Mieyradori Handmade Planner

2015 is about to end. I know. I still felt like I just receive my planner that I did a haul last year a few weeks ago. Time do flies so fast without us realizing it right. Well, when this time around has come, me myself always go for a planner hunt. I am not a planner junkie. Usually I will go for one planner a year. There are some people who have more than 5 planner for a year. Well that great to me! Everyone has their own hobby, I can relate. For example having 20 lipstick like that. Hobby is fun and I love when people have something to love. I personally love planner, but maybe 1-2 different type of planner is enough. Today I am going to introduce to you an affordable cute handmade planner from Mieyradori. I receive this a while back and been keeping this for pretty long time as I am not well for the past month. I got a bit better and I think this is the right time to blog about it as I know you guys are also must be in the midst of a planner searching right?
This planner are made from pattered fabric that she sew her self. The inserts are just plain white papers that is attach on the middle with a cord. Cord or string I don't know the name.
As i open the planner I excitedly squeal to see this cute coffee magnetic book mark. So cute! Might be keeping this for my other main planner. I love coffee! Bonus!
 I mainly use this planner to scribble some ideas or sketch some brush lettering I like.
 She also give me some cute stickers that I can use! Love the additional detail she put in.
A few weeks of using this, I got an idea how I would love to treasure this planner. I also use this to display all of my washi tape collection. It is a cute planner that I find great to use for all time around occasion writing. Ideas, drawing and things I want to express out. Her planner are well made, I really recommend you to check her out. She has lots of other design too! Check her out!

To order and look at more planners she made go to :
Whatapps : 0179588283
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