Too Faced Sweetheart Blush Perfect Flush Blush Review

I had this blush for a very long time. Of course gravitate towards on how the blush looks like is one of the reason why I bought this blush. I bought this from an international website as I have a voucher to be spend in there. So a pretty bargain for me actually. There are three different shade to choose from. I only got 2 of them which is the Peach Beach and Something About Berry. The other one is called Candy Glow. This is a baked type blush. It means it is a type of product that is formed by baking colored liquid on Terra cotta tiles. It can be apply wet to last you longer. By baking the blush on tiles it will gives a creamier texture than most powdered blushes.Each blush has 3 different shade/stripe. You can use it alone or combine all 3 colors for that nice flush color. 
I used Peach Beach a lot but it does not even start to hit pan. The product is very packed with great pigmentation that is easy to control when applied.  love how the blush is packaged. The whole entire body is made out of card board. It features gold hot stamping detailing on the front and as you cans ee its starts to fall off already. I am a bit late, Too Faced also have came out with more new heart shaped blush with the similar box design. It is the Love Flush Long Lasting Blush. The Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart are also comparable to this but Makeup Revolution Blushing Heart are much more fragile than the Too Faced. Mine already broke and damage :(.
Here are the swatches. On top part is Peach Beach. The last one on the right are the color when I combine all three shades. Same goes to the one in Something Abut Berry. I mostly use Peach Beach than Something About Berry. Peach Beach has more natural glow to it and it suits my skin better. They last about 2-3 hours. A reapplication may need if you want it to stay. It's a moderate good blush. I think a lot of people would buy this because of the way it looks like. It makes  a nice vanity decor item. I love it! But still overall I do love the one in Peach Beach. I love the natural peach glow it gave me. I like to use the 3 color from the left from Peach Beach as a highlighter. They retails for RM99 if I am not mistaken. You can get this at any participating Sephora near you.
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  1. Sab....cantiknya....
    Da start fall in love dgn too faced products ni
    Dulu obsessed dengan benefit...
    Sekarang mcm duk start too faced pulak dah

    1. comel kann! eyeshadow palette dia semua lagi la comel2 teruk

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