Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder & Facial Scrub


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. To the ones who have open their fast, kenyang? Alhamdulilah... If you follow me in my Instagram I have mention that I have tried these product a few weeks ago and now I would like to share my experience and thought about it. If you are a fan of traditional and herbs base product, you are going to love these products that I am going to review here. Bunga Tanjung is a homegrown brand that has been in the market for 3 decades. If you ask your grandma, I bet she will know about this. hehe. The signature key ingredients of their products are from the skin of rambai (Baccaurea motleyana) tree trunk. The rambai tree skin has been a known secret of the Kelantanese women secret in preserving the beauty of their skin. It is such an unique product because the formulation that they have came out with are different from the competitor brands out there. They are improvised herbs blends and enriched to help nourishes your skin.

Here I got 2 product to show you. One is a facial scrub and another one is a powder that can be turn into a cleanser, scrub and a mask.

The Bunga Tanjung Herbal  Facial Scrub. It 100% natural and helps to penetrates deep into pores to dissolve dirt, oil and makeup. This cleanser contains virgin coconut oil that helps to provide antioxidant and nourish your skin. As I squeeze out the cleanser, I can see fine "sand" particles in the cleanser. It is gentle in the skin and does not irritate my skin while scrubbing. I really love how the sandy scrub really helps removing my left over makeup and dirt gently. It does not foams up since its made out of 100% natural ingredient. After rinsing it off, I can really feel my skin is moisturize and clean. This cleanser has a mild herbal scent to it. 

When it comes to washing my face, I like to double cleanse. So I use this cleanser as my first step in my cleansing routine. After that I continue using my ordinary foamy cleanser. This is a very natural and gentle cleanser, I use it everyday and it really helps on repairing my skin for the second cleansing routine. Sometime if I don't wear makeup, I just use this cleanser alone. Just love how moisturize it leaves my skin.

Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder. The second product is a powder base product. Comes in a plastic packaging. Price wise? Awesome. It comes in a set that contains two package of these. Price? RM5.00 for two! Now I am excited to review this one because on how I just love the multi purpose way you can use this product. This product said to helps softens the skin and washes off grime. Eradicate small pimples, eliminate/lighten black spots. This product can be applied to the face and body. Just bare in mind that this powder has quite a strong herb scent comparing to the facial cleanser because it is made from 100% natural herbs that is absolutely free from other fragrances and chemicals. Don't be fooled by the small packaging. I only tool 1/4 of the powder, mix it up with some water to make it like a paste. I can use it for my face as well as half of my body. 

I love how this scrub really makes me feel like having that expensive spa session but now its at my own place. How I use it : Mix the powder with some sprinkle of water until it becomes a paste. I use this mixed powder on my face, in scrubbing motion, then I leave it to dry. While waiting for it to dry, I use the left overs for my body. I love to use this on the back of my shoulder where I usually have acne problem as well as under my armpits and between my "V" area. After 3 times using it, I can really see a difference. My back acne problem is reduce (less oily and acne scars has reduce/less visible). Just after 1st try, my skin feels so fresh. My underarms are also well exfoliate, bumps also becomes less visible. The herb scent is pretty strong to my liking, so what I do, I just use my favorite shower gel after rinsing off the scrub from my body.

Overall, I really recommend these products especially the Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder. It is such a versatile product that you can use for your face as well as your body. It is 100% natural and safe for the skin. If you want to have your own spa session, go for this products. It really delivers just like the spa you went that may cost your RM300 per session. I might just bought the Spa Pack. Love it! Recommend! The facial cleanser are also a great way to be use as a travel pack or basically just like the fastest way to use it since it comes in a tube and all you need it just to squeeze it out and use it.

Bunga Tanjung Herbal Facial Scrub 100ml | RM 15.90 (link)
Bunga Tanjung Herbal Powder (50GM x 2 Sachets) | RM5.00 (link)
*also comes in a (easy storing) Big Jar size called Spa Package 500gm for only RM20.00 (link)

Online (link), MyDin & Your local jamu stores
*Don't forget to grab this Raya Promotion! Go check out their FB page as well as website to find out more

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