SOAPABABY Extra Rich Collagen Spa Review

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What's up guys. I know its Friday and it is exciting because the weekends has finally come back again. Today I wanted to share with you guys about a collagen soap that I've tried recently. It is so cool because it is handmade and it works amazingly good. There are a lot of collagen soap out there but I am not interested in because of maybe first impression I could say? They are not packed well or look promising. So I recently got the chance to try this one from a brand called Soapababy. Cute name! Each soap comes in a box like what you see above and packed so well and nicely. 
What this soap features is that the intense moisturize it will gives you and how it will act like a bath product at the same time just like applying lotion. The good part is, it wont leave your skin greasy just like using lotions. Because of its high level of collagen ( 3 times more ) and other ingredients that were used in making these soap. I like how it is not fragile, you know when you just a few second wet your soap and it starts to becomes too soft after a while? All that mushy and "lendir" out of the soap? Well, this does not. It is solid enough to stay in your bathroom but still lather so nicely. 

How to use this soap. Wet your body as what you do in the shower. Make a foam out of the soap with your hand. Apply on your skin and just rinse it off. You can repeat the steps over and over again because this soap can be layered on your skin. So you get more protection and shield of its benefits more. Advise for first time user to fully optimize this soap.
Here I am running a test on the different of my skin using and not using the soap. This collagen soap can be use over and over again to make more layers of protection to your skin. That means the moisturize stay on your skin better. As you can see above. I apply the soap on the top part back of my hand.Rinse it off, and when I splash some water on it, you can see droplets on the part where I have layer the collagen on to my skin. It means the layer stays there to keep my skin moisturize. As you can see, on the bottom part of my arm simple just wash off. It just makes my skin wet and after a while it will dry off. It does not leave my skin protected. With such an amazing price RM19.00 each bar, you get full out of it. The soap is solid enough to be used so many time during your shower time.
The main ingredients of this soap are Collagen (3 times more than usual collagen soap), goat's milk, ginseng, aloe vera and honey. This retails for RM19.00 (Net weight: 110g) each. You can purchase it here from the seller. Whatsapp/SMS : 016 5601 527 or email . 

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