Maybelline Baby Lips Color Review & Swatches


Salam & hello everyone! I reviewed the Original Baby Lips and the Glow Baby Lips edition, now get down to the Color edition!

What it claims:
No more basic lip balm, Baby Lips Loves Color gives lips a serious kick of colour! 
• Visibly renewed lips and 6-hr hydration. 
• Leaves lips feeling instantly moisturised. 
• Lips feel soft, more supple. 
• SPF 16 
Apply your lip balm by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lip, following the contours of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

I have said it many time, I love the packaging! Super cute! Love how the packaging are different from the others by colors.
Texture/How it feels when applied: 
Pretty much feels like an ordinary lip balm, same as the Baby Lips Glow and Baby Lips Original Version. It does not feel to waxy but kinda absorb in and moisturize your lip in a few seconds. Does not really removes chapped lips in seconds.
They are basically like a tint color. Not pigmented at all, Not build-able either. 
Scent: All of them have a similar scent, for this edition I think they are more of the color and not for the scent. The one that have different string scent are the one in the Original Baby Lips Edition.
Ease of Use: Easy to use and travel friendly.

Overall / Verdict:
 photo 4star_zps1a84e4db.png
I kinda like but don't really reach for it much often. Highly recommend for people who would like a natural color to the lip yet moisturizing. Make sure your lip is not to dry, where it does not really help to instantly remove chapped lips. But in a frequent application, this lip balm really does the job in moisturizing. You lip would feel supple and nice with it. Of all 5 color I love Pink Lolita and Cherry Kiss. I think it suits me well. For differentiation of all 5 color, as you can see in the picture they kinda look the same but, actually they don't. It depends on the base color of your lips.

Go for this if you like a different tint of color to your lips yet moisturizing.
Go for the Baby Lips Glow if you want a natural tint color.
Go for the Original Baby Lips if you don't want any color to your lip and yet you want a supple baby lip!

Name : Baby Lips Color
Color Options : (Five) Coral Flush, Cherry Kiss, Berry Crush, Pink Lolita & Rose Addict
Price : RM9.90
Where To Buy : All participating pharmacies
Availability: Participating Pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian, Aeon Wellness etc)
Probably available in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and other Asian country.
Made in: Thailand
Net Weight: 4.5g
**Disclaimer - This product(s) were bought by my own money.

Do you love lip balm with a different hint of color?
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  1. Hi…saya blogwalking kat sini. Jemput datang ke blog saya yer

  2. illy da collect 3 :P 2 more to go!

  3. saya ada satu! sudah tentu my fav Cherry. saya suka apa2 berkenaan dgn Cherry. I love Cherry Kiss.. *high five* sab! woohoo...;)

  4. love the baby lips..but never tried these one

  5. cantik warna-warna dia. walaupun saya tak berapa pandai tentang lipstik ni.hehehe

  6. my baby lips kena rampas kat sekolah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. ntah macam mana kalau gune lipstik ni.. hehehe

    Bantuan anda diperlukan.. plizz "Bantuan anda diperlukan.."

    1. macam mana? macam mana ya? haha.. pakai la... baru ala2 artis indon bibir merah... haha

  8. nice review...dah terbeli baru jumpa ur blog..nasib baek masa pilih tu,sy pilih cherry kiss..hehe

  9. Thank you for the review! They all look really nice. I actually don't think these are available in Singapore yet... :( Do these also have SPF20 like the original babylips?

    1. these are in SPF 16. Really? Usually Singapore get its first! hehe

  10. I actually adore them and thank you for the review!

  11. I have the Pink Lolita :) IT'S AMAZING :D

  12. I want to ask you....
    Is it make your lips darker?Thanks before^^

    1. it does not makes your lips darker, just a lil tint of color from each shades. ^^

  13. Hey I am bit confused on which one to buy I have normal red lips and I want a glossy pink tint


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