Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder & Facial Scrub


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. To the ones who have open their fast, kenyang? Alhamdulilah... If you follow me in my Instagram I have mention that I have tried these product a few weeks ago and now I would like to share my experience and thought about it. If you are a fan of traditional and herbs base product, you are going to love these products that I am going to review here. Bunga Tanjung is a homegrown brand that has been in the market for 3 decades. If you ask your grandma, I bet she will know about this. hehe. The signature key ingredients of their products are from the skin of rambai (Baccaurea motleyana) tree trunk. The rambai tree skin has been a known secret of the Kelantanese women secret in preserving the beauty of their skin. It is such an unique product because the formulation that they have came out with are different from the competitor brands out there. They are improvised herbs blends and enriched to help nourishes your skin.

Here I got 2 product to show you. One is a facial scrub and another one is a powder that can be turn into a cleanser, scrub and a mask.

The Bunga Tanjung Herbal  Facial Scrub. It 100% natural and helps to penetrates deep into pores to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup. This cleanser contains virgin coconut oil that helps to provide antioxidant and nourish your skin. As I squeeze out the cleanser, I can see fine "sand" particles in the cleanser. It is gentle in the skin and does not irritate my skin while scrubbing. I really love how the sandy scrub really helps removing my left over makeup and dirt gently. It does not foams up since its made out of 100% natural ingredient. After rinsing it off, I can really feel my skin is moisturize and clean. This cleanser has a mild herbal scent to it. 

When it comes to washing my face, I like to double cleanse. So I use this cleanser as my first step in my cleansing routine. After that I continue using my ordinary foamy cleanser. This is a very natural and gentle cleanser, I use it everyday and it really helps on repairing my skin for the second cleansing routine. Sometime if I don't wear makeup, I just use this cleanser alone. Just love how moisturize it leaves my skin.

Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder. The second product is a powder base product. Comes in a plastic packaging. Price wise? Awesome. It comes in a set that contains two package of these. Price? RM5.00 for two! Now I am excited to review this one because on how I just love the multi purpose way you can use this product. This product said to helps softens the skin and washes off grime. Eradicate small pimples, eliminate/lighten black spots. This product can be applied to the face and body. Just bare in mind that this powder has quite a strong herb scent comparing to the facial cleanser because it is made from 100% natural herbs that is absolutely free from other fragrances and chemicals. Don't be fooled by the small packaging. I only tool 1/4 of the powder, mix it up with some water to make it like a paste. I can use it for my face as well as half of my body. 

I love how this scrub really makes me feel like having that expensive spa session but now its at my own place. How I use it : Mix the powder with some sprinkle of water until it becomes a paste. I use this mixed powder on my face, in scrubbing motion, then I leave it to dry. While waiting for it to dry, I use the left overs for my body. I love to use this on the back of my shoulder where I usually have acne problem as well as under my armpits and between my "V" area. After 3 times using it, I can really see a difference. My back acne problem is reduce (less oily and acne scars has reduce/less visible). Just after 1st try, my skin feels so fresh. My underarms are also well exfoliate, bumps also becomes less visible. The herb scent is pretty strong to my liking, so what I do, I just use my favorite shower gel after rinsing off the scrub from my body.

Overall, I really recommend these products especially the Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder. It is such a versatile product that you can use for your face as well as your body. It is 100% natural and safe for the skin. If you want to have your own spa session, go for this products. It really delivers just like the spa you went that may cost your RM300 per session. I might just bought the Spa Pack. Love it! Recommend! The facial cleanser are also a great way to be use as a travel pack or basically just like the fastest way to use it since it comes in a tube and all you need it just to squeeze it out and use it.

Bunga Tanjung Herbal Facial Scrub 100ml | RM 15.90 (link)
Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder (50GM x 2 Sachets) | RM5.00 (link)
*also comes in a (easy storing) Big Jar size called Spa Package 500gm for only RM20.00 (link)

Online (link), MyDin & Your local jamu stores
*Don't forget to grab this Raya Promotion! Go check out their FB page as well as website to find out more

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June 2014 Favorites


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy first day of Ramadan to all my Muslim readers! Don't you feel time flies so fast? I still remember my last year Ramadan. Well today I decided to post my monthly favorites which I have not done in so long. The last one were like in January if I can remember. If you are new to my blog, I usually will do my monthly favorites each month gathering some of the most reach product of the past month. These products has been my most reach and favorite for the past month. Some are a new discovery some are just repeated favorites because they are just so good! So here are my the beauty products that I have been loving for this month of June.

1. ElishaCoy IceHerb Whitening Waterdrop Moisturizing Essence | RM85.00
One of the most lightest moisturizer I ever use. It is so easy to be use and absorb in my skin. I have review it a few weeks a go, you can check it out here (link). I love how it turns to water after I bl;end it in. It feels so refreshed and light. It really hydrates my skin and makes my pores smaller. Love the cooling scent too!

2. Revlon ColorStay Foundation | RM59.90
Hands down. Love this foundation. I think they have reformulated this foundation. Because I think they are more awesome than before. I remember using this foundation years back and then I did repurchase it because of the price. From what I can remember I kinda have a hate and love with this foundation, I feel its too thick, maybe because I applied it with fingers. Back then when I don't have make up brushes. Last month, I thought I give it a try again. I use my Sigma F80 buffer brush and sometimes with my RT Expert face brush. This just leave my skin looks semi matte in a very beautiful way. I love how long lasting they are. I have combination skin, I can feel my skin gets oily by the end of the day but my foundation stills looks good. I will review this soon and talk about it more in depth. All I can say is I just love this foundation so much. Been using it every time I went out for this month!

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Athens | RM25.00
What I can say more, I just love all of my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, and in the shade Athens is my most reach and favorite shade. If you wanna know why I love it so much I have a full review and swatch it here - (link).

4. Silkygirl Natural Brow Pencil in 02 Dark Brown | RM14.90
One of a must wear beauty product for me is got to be brow pencil. I have tried a lot of brands and type. Most of them are my favorite but this month I have been loving this brow pencil. Its affordable, the color is easy to control and it help line my brow nicely. I also have this in black just to use it lightly on my brow to darken the color.

5. MAC Single Eyeshadow in Cork & Naked Lunch | RM49.00 each
Actually I have been loving this for the past few month since I got it. This has been my dupe for my favorite Urban Decay Naked 1 palette in the shade Sin & Buck. I have hit pan and use it all out so I thought of having the single color similar to that. I have been loving both color so much and it has been like my everyday color. I use Cork to fill my eyebrow, eyeshadow on my crease and nose shading. I use Naked Lunch for my eye lid as my everyday natural makeup. Love it! The refill pan are also so convenient and travel friendly. I can't wait to fill the other 2 empty spaces. 

6. L'Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder | RM49.90
Most use powder for the entire month. I think it works so well with my Revlon Colorstay foundation. As you can see I already hit pan! Woohuu! Read my full review here - (link).

What is your monthly favorites?
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Oh my Givenchy | Reebonz


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Oh my Oh my. Other than makeup I am obsessed with bags. Just obsessed. I have a full loaded folder just by keeping pictures of my dream bags. I have a few list of my dream bag and one of them is this beautiful Givenchy Small Antigona Bag. It's such a beauty. So where do I usually find my review and preview? Well I don't really walk in and out that often to these luxury brands shop and ask each bag price. It will be insane and annoying. So here are my tips. Of course, I just have to visit http://www.reebonz.com.my/ . Just have too. Since Reebonz was launched it just eases my search and aim for my ultimate dream bag.

So why Reebonz? Is Reebonz safe?
Reebonz is a safe and 100% Authenticity guarantee website that offers more than 700 brands under one roof. From bags, watches, wallets and other accessories. My favorite search, Prada, Chanel, Givenchy, Balencianga, and more you name it! You can also own your dream bag with these mind ease 6 & 12 months installment. How cool is that. So having your dream bag is coming true with major credit cards. The best part is, you get the chance on the rare collection & color that most people can't have in their walk in stores. Talk about exclusiveness! Living somewhere else? Don't worry, they will ship it to you and usually shop will charge you more than RM100+ for postage, but with Reebonz, its FREE & RELIABLE SHIPPING! And don't forget that you will be surprise by their exclusive postal packaging that sure makes you feel like it’s your Birthday any day of the year. Also, you always get the best price of your dream bag, talk about discounts  the widest variety & various styles from pre-owned and new and seasonal sales like they are having right now. Oh my. 

Like as you can see below, these are some of my picks from Reebonz. The price are insanely cheaper than retail price are. You can save up to RM1000 per bag and the best part you can choose 6 or 12 months 0% interest installment plan with your credit card or 0% installment plan with these banks AmBank/AllianceBank/HSBC/MBF/Citibank/Public/CIMB/RHB and 18 or 24 months with BankOCBC Bank/RHB Bank. Talk about convenient! You need to always look out, because the sold out easily! I am really looking forward getting my dream bag from Reebonz. These are some of my favorite celebrity inspire look with my dream bags! From Left to Right, Celine Mini Luggage Tote, Chanel PST and the cute small Antigona Givenchy Bag. *faint in love* so don't forget to check out Reebonz and find out your dream bag and a convenient way to own them. Good shopping experience & service. Recommend!

*For Readers Only*

It's never too early to Shop for Raya at Reebonz End of Season SALE!

Shop at Reebonz's End of Season SALE before 30 June 2014 and receive exclusive 10% OFF Adila Long voucher with any purchase. Key in my name <sabrinatajudin> under the comment section at checkout plus be in the running to win a Miu Miu Ipad Cover worth RM1,500!

MIU MIU IPAD COVER Worth RM1,500 to be won!

If you spend a min of RM1,000, you will receive RM100 Reebonz online shopping credits!

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NARS Summer 2014 Collection Review | Adult Swim


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. If you guys know I have got my hands on the new NARS Summer 2014 collection called Adult Swim. This is actually my first NARS product and I am excited to review them! Here is a little introduction of this collection, Sleek bikinis, towering stilettos – a cosmopolitan catwalk. Dive into this sexy poolside setting with the NARS Summer 2014 Collection – powerfully provocative and daring.Eyes pop with perfectly synchronized eyeshadows including neon lemon lime and icy lavender while smoky rose quartz and bronze add depth and definition. Feel the heat with a soft and sultry peach champagne for cheeks and a bold geranium for nails.

Hey, be proud because we have summer all year long! So this collection is perfect for us here. Hehe. As you can see this Summer 2014 collection has bright color collection. The one I got is the Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow, describe as an eyeshadow that has a neon lemon lime and icy lavender shade/tone. I never imagine I can pull out a lime green eyeshaodw. Just love the color, for me it is not too bright, a mixture of a brown earth tone color just makes it looks more subtle and nice. But if you wanna go bold with the lime green color, put it on your lid and use the icy lavender color on the inner corner of your eye. Flick some eyeliner and your off to go. As you can see below image I have use the Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow and the single eyeshadow color in the shade Malacca (sapa orang melaka kat sini bangga sikit, Lemaghi!). The NARS Malacca eyeshadow as you can see straight from the pan its a pretty green emerald color and describe as a Iridescent peacock. To be surprise, as you swatch it, it has this purple brown undertone glare on the side of the swatch. Super pretty. So this single eyeshadow in Malacca is perfect to wear with any eyeshadow color to my opinion. The earth tone shade just create that nice depth and the green emerald color gives a nice pop of green color in the middle.

Here is a before and after picture of me. Without the eyeshadow and lip gloss and with! I think I can rock this look any time of the day! The lip gloss is call Bimini. It is not from this collection but you can still purchase it in NARS counter. It is a nice decent hint of peach and watermelon shade with a lil hint of sparkle. Overall, I am in love with the eyeshadow. Love both eyeshadow that I have got!

How I achieve this look : First, I pack the Neon Lime Green color on my lid, and feather it out a bit just abpve my "folded" lid. Then I use the Icy lavender on my inner corner and blend with the Neon Lime Green Eyeshadow that is on my lid. Then I use the Single Eyeshadow in Malaca on the outer side of my crease creating a depth. I bring lightly above my crease as well as smudging the Malacca color half below my outer corner of my eye. Blend any harsh line and tadaa!

Tropical Princess Duo Eyeshadow RM 120
Lost Coast Duo Eyeshadow, RM 120
Malacca Single Eyeshadow, RM 90
Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil, RM 90
Baalbek Eye Paint, RM 95
Hot Sand Illuminator, RM 110
Libertango Nail Polish, RM 60
Turkish Delight, 1671, Wonder Gloss, Salamanca, Prisculla Lip Gloss , RM85 each

NARS Malaysia outlet,
Lot 3.06.01, Level 3, Pavilion KUala Lumpur No. 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 4806
*Original photo of NARS is cortusey to NARS and collage are edited by me.

What catches your eyes in this Summer 2014 Collection?

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The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. This is like a the 7th time I talk about the popular SK-II. I receive so many message and emails from you who wanted to know more about it. Does it worth of the investment, how does it works, yada yada yada. So here I am once again, I am going to give you a more depth on how this things works and some of your questions. Hope this help you to decide on purchasing it. I will give more in depth explanation about this best seller skin essences that works like a toner as well as an essence. The product that has been said to give you that wonderful skin. I have finish the 1st bottle and this is my second one. I use it alternately, as I always change my skincare stuff from month to month basis but when in week I felt like I want to pamper my skin more, I use this essence.

So of the facts that you need to know about this essence that is, a bottle of Facial Treatment Essence is sold every 28 seconds, with over 20 million bottles sold to date. Below shows how this miracle essence were develop and discovered.

In 1970 they started to search for the ultimate skincare ingredient. It was a quest. Ranging from Chinese herbs and Japanese and Chinese medicine to hot spring water. They observe that the sake (yeast made from rice) brewers hands are youthful and soft and they started to investigate. Then they manage to isolate a naturally occurring ingredient with a diverse set of skin nutrients from the metabolism of a rare yeast strain which is the Pitera and then in 1980 the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence was born. Celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Kaori Momoi, Kate Bosworth, Lim Soo Jung, and Tang Wei swear by SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and were all loyal users before becoming SK-II brand ambassadors. Now let's get on to my personal opinion and what I think about it below.

How I use it. I use this just like a toner (A liquid form of product that you use after cleansing your face, recommend to be use as a preparation step for better absorption of the next skincare item to be applied which is moisturizer/serum). Although it is not describe as a toner but more to an essence. What is an essence? Well essence is basically like a serum but water base. To my opinion. I can't really say its a toner completely because the texture and liquid type this essence hold pretty much different from an ordinary toner. It is also not that lightweight just like toner usually feels. But I am always in a hurry, I don't have much time to apply too many product on my face. This has been one of the most reach product when I am doing my skincare. I use a cotton pad to apply this. 3-4 drops of it and I apply it in upwards motion wiping my face. Then I "hand fan" my face to let it dry/absorb faster before applying my next skincare item that usually will be moisturizer. I don't feel like using serum if I use this essence. If you apply too much you can actually feel your skin sticky and the sourly scent of this essence are also very noticeable to use it lightly. I also love to wet my cotton pad and leave it under my eye, and make it like a eye mask. Just like I show it in this post (link).

How it change my skin. My skin condition is combination, it is not too oily and sometimes it can be very dry. I have acne breakout sometime each month due to change of hormone. I don't have that many of skincare problem. My pores are also sometime becomes large it I neglected my skin. So if you have the same skin condition as me, you may can relate. I can't really consult your skin problem as I am not a beautician. I will try to clarify everything if it meet your requirement. Ok, my thoughts, to tell you the truth, it does not make my face looks nearer to Ariana Grande or any of the celebrities up there. Many people expect a super flawless skin overnight by using this. This essence is targeting on the 5 dimension of the skin which is your texture. You can read my full before and after review here, *result are base on their ring test skin analysis (read it here). It does not help on my spots and acne scars but it really really helps on my skin texture. What I feel the different is that my skin is softer, not dry and less oily. I really feel good about my skin. To the other problems of my skin such as spots, whitening and acne, I focus on using other brands that I can afford more. Why I am loving this product is that because it acts like a toner as well as an essence that contains such powerful ingredients to really help on the texture of my skin. Although I am not a fan of the scent but I still use it. It helps prepare my skin to any other skincare items that I want to use next.

Overall thoughts and recommendation. Ok well, what I can really say is that yes, this is an expensive product. Let talk about economical and average purchasing power we are facing here. It may cost 10%-30% of your average salary here in Malaysia. Its a big decision to buy it. This facial treatment essence regular size 75ml cost around RM229.00 per bottle. You can get it in gist set that usually comes in other products such as deluxe sample of toner or mask like I got before with cost around RM240 (read it here). People message me and ask how do I use it. Hope I have explain well above and they also ask what other SK-II product I use. Well, I only use this and I mix it up with other skincare brand that I like. I am still a student back then so I can't afford the whole range. It is not a criminal to not use the whole range, remember that. Of course SK-II is going to recommend you the whole range, if you can afford it well good for you. Go on. I read  this once blogger use the whole range and her ring skin test analysis result is all above 90% (it means her skin is good). The star main product would be this essence to my opinion. I tried the toner, but it is just an ordinary thing to me but I really like the mask. It is really good. Try to mix up a few of your favorite skincare, that is what I did. Try to test out new items and so on. 

I always have this situation where "these" girls keep on saying "oh I have very sensitive skin, I can't try normal skincare product, but I I think SK-II is good for me but it's too expensive". Like seriously? How am I going to answer your questions. Don't have double standard okay. I am going to be real on this post due to the questions I got from various people. Finding the right skincare takes time. Also, your skin condition changes. So try to explore. Going to back to the question that, does this SK-II really works? Well, it works on me, so if you wanna know go and try it. In sya Allah (With God wills) it will help to make your skin better. Who knows, because many said it really works on their skin. Also, having an expensive skincare but not taking care of your diet is a waste of time. Do look out what you eat, don't drink soda, process food, oily food too much. This is the main reason and main cause of your acne or trouble skin. Skincare just gonna help you cure it and maintain it beauty. 

So do I recommend this essence? Yes I do. Do I recommend using the whole range? Yes I do, if you can maintain the splurge. "It is expensive, I don't think I will own it" Well, its ok to use other skincare product but don't limit your self, maybe not today but maybe in the future. :) "Why you like it so much! I want also" Well, it really help my skin become better, that is all I can say. *not paid to say this okay. This is the only SK-II product that I am using right now. I combine it with other skincare product brand. Maybe the combination I choose also helped with my skin. So I might say my skincare is a great teamwork. This post is dedicated to one of the skincare item that helped on my skin. By not using it, I can see a small slight different which i mention above. My skin texture.

Hope I have explain everything since this is like everyone wishlist. Alhamdulilah I got to try this awesome product because of what I am doing today. I also don't think I can afford to maintain it after I finish it. But the price says the result. I just don't know how to explain more. Also Alhamdulilah (Praise to God) I am happy with my skin condition now. You can survey the price and info at some of these online store I found selling SK-II products, Luxola Malaysia, Zalora, Lazada and many more. Or just go to the counter and its better. You get free consultation there. Read my whole 6 post of this SK-II journey here (link).

Ok I'm done.
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ElishaCoy IceHerb Whitening Waterdrop Moisturizing Essence Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. If you are a fan of Korean Skincare, I bet you may heard about ElishaCoy products. This is my first time ever trying ElishaCoy products. Some introduction of this product, this is a gel type moisturizer for whitening and moisturizing.The main ingredients are albutine, seeweeds extracts, cortex mori extracts, sodium hyaluroni acid, mori cortex radicis extracts, portulas oleracea extracts, betaine, tomato extracts, lemon, carrot extracts, black germinated brown rice extracts. Claim to be a product that  is a gel based moisturizer that moisturizes, replenishes, and brightens the skin. The natural blend of botanicals allow even the most sensitive skins to benefit from this moisturizer. Once applied to the skin, the water drops from the whitening and moisturizing ingredients are absorbed into the skin rapidly and the abundant supply of moisture is locked into your skin, leaving the skin hydrated and toned.

My thoughts. The product comes in a box with information on it. This product itself comes in a tube pump bottle reminds me of the Missha BB Cream. Easy to dispenses and travel friendly. The texture of this moisturizer is like a gel texture. It melts into water after a few seconds rubbing it. The name itself gave me a perception that it give me a cooling sensation which actually not. This does not have cooling sensation but seriously this melts into skin so fast. I feel like using a moisturizer + toner as the same time. I love how it feels on my skin. Its lightweight and I can barely feel anything. I use this after my cleansing routine. Sometimes I use a cream moisturizer after it but sometime I don't. It really hydrates my skin as well as a good light base for my makeup. I can see that my pores are reduces and my skin is not dry. I really recommend this moisturizer to any skin types. if you have dry skin, use another serum/moisturizer after using this, if you have super oily skin, this is just perfect for you. This gel also does not have overpowering scent to it. As you can see in my picture, you can really tell it turns to water after rubbing it. Super cool. People who hate creamy texture moisturizer should really try this. Not sticky at all. Its like applying water on to the face. Recommend!

Name : ElishaCoy IceHerb Whitening Waterdrop Moisturizing Essence
Price : RM85.00
Made in : Korea
Net Weight : 75g

Where To Buy -

STORE : Supermodel's Secrets beauty store address

SS gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jln SS 15/4B Subang jaya

**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

More info go to :
Email (For Enquiries/orders): talk2us@supermodels-secrets.com

WhatsAPP/SMS/Viber: 016 2801990
LINE|WeChat: Supermodel2u
INSTAGRAM : www.instagram.com/Supermodels_Secrets
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Supermodel2u
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Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014-2015 Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I saw a few of my friends redeem their purchases and got discount from this. So why not I give it a try. The latest issue is the Ladies & Food 2014-2015 edition. Contains 2 books. One contains Ladies stuff and brands and another one is fooddd. Yum Yum. Basically this is like a book that contains discount and vouchers from over 120 brands all over Malaysia. So you need to purchase this book and gains savings up to RM11,000. How cool is that.

So here is the Ladies Edition. As you can see the contents of the book is pretty helpful. You does not need to google out where is the store located and if the store available in your state. As I flip, I can already aim vouchers I want to redeem! They have so many cool brands inside such as The Body Shop, Supermodel Secrets, Christy Ng, F Block, Holika Holika and many more.

Now is the Food Edition! Yummmeeyyy. Just like the Ladies edition, it has a content that will help you find the store location. This is super convenient as well as help you discover new restaurant and food! Look at the voucherssss! Aaaaa, now I am hungry. 

After flipping through these books I start tearing out the vouchers that I am aiming to redeem. What I choose, Share Tea! Subway, buy 1 free 1 yo! Food Panda! Makeup stuff? Holika Holika, Supermodel Secrets and more! The vouchers are in pocket sizes which I love.So I just put them in my wallet and use them whenever I feel like. 

Who love discounts raise your hand!
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Spa Day Out with Shokubutsu New Range


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Last few weeks I was invited to Villa Manja Spa to celebrate all 8 winners from a contest (Manjakan Dirimu Bersama Shokubutsu) that was held a few months ago from various women magazine ( Karangkraf, MIDI & Seri Dewi Keluarga). They have won them self a full day Spa Package there. Everything worth RM599.00 per person! Also by celebrating the World Famous Bathing Series Spa Shower Cream range from Shokubutsu that makes you feel like having a Spa everyday and everything you took a a bath. As we arrive we were welcome with a cool exotic decor, also not to mention, each of us get a fresh rose! Nawww so cute.

This is my 2nd time come to Villa Manja Spa. I am so in love with the interior. So calming and a great escape from the busy city. 

Above shows the World Famous Bathing Series indulging you from Japan (Onsen) , Bali (Balinese)  and Middle East (Oriental). If you learn Japanese, you know the meaning of Shokubutsu. It means plant. Shokubutsu product range has been develop with the latest R&D technology from Japan and their factory is based in Johor Bahru. Well, hello there hometown! It is rich in collagen from soy plant extract that has been certified by Halal Jakim Malaysia. It will help your skin becomes softer and plummer! Boing Boing! Here me Cik Lily Putih & Inannie

Before the events starts, Fara the back bone of the event. Hello Fara! If you are reading this! hehe. She gave us a welcome speech and to the launch of the event by cutting the ribbons by the marketing Manager, Ms Jackie Low & Marianne the owner of Villa Manja Spa. And below second picture is the winners! They are just so fun to be around and sporting too! Hehe.

We have been divided into 2 groups. I got in the second group so while waiting we have some fun games session. I did not manage to take some picture as I was so busy having fun. Haha. Then it was my turn to experience the Spa session! It was my first time tho, so a lil awkward moment happen during the session. Hahahahahaha. But my favorite is got to be the Hot Stone Massage!

Then the day is about to end. Sob Sob. It prize giving ceremony! I won one hamper full of Shokubutsu stuff! I answer a quiz. Muhehehe. Now my family is happy as they don't need to buy any more shower creme. Haha.

Above picture are some of the winners! We have best dress, most sporting winners and lucky draw, and another lucky draw winner. Below are the akak2 who is in charge of the spa session! Akak picit mmg best!

My hamper! Woot woot! Below are the 3 World Most Famous Bathing Series Shower cream! They comes in 3 sizes that is the pump bottle 650ml, Travel Size bottle 220ml, and refill pack 500ml. Comes in 3 range that is Onsen Theraphy, Balinese Escape & Oriental Charm.

From Left to Right :
Onsen Theraphy
Special Ingredient, Mineral Onsen & Hinoki Cypress. Known as a Power of Herbal Restoration Oriental bathing tradition is made rich by the usage of blended herbs to soothe body heat. So think about the herbs that is use during spa session! They are all infuse in this shower cream! The herbs such as Wolfberry is useful with belief to promote and restore skin health and delay aging. *sings 22 song by Taylor Swift*

Balinese Escape
Special Ingredient, Frangipani & Sweet Basil. Known as Power of Lulur Renewal . ‘Mandi Lulur' is the famous bathing way from the Bali. Lulur is an aromatic blend of herbs, flowers, seed and grain or fruits helps to keep skin moisturised and softened thus skin is glowingly renewed.

Oriental Charm
Special Ingredient, Orange Peel & Goji. Known as Power of Mineral Revitalization Japanese Onsen Therapy is an ancient tradition believed to have natural healing power. The naturally hot and mineral rich water that seeps through volcanic rocks also helps to revitalize beautiful skin. From all three this is my favorite scent. I think because it has Orange Peel extract. As you know I love anything that has citrus scent.

Thank you Shokubutsu for the Spa Day! I'm rejuvenated! haha. Do check out their ranges.

Shokubutsu World Famous Bathing Series Price :
220ml - RM6.50
500ml - RM7.95
650ml - RM14.90

More info go to Shokubutsu Malaysia website & Facebook Page!
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Which is your favorite scent?

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