Beauty Homemade Goodness & Custom Dream Cather

What's up guys. Looking for a dream catcher of your own? I was lucky enough to get this as a gift and it is custom made by my beautiful friend Harmini. The founder of Deeper than Fashion & Deeper than Beauty. The girl Pharrell Williams give shout out in his instagram! Lucky girl! She runs her handmade goodies from accessories to these beautiful dream catcher that you can ask her to make for decor or even necklace. Around this year she also launch Deeper Than Beauty. Her own homemade beauty goodness that you need to check out.
From lip scrub, soap, lip balm, body butter and more She packed each product in a very creative packaging and drawstring bag. She loves mermaid! She has some of her products inspired by mermaids. I know you gonna love it. My personal favorite are these lip scrubs and lip balm. As you know I love lip balms! They smell s good and just amazingly good! You really need to check out both of her instagram for more pictures and stuff. Trust me you gonna be blown away! I saw that she has a bridesmaid kit too. Awesome kan! Check out below!

More info & Shop :

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  1. This is great. i just view her instagram. my oh my, the soap bars are tempting. thanks for sharing Sab :)

  2. Oooo.... I have been following Harmini for a while now but I think I only knew of her late last year. How lucky is she?!!!

  3. a clean break from harsh chemical :) handmade beauty products are best
    cant take my eyes off that beautiful dreamcatcher :)

    1. home made are the best! yep! my cats love it too! hehe