Maybelline Baby Lip Balms Review

The not so new Maybelline Lip Balm. Hehe. I just bought them after hearing so many rave towards it. And how can I resist on such a cute lip balm in a cute colorful packaging. So I grab some. At first I bought the Lip Balm in the flavor of Cherry and Berry. After using it, I fell in love with it! I just cant stop applying it on my lips! So I grab another 2. So that completes me. ;)

What it claims to be :
Lip Balm with SPF20
Instant 8HR Moisture Rejuvenate Lips In One Week
Enriched with Centella Essence
Direction of use : Reapply when lip are exposed to strong sun, wind, or cold for maximum protection
Adult strength care for baby soft lips.

So here the review

Individual pictures! Which one you like? 

Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Anti - Oxidant Berry
Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Cherry
Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Relieving Menthol
Maybelline Baby Lip SPF20 Lip Balm in Energizing Orange

Pros : I like scented product. Especially when they smell good. Each flavours came with different smell. I like Berry smell the most. It gives you this kinda good feeling when applying it. And it taste good! *Fun to apply with but not to eat OK?

The price is affordable with such a lot amount of product. The packaging is superbly cute!

Cons : Only available in clear shades. In the US, They are available in different shades, and the packaging are much more nicer. Tsk tsk. Why la~

Maybelline Baby Lip Balm
Price : Watson RM10.90
Where can I get them : Watson

My Rating : 4.5/5

USA Packaging for these babies - Picture credit to - Vibrantdoll
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