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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. So today I am going to review a makeup tool. No, not a pink egg. So as you know, and if you watch YouTube you may have seen this sponge. It is basically know as a beauty blender. So I have review the Original ones a few months ago. I love that sponge. Some of you may say that the sponge is expensive, yes I have to agree with that. The price may be a little bit higher because of the unique texture of the sponge. So here, I found a dupe and a cheaper alternative for you guys if you are looking for a sponge that won't burn your pockets.

Describe as a hydrophilic sponge (a new environmental protection material), very soft and skin touch, at the same time, has a good support effect and highly breathable. You can basically use this sponge for any liquid product application. From liquid foundation, liquid blush or even blending powder over to my preference. Now let's talk about the different of the 2 shape available.

You can purchase this from Supermodel's Secrets. You have 2 option of shape to fit your liking. Here I got both. So the first one here is called Gourd or Hourglass 3D Beauty Blending Sponge. It has a curved shape on the middle. Comparing this to the Teardrop design below, this is much more softer and bouncier. It is much more nicer to hold and slightly smaller. I prefer this shape for dabbing/padding motion. This does not expand when you soak it. I suggest you to damp the sponge first and squeeze the excess water first before using it. The different I can see this sponge with the beauty blender is that this does not absorb my product that much. It holds up firmly and spread out my liquid foundation nicely.

The below sponge (light pink) is in the Teardrop design. Basically is the similar shape to the original beauty blender. But comparing this to the original ones, this is much more firmer and durable. Both have the same "bouncy" effect and both does not expand when you try to soak it with water. Same goes to the hourglass shape sponge above, this sponge with the beauty blender is that this does not absorb my product that much and it holds up firmly and spread out my liquid foundation nicely. This is much more nicer to be use as a blending sponge. Use this in 45 degree angle to blend in any liquid products in. Like concealer, liquid/contouring products on the face and even cheek tint/liquid or even cream.

Overall, I think this is a great sponge for beginners. I know you will ask this. You might wanna ask me what is the different between the original beauty blender and this one. Okay here it is. Of course first, its a cheaper alternative. To my preference, both have pros and cons. This 3D blending sponge is much more durable and firm. Getting your fingernails to rip off the sponge is guarantee not to happen. Because the original beauty blender is super soft and more likely easily to be damage with your nails. If you want to use it for powders, don't damp it. Its super nice to use as it is for powders. Hold on to the smallest side of the sponge and pad your powder on your face. It is the best way to use and slightly encourage you to pad your powder (the correct way to use powder) rather than dragging it out. Only damp it when you wanna use liquid products. Also, padding motion when using liquid foundation is also one of the best application motion you must apply. So the firmness of this sponge really helps to absorb in the foundation to your skin in result a just nice amount of foundation you need for your face. The only different of this sponge is that this is much more firmer. Go for this if you want to explore using a 3D shaped sponge for liquid makeup application. Its super affordable and might be a great extra tool to carry around and help on padding and blending your overall makeup.

Name : 3D Beauty Blending Sponge
Price : RM9.90
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