The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Foundation Review & Makeup Tutorial

Presenting to you, my first ever makeup tutorial! I'm excited! As a special opening, I am doing a one brand makeup tutorial and the brand I am featuring are from Korea and it is The Face Shop! I bet you know about this brand! I want to recommend you a brand that has amazing price with awesome quality at the same time easy to be find in most shopping mall, if you cant still find it, you can also shop online. I will provide the links to each product at the end of this post. They have something exciting for this month of September because they are launching a whole lot of new makeup items and the star of this series would be the Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Foundation that has said to be the only Cushion Foundation that has Long Lasting effect as well as Moisturizing. Watch my full video below to learn more on how I create the look I am showing you above! Read more below for a full in depth review of the Cushion Foundation from The Face Shop.

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This is the The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion Foundation.Comes in 2 different shades. Mine is in 203 and there is anther lighter shades which is 201. This cushion foundation comes with a special sponge. I call it puff! With LG patented “Micro Foam” it is 4 times denser than usual polyurethane sponge that most cushion compact has. If you are still new to this, at first application you are going to take a bit of a time to get used to it, after a while, you will grab this during time when you want a fast makeup application, knowing that you have not wash your makeup brushes fro the longest time and of course during that nak cepat moment  you don't want to get your hand all dirty. Trust me! Been there, thanks to the sponge!
The case and look are like the usual Cushion Foundation you may find in the market. The case is the standard medium size case if you know what I mean because there is some Cushion Compact that is bulk as hell. The products are store/absorb in the cushion. All you need to do is press the puff against the cushion to take out the product. It is like using a compact powder, but this one is in liquid form. This does not have any weird or overpowering scent. The coverage is build-able - Medium to full coverage.
1. Hydration
Its main features are the high performance of moisture charge featuring an ingredient called the Clean Tasmanian Water founded at the vast continent of South Africa. That has been said there is a heart shaped island located there. It was inspired by how the environment is not "damaged" and the only water that has fewer impurities in it according to their research by CSIRO. Another ingredient highlighted in this Cushion Foundation is the Italian pure mineral oxygen water. It provides you with the benefit that helps to recharge your body skin health.

2. Sebum Control
Sebums are like white heads. It is an oil produce by your body, an over excess amount of this would lead to oily skin. So with the help of these both ingredients which is the Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract and Blooming Rose powders your excess oil will be absorb and mattify. From my opinion, the Cushion Foundation does not completely give you a matte effect, but definitely has that nice shine of a healthy glow and looking less that an oily face.

3. Long Lasting
With its Multi Particle Technology, it leaves your skin looking perfect and flaws are blurred out. I could agree with this. If you have done watch my video, you can see at first the whole application looks a bit weird, but after a while, even without applying any powder on top, you can see my skin looks natural and glowing. It said that, other cushion foundation has the same powder composition shape, while this one has different so it can fit better to your skin and in result last longer.

4. Sun Protection
This Cushion Foundation has sun protection of SPF50+ PA+++. It is just effect for Summer time in our case the whole year! It is sweat proof and has fewer tendencies to melt during hot weather. They clinically tested on 20 women (by “Ellead Skin&BioResearch), to wear this cushion foundation and sit in the sauna for 40 minutes. Found out most of the women makeup still remain the same! Amazeballs!

Recommend this to you who have oily skin but a t the same time experience dry flaky skin. Just like a combination skin. I am using the shade in 203, I suggest you who have warm fair to medium skin tone for this shade. I am not sure about darker skin tone if this going to look greyish on you. On me, it does not; this has a nice warm tone and does not give me the usual Korean product effect. I also suggest you if you have very oily skin to set with a very light powder so it won’t slip away. Because it takes a few minutes to set in your skin and from my opinion it is not completely matte. For very dry skin, this is perfect to be use alone for you.

Here are some of the new makeup product that are also launch together with this Cushion Foundation. All products shown below are used in my video makeup tutorial. Each product has more colour option that you can choose from. I hope you enjoy this post and video and let me know your thought in the comment section below!
The Face Shop Phytogenic Infinite Ex Concealer Duo NB23 -
The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Design My Eyebrow in 04 Brown -
The Face Shop Dual Baked Eyeshadow - PK03 
The Face Shop Ink Graffiti Line in 01 Ink Black 
The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara
The Face Shop Ink Lipquid in shade Shah Pink PK03 -
The Face Shop Single Blusher in shade OR01 -
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