Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara by Clinique Review

Every girl maybe don't like to be called chubby but a chubby lashes would be great? Sounds exciting! This is the new Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara by Clinique that said to give you lusciously plumped, full-bodied and thick lashes are just a wink away. This is a volumizing mascara. If you have thin lashes, you may wanna check this out. Mine is in the shade  Jumbo Jet, there are also 2 different colors available which are Portly Plum, & Bodacious Black Honey. 

I find something unique about this mascara and it is the wand it self. As you can see, normal mascara usually have long fluttery comb on the head right. But this one has a very thick applicator with fine short plastic comb. On first application I find that the unique shape of the comb helps to distribute more product on to my lashes easily. It volumize and thicken my lashes in just one coat. At first I though I am going to find a hard time applying this on my bottom lashes, but nope. It helps to volumize my lower lashes easily. The only thing is that it does clumps a bit but I think I like it that way because I love thick lashes. It separates nicely too. After it dries a bit, I re curl my lashes to keep the curl up again as this mascara does not help to curl up my lashes. It only helps to give volume. This mascara is perfect for you who have thin lashes. I love to use this for my upper lashes.

You can get this at any Clinique counters near you or you can even buy it online at This retails for RM66 each.

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