New Breena Beauty Brush | B212 Basic Eyeshadow & B216 Brow Definer

Woohoo! I got an announcement to make! Breena Beauty have come out with more new brushes and this time it is eye brushes. This time around my brushes will have its own code number and name for easy reference. These 2 new brushes would be the most essential eye brushes every makeup lover should have. A basic eyeshadow brush and a brow brush. 
The packaging remain the same only that we have now label it with different colored stickers and name on top. Each brush will be packed inside an individual box for that special and luxury feel! The fibers remain the same of course, cruelty free and no animal hair were used in making these brushes. Gold engraved brush name and logo placed lovely on the white wood handle.
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Now for the first eye brush is this B212 Basic Eyeshadow brush. I have been back and forward with the factory for this specific eye brush. I could not find my self a fluffy and non-stiff type synthetic fibre brush. I design this brush to be semi-stiff but at the same time fluffy enough to help you blend your eyeshadow easily. The semi stiff function helps to hold up any product you are picking up. As you can see in the picture below, the brush holds up the product nicely and leaves any extra or fall out powder before you are applying it to your lid. This brush can also be use to apply your concealer around your face. It's a great brush for packing in product in your makeup routine.
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My holy grail brow brush. I have been using this brush since I got it perfectly like I wanted. I tried so many type of brow brush and one has never satisfied me. Sometimes it cam be to long, to flimsy or basically wont give me that perfect drawing. So I created this brow brush that has the perfect stiffness and length. The shorter side are stiff enough to gently drag in your product on your brow without messing up. The top longer pointed part will give you the finest line to create that natural hair on your brow. This brush can also be use to apply gel eyeliner or simple use your pencil eyeliner for that smudge proof and straight perfect wing eyeliner. Also can be use for eyeshadow under your lid for that smoked out defined shadow.
These brushes launch today when this post is up! I could not thank you enough for your support and I ope you will love these brush as much as I do! <3

B212 Basic Eyeshadow Brush : RM25.00
B216 Brow Definer Brush : RM25.00
To order/shop :
Free Shipping within Malaysia with mi purchase of RM50.00 promotion starts today 29/9/15 - 11/10/15!
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