels soft and hydrated in just one application. There is no overpowering scent too, it just feels good!

Second, this is the SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age Cream. Target to give your skin more visible pores and firmness. Best use during the night if you are not comfortable using cream during the day. Here are what they promise you if you use this R.N.A. Cream, after 1 day your skin will have less and more visible pores, after 10 days you will notice an improvement sign of your aging reduced and has better and smoother skin. Hit pan, you will see that your lines and fine lines are less defined. I love using this during the night just like a sleeping mask. It has a thicker consistency and provide the exact hydration i need in my air conditioned room.

Use them together and you can see more visible result. If you are looking for an amazing skincare that targets to give you that firmer skin and ant-aging care look forward to these two. It would be an amazing product to be include in your skincare routine. i personally love both of them, they feel so nice on the skin and absorbs quickly. Leaves my skin plum and hydrated.

These product can be purchase at any SK-II Counters nationwide and they retails as below :
Radical New Age Essence - RM419 for 30ml 
Radical New Age Cream -   RM375 for 50g
More info visit their Facebook Page & Official Website :
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Covergirl Lipstick Smoochies Lip Balm Review in Kiss & Tell #575

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Tinted lip balm are for the days where you just wanna have a laid back makeup from my own preference. Just a hint of color would spark up the whole makeup look maybe. These lip balms comes in many colors and they are called the Covergirl Lipstick Smoochies Lip Balm. I got mine in the color Kiss & Tell #575.  It comes in a cool casing reminds me of watermelon. That is why the theme for this picture has a bit of watermelon ere and there haha.

It a simple lip balm that has pretty good hydration. The color that I got is in Kiss & Tell, it is more of a red melon kinda shade. Pretty good. Not really of an of sheer lipstick/lip product but this is a good kinda product for that lazy days. There is a hint of glitter in it too for that shine finish lip. Overall I love how this lip balm looks like and the color os a pretty good color that i think suits everyone.
Here are an image I got from google. I'm not sure if they have different casing on the bottom part. From what I know they have different shades of green instead of these rainbows color. Covergirl are not available in Malaysia but you can get them at an IG shop called www.instagram.com/themond_ ! They also have lots of other beauty products originally imported from USA, UK & JAPAN! I think they got some Lush, Colourpop, Nyx stuff and many more! Woohoo! More info check out their instagram <3

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