Behind the scene | How do I blog?

Ever wonder what really happens before every blogpost? Wrapping up the last part of how I #makemagiceveryday with Windows 10 and Intel! I have been seriously blogging since 2011. Today it is now 2016! Crazaay! My blogging process pretty much change after time to time and I find new productive and easier way along the journey. How can I possibly imagine that by typing behind my laptop that sometimes I could not even imagine a life without it? It has been with me every single day without I realizing it. 

So! Enough jabbering! Let me show you what happens and how every post happens. Hope this will inspire you to blog even more maybe! So my blog is mainly about beauty products. Some products were sent to me and some are from my own purchase. So I like to list down on the idea or draft on what post should be up soon or drafted in Excel. I like to list it on my planner as well as on my excel list where I record all posting that I have done.

Move along I will do the first task which is picture taking. Sometimes I use my camera and sometimes with my phone. Pretty convenient when using my phone is that I could just send it to my OneDrive. From there I can get access to all of my pictures easily. I delete any pictures that I think I would not use and remain the ones I need to edit. This is where filing and folding up these files are important. As you know creating a folder and sorting out this using Windows is amazingly easy right. Then I edit my pictures using Photoshop. Sorting out is important. This way I can easily get access to the files that I will want to work with first. 
After editing I will work on my blogpost draft. Word comes in handy when I don’t have access to the internet. So I will type in my blogpost and will publish it later. Also the vocabulary and grammars are highlighted faster and more accurate there for a typo person like me. haha. It is very handy as my English is not perfect at all. 
Continue by arranging and uploading the pictures in my blog. After previewing it, I will publish it! That is the highlighted simple process I do when I publish a blogpost. How about you? How your computer has helped you to reach out and express yourself? I can't imagine what my life would be right now with all of the easy access to the internet world and doing my work with all of the Windows10 features and power of Intel. I hope you find how I #makemagiceveryday helpful and inspire you to make your own magic too! Visit the Make Magic website for more info!
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  1. tHANKS Kak Sabrina share pasal one drive tools tu. boleh la try lepas ni.

  2. I also love to upload pictures from my phone as well. but i uploaded directly through bloggers apps :)

  3. I upload all my blog photos using bluetooth. For me, it just makes everything easier. Great post kak sab :D