Krim Jerawat Datang Bulan by Hajah Ramlah Review

This is just everything. A product that totally understand us girls! A major awesome home grown brand called Hajah Ramlah and it is the Krim Jerawat Datang Bulan. A special cream made to treat your spot and acne especially during the hormonal changes every month that we faced. When I saw this I am so excited to try it, I tried so many acne treatment but they just did nothing. *nangis tepi bucu katil*
First of all let's talk about the packaging. A lot of you guys were attracted to the packaging as well, well me too! Super cute and vintage. Each product contains 10g worth of product store inside a tin container. Basic size of an acne spot product, kecil kecil cili padi ok!  Which I find travel friendly and fit in your beg whenever you go. So a great product to brig along whenever you are and I could say always there to treat you acne! It is advise and best use during the night. After your Isha' prayers, wear your normal skincare routine and take a pea size amount and dot this on the spot you wanna treat. Leave it to dry until the next morning.
The texture of this cream are just like a light moisturizer. It is light and it will dry out like a bedak sejuk or mask. Best applied when you are going to sleep and leave it until the next morning. When you apply this cream on to your spots you can feel a bit of a burning sensation. This is normal because it contains ingredients such as the Benzoyl Peroxide that use to treat acne. In this product the main ingredients are all natural and they are Kapur & Pati Kulit Kayu. 100% free from chemicals!
So here is my verdict and testimonial for this product! As for now I have been experience with lots of acne on my face due to hormonal changes. :( Gladly this come along and help to treat my acne. So far I am loving this product and I have been applying it everyday during the night to treat all of my acne.
As above shown I have an open cyst acne. I applied the Krim Jerawat Datang Bulan during the day and reapplied at night. The day after I can see that the redness of my acne is reduced. Below picture shows an acne on my face that are newly there (baru nak tumbah lagi haih!), i applied it during the night, on the second day, the redness and size reduced. Awesome!
A must have spot treatment in your skincare routine! Everyone need this during those "aunty visit" right. Haha. So if you keen on this product don't forget to check out below links.

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  1. makin cantik berseri - seri pengantin baru kita ni :) n yes, memang best product ni kecik comel lote sennag nak bawa gi mana, nak balik raya pun bole masuk dalam purse hehe

  2. Best guna krim ni. Lelamj pon blh pakai.

    1. yep! lelaki pun boleh! suami sab suka pakai jugak :D

  3. berminat boleh order dengan aimie di 0146212567 wakil jualan sah krim jerawat datang bulan
    boleh like page dan lihat sendiri testimoni serta maklumat lanjut mengenai produk

  4. Unik nama produk ni.
    Memang jerawat selalu naik time ni..huhu.
    Yang best tu, takde parut kan.. nak beli nak beli!