Precious Mineral Any Cushion Review

Name : Precious Mineral Any Cushion Etude House
Price : RM109.90 (Case + Refill)
Availability : September 2013 in any Etude House outlets in Malaysia (for Malaysia) *As for now, the first shade available on above date is Honey Beige W24 (as product review shade)
Made in : Korea
Main Ingredient : Hyaluronic Acid, Sebum Control Powder, Pearl Powder

What it claims :
Anyone can have long-lasting bright and smooth skin with Any Cushion anytime, anywhere!

(Featuring a All in One foundation in just one application):
UV protection (SPF50+/PA+++)
Sebum control
Moisturizing(Moisture Lock)
Color Correction Sunscreen
Sebum Powder
Moisturizing essence
Whitening essence + 

The New Innovation :
As you can see this foundation is pretty unique. It has a sponge soaking up all the foundation in the pink case. The sponge in the case which actually hold up all the product inside is called "Foaming Urethane Foam". It is a development of optimal holding technique considering of both fresh sunblock texture and sanitary container. Another feature are the "Non flowing" concept. This result in a "cell trap" innovation, a lil bit of science going on here, i pretty much new to this. To make it easy its kinda hold the goodness of the product content unlike other product in tubes or bottle which only stays flat inside it.

The Air Puff :
Another product highlights are the blue sponge is actually made out of Rubycell + Polyurethane. Comparing to the ordinary sponges you usually have in your compact powder or buy in stores, this features a minimal product absorption. So you wont get waste to your product which usually thrown away when you wash your sponge right.

How to take care of the sponge :

Super compact, easy to bring anywhere. Made out of plastic and I don't think it would be a problem for traveling. The divider between product and sponge storage is divided. Hygienic and easy storing.

Texture/How it feels when applied:
As another feature of this product is its cooling effect. Well not that minty feeling, but yes I do agree, it feels so nice on the skin. Light and easy to blend. Just pat pat pat and you're done!

Pigmentation/Coverage: I might say its a light to medium coverage. Does not cover spots and acne scar pretty good. But it really does cover my redness nicely. I might say its a dewy finish at a few minutes but then tends to adsorb and look pretty natural on the skin. Honey Beige have a yellow undertone shade taht I think suits fair-medium skin tone.

Scent: No overpowering scent or funny scent. I may say its kinda like a fragrance free product because no scent have been concentrated while I'm applying this.

Ease of Use: Really easy, prefect for beginner  The sponge really helps a lot. Does not adsorb so much product resulting in waste and over patchy application to the skin.

Overall / Verdict:
 photo 4halfstar_zps006b9d7c.png
I don't recommend this for people whole love heavy coverage makeup, or the main purpose of application is to cover up acne. Its a very good everyday go to foundation. In one application you are protected with sunscreen (50 SPF), Its moisturize, yes it does and have a whitening benefit purposes. I love love love using this product during my lazy and a casual day simple makeup mood. Does makes you skin look softer and healthy. Use a good concealer to cover up any imperfection and you are good to go! But I don't really like to applying powder after using this, i find they don't really go together. Well, its my opinion.
Drop down a comment below if you have any question about this product! <3

Hugs and kisses

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  1. ..looks glowy and radiant which i like..been waiting for this review

  2. Replies
    1. better apply powder over for oily skin just to keep it matte and stays in place. but i have a oily skin too sometime, tadi i pakai during kenduri kawin, it stays nicely on my skin. pretty nice!

  3. Your skin looks amazing with the product! I'm following you via GFC x

    Check out my blog! -

  4. wow!
    but hw bout for oily skin?boleh tahan lama ke en?

    1. i think it is suitable for oily skin. just pat your favorite powder over... so far boleh tahan lama jugak, its perfect for an everyday natural light makeup foundation.

  5. Wah! Nampak perbezaan la. Nice review, sab! :)

  6. nice review sabrina. but i have an oily skin :(

    1. its ok dear, if you have oily skin, make sure you prepare your skin before applying makeup, and apply powder after using this. :)

  7. great review Sabrina! I like the flawless skin finishing..

  8. Honestly, these looked good on your skin. Very smooth and evens out the skin tone. Too bad it won't last long. I wonder if primer works to make this sits beautifully through out the day. If you didn't do a review on this, I would've never give this a thought.

    You know, most korean beauty products are light-weight and light coverage but I have occasional acne flares up every months and they leave scars. So I need something more 'potent' most of the time. hahaha.

    1. maybe, for a good primer, because i never try the rave primer people talk about yet. ya, that the main purpose or style that take. i love korean makeup too, they are more focus on good skin than high coverage.

  9. Nice review! and your blog looks so nice :D

  10. etude malaysia fb introduced me to your blog. i like this :)

    pssss..100+ berbaloi tak untuk benda ni?

    1. So sorry for the late reply, xperasan comment ni.. :(
      thank you so much for visiting! if you really wanna splurge on this and your aim is a light makeup. you should go for this. ^_^

  11. Sabrina nak tanya nie pakai dulu before use bb cream or after use bb cream ehh..??

    1. Hello Amoi Farah! eh xpayah pakai bb dh.. ni mmg BB Cream pun.. sesuai pakai lepas moisturizer and kalau nk matte finish, pakai powder. cukup dah! ^_^

  12. One of the more honest reviews. None of that "omg this is the best product it does EVERYTHING" kind of review. One thing that I found different for me is that the one I have gives me a white cast, and it kinda looks unnatural under fluorescent lights.

    1. I think this is because of the shade. and the white cast effect must be from the SPF and dewy effect it gives you. Thank you for reading! <3

  13. do you need to wet the sponge to apply this ?

    1. nope, the sponge is soft on its own. not like the ordinary sponge we use to have. :)

    2. thank you! n u wrote a very good review :)