Aqua Therapy Facial Mud Mask Review

I was introduce to this one brand called Aqua Therapy. It focus on the goodness of the dead Sea which has lots of benefits that has been known for centuries. It is said that people have been coming to the shores of Dead Sea in search of a new life for their skin. They bathed in the revitalizing, mineral rich waters because of its unique salt lake. It helps to renew your skin with energy and vitality. The rejuvenating effects comes from its natural ingredients that also has been proven to revive, awaken and balance the skin. Wide range of Dead Sea minerals products that will give positive effect for your body that also helps to improves cell metabolism. The product that I got to try is the Facial Mud Mask. Of course I'm excited as I love these type of mask!
The first one is the Dead Sea Nourishing Facial Mud Mask. It has ingredients that target to eliminates all impurities, excess oils and toxins from your skin. Ingredient such as natural honey extract will provide your skin with the essential nourishing amino acids and moisturizing agents. This will leave your skin fresh and pure for a healthy complexion.

My thoughts after using this. Compare this one and the soothing facial mud mask below, this has a more calming and fresh sensation when using it. My skin feels softer and hydrated after using this mask. As I have acne problem right now, I think this does not suit me well. This mask has a whole lot of product in it! Be sure to cut it our nicely so you can store it back because you only use 20% of it for your entire face. I think this can cover up to 3-4 times of usage.
The second one is the Dead Sea Soothing Facial Mud Mask . It is what I need right now. Been experience acne all over my face due to hormonal changes. It has ingredient such as Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil that known for its soothing and moisturizing effect. Also can be use as a treatment for skin burns, pigmentation, dryness and redness. While the Tea Tree Oil helps to treat Acne & cold sores. With these two combination it helps to reduce premature aging and rough skin leaving your skin’s new healthy and soft texture.

My thoughts after using this. As usually I use my classic foundation brush to apply this on my face. As I open the packet I can smell a nice refreshing tea tree oil. When wearing it, the tea tree oil kinda lingers a bit and it leaves me with a relaxing scent. Even just done applying I already feel a bit of a burning and tingling sensation on my face especially on my acne. I leave it for 25 minutes. It felt much more comfortable 10 minutes after when its starts to dry. It said to leave it for 20-30 minutes. After I wash it off i feel that my skin is not dry and the redness of my acne reduced. Same goes to this one, This mask has a whole lot of product in it, be sure to cut it our nicely so you can store it back because you only use 20% of it for your entire face. I think this can cover up to 3-4 times of usage.

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