ColourPop Where The Light Is & Lumière by Kathleen Lights Review

From left to right : Lumière Lippie Stix, Glow, Cornelious, KathleenLights,Blaze
I got the opportunity to own this and it was gifted to me as a wedding gift *giggles* by my dear friend Farisha Nadia. I love her, she is such a good sport in everything and she always gets my jokes. hahahaha! As you know ColourPop do collaboration with inspiring YouTubers such as Shaaanxo, CoffeeBreakWithDani and many more. This one are also from a Beauty Guru. This is the Where The Light Is Eyeshadow Quad & Lumière Lippie Stix. This quad and new addition Lippie Stix was created by this amazing YouTuber named Kathleen Lights! She makes beauty review and makeup tutorial videos. This is what she said about it - “I always tell my subscribers to be positive individuals in life and to always keep their heart and mind in the light, never in the darkness. That is something I have always believed in.” – Kathleen Lights. Each shadows in this quad are not available in their single collection. So if you wan to  get the shades in this quad, you have to get the whole quad.

Glow Super Shock Shadow (Where The Light Collection)
A matte shade. Creamy and super soft. Also describe as described as a “creamy vanilla with a matte finish.” It is brightening and has a beige tone with warm undertone. I looovveee to use this under my brow bone. It looks natural but at the same time brightening. Best use with synthetic finger to a nice wash of color or finger for a full pigmented color.

Cornelious Super Shock Shadow (Where The Light Collection)
A matte shade. described as a Describe as a“mid-tone warm caramel with a matte finish.”. Definitely a dupe for my favorite MAC eyeshadow Cork, but this one is in a creamy form. Amazing to be use to blend in the crease or to create depth on to the crease. This eyeshadow name is actually her dog name. Cute!

KathleenLights Super Shock Shadow (Where The Light Collection)
A pearlized shade. Name after the creator it self. It was said that this shade is an inspiration to her favorite eyeshadow from MAC which is Amber Light. Describe as a “bright golden copper with a pearlized finish.” Copper does not look good on me I don't know why. But this is by far the creamiest and softest and beautiful eyeshadow in this quad.

Blaze Super Shock Shadow (Where The Light Collection)
A metallic shade. Describe as a “coco bronze sprinkled with multi-dimensional glitter [with a metallic finish].” Very sparkly and glittering but amazingly does not have fall out when you apply. Colourpop creamy type formula eyeshadow made their metallic eyeshadow easy to apply. Creamy but easy to blend. Love to use this on top of other color for that nice gold flush on it.

Lumière Lippie Stix
A beautiful matte shade. Super pigmented and not drying at all. With minimal drag and it hugs the lips so nicely in just one application. I love to wear this color with black smokey eye with a hint of gold. Oh so nice! It is a dusty mauve pink with a matte finish. Kathleen Lights said she wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It's not a would look great on EVERYONE​!”

Overall & thoughts. Amazing. For 5 USD around RM20+ for each eyeshadow are just amazing. The quality of these shadows are amazing. Definitely worth it. The only color I wish I could wear are KathleenLights. But it makes my skin looks tan. Well I'm Asian, I like to look fair lol. For the lippie stix, also amazing. Love the formulation and pigmentation. Just that I don't like the slim shape of it, I can't store it in my lip stick stand properly.It looks nicer if I have other colors and put them in a small ikea vase. So the shade on he bottom can be put upwards and look so pretty on my vanity. Hah alasan :P

Colourpop are not available to be shipped to Malaysia. I got mine from a Spree. This retails for $20.00 USD while the Lippie Stix retails for $6.00 USD. Contact the seller below to get the latest price offered. Farisha : (+60128908863) to get any Colourpop products and more info follow their instagram ( ). Be sure to follow them to get the latest updates on new batch of spree.
More info about Colourpop go to :
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  1. OMG! I'm huge fan of Katleen Lights. She the reason I splurge so much on makeup. Hahahaa.. Nice review sab!

  2. OMG! xsabar nak beli produk colourpop..

  3. i punya Megan Naik quad sampai exactly after Colourpop introduced Kathleen Lights punya. sadis dan tragis rasa hati sebab nak beli jugak, lawa sangat XD

  4. This is limited edition isn't it??

  5. (♥▽♥) Wahhh Thanks a million for the review Sab!!! I love you too! And I'm so happy you love it! Hehe, yes your vanity will look better with more lippie stixs xD

    1. no biggie! hehe.. tu la.. so that means... i need more? :P