SKIN79 Complete CC Cream Correct (Pink) SPF 30PA++ Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Another product review! Now I am going to review my first ever CC Cream. I am an avid user of BB Cream. Like seriously. So this BB Cream trend kinda off a bit and people been going for CC Cream. So a quick intro what is the difference of a normal foundation, BB creams and CC Creams. Foundation is basically like a liquid makeup product that usually focus on giving full coverage makeup and a good high consistency on the shade for your tone. BB Creams is basically like a mixture of "moisturizer" that has a light and (quite limited choices of color) that is infused with good properties to prevent from breakouts, treating the skin from skin problems and etc. CC Creams usually comes in a "white/one color" shade and normally changes when you apply to your skin. They helps to even out skin tone naturally and stand for color correcting. It really depends on your preference. And there is also DD Creams in the market now.

I got to try this CC Cream from Skin79. A popular brand for its BB Cream. I bet you all know it. It comes in two different options. One is the Pink one (the one I am reviewing) and the other one is Orange. Do check their website for more info on that. This Pink one is for dull skin. Describe as a CC cream that helps correct to revitalize your own natural complexion. Its triple action formula with light beige shade lightens the skin tone, improve wrinkles, and block harmful UV rays to ensure younger looking fresh skin with a radiant glow. SKIN79 CC Cream Correct’ recovers the lost skin’s tone due to sun damage.

My thoughts. Let's talk about how the packaging is super convenient. Love it comes in a tube pump form. No problem serve with the pump. It dispense the product out evenly. This CC Cream also does not have a overpowering scent. The texture of this CC Cream a semi thick liquid. You can see a small pink particles in the CC Cream. It is easy to blend and slightly gives you a dewy finish. It is super natural. So don't expect this to cover your spots perfectly. What I can see here is that it really helps to even out my skin tone naturally but does not help on covering the spots on my face. This is also a good product to be use as a primer. Use this after moisturizer and then use your favorite light foundation on top of it. It helps to gives a nice hydration and base and also a nice natural skin tone to your skin. When you swatch it, you can only see a white liquid, but as you blend it, it gently changes to your skin tone color naturally.

Name : Type Here
Price : RM99.90
Where To Buy : Skin79 Online Store (link)
Made in : Korea
Net Weight : 35ml
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

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  1. CC creams usually have a thick feeling :o this one doesn't?

    1. this one have a lil thick feeling, but also I feels its great to use as a primer too

  2. love the packaging, the pump makes everything less messy and super convenient :D well, this is totally different from Farmasi's CC Cream that I owned, coz Farmasi punya skin colour and even though it is thin, it is also buildable boleh cover some less prominent spots.

    1. Never tried that one, sound great! I look forward to try that then to explore more about CC Creams.

  3. should have posted your face wearing this,I want to see the coverage