Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014-2015 Review


As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. I saw a few of my friends redeem their purchases and got discount from this. So why not I give it a try. The latest issue is the Ladies & Food 2014-2015 edition. Contains 2 books. One contains Ladies stuff and brands and another one is fooddd. Yum Yum. Basically this is like a book that contains discount and vouchers from over 120 brands all over Malaysia. So you need to purchase this book and gains savings up to RM11,000. How cool is that.

So here is the Ladies Edition. As you can see the contents of the book is pretty helpful. You does not need to google out where is the store located and if the store available in your state. As I flip, I can already aim vouchers I want to redeem! They have so many cool brands inside such as The Body Shop, Supermodel Secrets, Christy Ng, F Block, Holika Holika and many more.

Now is the Food Edition! Yummmeeyyy. Just like the Ladies edition, it has a content that will help you find the store location. This is super convenient as well as help you discover new restaurant and food! Look at the voucherssss! Aaaaa, now I am hungry. 

After flipping through these books I start tearing out the vouchers that I am aiming to redeem. What I choose, Share Tea! Subway, buy 1 free 1 yo! Food Panda! Makeup stuff? Holika Holika, Supermodel Secrets and more! The vouchers are in pocket sizes which I love.So I just put them in my wallet and use them whenever I feel like. 

Who love discounts raise your hand!
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  1. they look awesome..!
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  2. i received the ladies edition from Butterfly Project and I cant wait to use them!

  3. omg, this is probably what I need! Thank you! Great post <3 xo


  4. hai sab. I received an email regarding an invitation to review this worthy book ladies edition. dah lama dorang email dari bulan 5 lagi but I didn't response. lepastu dorang sent lagi email nak follow up. nak tanya pendapat sab. should i accept it? kena bayar ke kalau dorang yang invite? sorry susahkan sab tapi khalida dah tak tahu nak tanya siapa lagi.tq ya..

    1. hi dear.. regarding this kind of questions, email sab ya.. we can discuss and talk there :) email me at hello.nsabrina@gmail.com