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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Last few weeks I was invited to Villa Manja Spa to celebrate all 8 winners from a contest (Manjakan Dirimu Bersama Shokubutsu) that was held a few months ago from various women magazine ( Karangkraf, MIDI & Seri Dewi Keluarga). They have won them self a full day Spa Package there. Everything worth RM599.00 per person! Also by celebrating the World Famous Bathing Series Spa Shower Cream range from Shokubutsu that makes you feel like having a Spa everyday and everything you took a a bath. As we arrive we were welcome with a cool exotic decor, also not to mention, each of us get a fresh rose! Nawww so cute.

This is my 2nd time come to Villa Manja Spa. I am so in love with the interior. So calming and a great escape from the busy city. 

Above shows the World Famous Bathing Series indulging you from Japan (Onsen) , Bali (Balinese)  and Middle East (Oriental). If you learn Japanese, you know the meaning of Shokubutsu. It means plant. Shokubutsu product range has been develop with the latest R&D technology from Japan and their factory is based in Johor Bahru. Well, hello there hometown! It is rich in collagen from soy plant extract that has been certified by Halal Jakim Malaysia. It will help your skin becomes softer and plummer! Boing Boing! Here me Cik Lily Putih & Inannie

Before the events starts, Fara the back bone of the event. Hello Fara! If you are reading this! hehe. She gave us a welcome speech and to the launch of the event by cutting the ribbons by the marketing Manager, Ms Jackie Low & Marianne the owner of Villa Manja Spa. And below second picture is the winners! They are just so fun to be around and sporting too! Hehe.

We have been divided into 2 groups. I got in the second group so while waiting we have some fun games session. I did not manage to take some picture as I was so busy having fun. Haha. Then it was my turn to experience the Spa session! It was my first time tho, so a lil awkward moment happen during the session. Hahahahahaha. But my favorite is got to be the Hot Stone Massage!

Then the day is about to end. Sob Sob. It prize giving ceremony! I won one hamper full of Shokubutsu stuff! I answer a quiz. Muhehehe. Now my family is happy as they don't need to buy any more shower creme. Haha.

Above picture are some of the winners! We have best dress, most sporting winners and lucky draw, and another lucky draw winner. Below are the akak2 who is in charge of the spa session! Akak picit mmg best!

My hamper! Woot woot! Below are the 3 World Most Famous Bathing Series Shower cream! They comes in 3 sizes that is the pump bottle 650ml, Travel Size bottle 220ml, and refill pack 500ml. Comes in 3 range that is Onsen Theraphy, Balinese Escape & Oriental Charm.

From Left to Right :
Onsen Theraphy
Special Ingredient, Mineral Onsen & Hinoki Cypress. Known as a Power of Herbal Restoration Oriental bathing tradition is made rich by the usage of blended herbs to soothe body heat. So think about the herbs that is use during spa session! They are all infuse in this shower cream! The herbs such as Wolfberry is useful with belief to promote and restore skin health and delay aging. *sings 22 song by Taylor Swift*

Balinese Escape
Special Ingredient, Frangipani & Sweet Basil. Known as Power of Lulur Renewal . ‘Mandi Lulur' is the famous bathing way from the Bali. Lulur is an aromatic blend of herbs, flowers, seed and grain or fruits helps to keep skin moisturised and softened thus skin is glowingly renewed.

Oriental Charm
Special Ingredient, Orange Peel & Goji. Known as Power of Mineral Revitalization Japanese Onsen Therapy is an ancient tradition believed to have natural healing power. The naturally hot and mineral rich water that seeps through volcanic rocks also helps to revitalize beautiful skin. From all three this is my favorite scent. I think because it has Orange Peel extract. As you know I love anything that has citrus scent.

Thank you Shokubutsu for the Spa Day! I'm rejuvenated! haha. Do check out their ranges.

Shokubutsu World Famous Bathing Series Price :
220ml - RM6.50
500ml - RM7.95
650ml - RM14.90

More info go to Shokubutsu Malaysia website & Facebook Page!
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Which is your favorite scent?

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  1. We don't have these scents here in Thailand but I like the pink one.

  2. i love shokobutsu! paling suka yang orange pastu yang pink, hehe!

  3. Loving shokubutsu so so so much! Great post as always <3 xo