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As-salamu alaykum and hello everyone ♡. Happy Friday! Today I am going to review about a food supplement. Food Supplement is an extra option you can add into your daily eating habit routine to achieve that healthy lifestyle of eating. Food Supplement have in many types of option and flavor. From the powdered ones and pills. When talking about diet routine, it will touches on what you eat right? So preparing a healthy food is sometimes takes more time and effort. So here I got to suggest you one product that I have been trying for the couple of weeks. It is called Life Food from Fairy Beauty.

This product features as a food supplement to help you on losing weight. The Fairy Beauty Life Food claim to be the most effective and safest slimming programs. It consist of that loss mechanisms such as fat burning, body detoxification, excess water elimination, fat elimination, effective appetite suppression as well as supplying nutrients for the body. Its also highlights as a convenient and practical meal replacement formula that suits every individual. So basically this will be a meal option for your rather than consuming unhealthy food that we usually do such as that deep fried chicken. oh my yums.

So how do I consume this? Actually I have a hard time consuming this. I hate soya bean to be exact. It is suggested to drink 2 times a day. Maybe during breakfast and dinner. A glass of this can really make you full. Kinda loss an appetite for other hearty meals that you usually consume such as what I have said above. Deep fried meals and oily food which will leads to fat and unhealthy diet. This powder have this kinda powdered oat scent to it. The part that I don't really like is that it really takes a lot of time to dissolve everything. You actually need a bigger mug to really get into it and stir it properly. The taste of it, well I can't lie because I hate soya bean. Pretty much taste like Oat+Soy drink. So if you love soya bean and oat, totally recommend this. The good part of this supplement is that it really makes me full. It is a really good food supplement for a diet routine because it really packed with all that good stuff in it. Especially Chia Seed that they have in there! It is also good for the skin. Overall, I am just okay with this product because maybe I don't like the taste of it. Conclusion, it is a really good product in terms of the convenient you can have on consuming such a full pack goodness glass of meal for your diet routine. In terms of weight loss, I can't really see it due to my own lifestyle I might assume.

Name : Fairy Beauty Life Food 300g
Price : RM79.00
Where To Buy : (link)
Net Weight : 300g
Ingredient Highlights : Natural Mulberry Concentrate, Natural LingonBerry, Chia Seed, Soy Protein Cincentrate and many more
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were send to me for product review purposes.

Have you consume any food supplement for your diet routine?
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