2016 Shopping Wishlist


I was a bit bored and I thought of doing this post. As you know I am a person who always have my wishlist updated. Haha. Of course, being a normal person who always have something to own or buy. Well I love shopping and I am not guilty about that. It makes me happy, who doesn't! So I made a 2016 shopping wishlist. So I can keep track on what to save for or else I will be spending on things I would not even really want to have. Here are some of the things I really would love to own this year. Most of the are pretty pricey so it would be a great target goals this year for me to work harder and stay motivated.

1. Dive into the Mac Lipsticks craze.
I never own any Mac lipstick and I think it is about time. As I felt more adult, I think I am into lipsticks nowadays. I wanted to start collecting Mac Lipstick as they always have wide varieties of shade selections and they are classic. I heard good reviews about them and they have tons of shades that I think I would love. So, I might be starting to buy them one at a time and collect them from now own. Share with me your favorite Mac lipstick if you have! Would be a great recommendation for me.

2. Own the Frends Layla Headphones in Rose Gold.
Gosh I have been wanting this since last year Zoella shows hers. It is this pretty splurgy headphone that well, obviously looks super pretty with its white and rosegold detailing. Also I love how this can be folded and it came with a  pouch to keep it safe. This can be bought at most designer online stores. It retails around RM600++ as for the currency now. So... A RM600++ head phone? I might be splurging on this if I have some surplus money or probably a birthday treat.

3. Complete single eyeshadow palette collection.
I want to start owning makeup that I really use and love. So will be slowing down on the eyeshadow palette I want and start investing on a good single shadow that I really use. As for now I have listed some Make up Geek eyeshadow that I want and I want to organize them in the MAC 15 empty palette. So, if I got to complete at least 2 of them, it would be a great accomplishment!

4. Have my first ever designer bag.
This might be the biggest one. I have been eyeing some some designer bag. Some of them are overly priced and I think so far Kate Spade bag are pretty decent to be owned. I saw they have open a new boutique here in Malaysia. I want to have my very own designer bag that I would mind splurging in. It would be the Kate Spade Small Cedar Bag. For now I want the one in Mulled Wine. They have in other colors. Let see if I can motivate my self on owning this bag. It is such a cute bag!

5. Try out some NARS products.
NARS are only available in KL. I stay in JB so its a bit hard for me to get their stuff. But if I have the chance to go back to KL and do some shopping, I would love to buy all of the NARS product that I have been wanting since years ago. Would love to try their products as they are one of the brand that people swear by as one of the best brand to splurge in. Looking forward for the foundation, blushes and bronzer.

6. It;s about time. Have a new phone.
I have been using my iPhone 5 for about 2-13 years now if I am not mistaken. It's getting old and I would love to have a new phone. Let see which model I can afford when it's about time. Of course I wanted the latest one, in rose gold but ya. They price. Urgh. I could buy 2 Kate Spade bag.

7. Convince my self to own some BBW candles.
The number of how many times I refuse to bring the candles to the counter and pay is countless. The selection of BBW candles here in  Malaysia is pretty sad to be honest, there are not much of a choice like what we usually see in the YouTube community BBW hauls. I'm pretty jealous but maybe they will bring more and I would love to own some and use it as a decor for my own home as we are planning to move into our new house. Would be a great decor and props for photography too!

8. Have some Martha Steward craft paints.
I have collected some and would be nice to have just a little bit more. I love these paints as they are multi purpose and I have wide list of DIY projects I wanna make with these paints. Lining up these paints and by looking at them are also therapeutic too haha! Of course I wanna do more crafty things this year. Been neglecting my hobby for quite sometime.

9. Have a new dressing table and makeup organization storage.
As we plan to move out I would love to reorganize my makeup section Wanna get rid of more stuff this year and only keep things I really use and not empty like what I did for the past year haha. Wanna get the Ikea dressing table, and maybe pair i with a large mirror on the front and a small drawer to keep other extra things. 

Well that is all I think. What is your biggest shopping wishlist this year? It is great to have goals and target so we can keep track on what we want and have some motivation to move forward and be better in doing things. Till next time!
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