That one scent that reminds you.

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I know that everyone can relate to this. Have you ever experienced the time when you were at a place, took a deep breath and it reminds you of something, someone or some situations? For example, a breezy grass upon the field reminds you of your childhood, playing with friends and getting all dirty having fun all the way. Can a certain scent also remind you of someone? Sure it can and I know that you can relate to this. It is a very sentimental and special thing to each individual person.
Saw this really sweet video! Can they tell one another by scent alone? Where 2 couples are featured, a partner has been blindfolded and they run a test on them to see if they can recognize their partner by just sniffing their scent. For the blindfolded boyfriend, there are 2 other girls in addition to his girlfriend and each girl will choose their signature scent. For the blindfolded girlfriend, the same is done with 2 other men and each of them would choose a scent. To represent their personality and choices, which scent would they would pick up and wear?

In the video the real girlfriend, Geraldene wore Gucci Bamboo. The other two, Trixie & Christine wore Dolce & Gabanna’s Floral Drops and Hugo Boss’s Ma Vie respectively. Does the boyfriend get to identify correctly which is his girlfriend while blindfolded? For the other video, will Hayden also be correctly identified by his girlfriend? Watch below!

The Test
The Girlfriend Test

The Boyfriend Test

Nawww... I know right! How sweet is that! It shows how your partner really pays attention to every single thing about you. They know your personality and what you would pick even if it is just a scent. Fragrance may be a small aspect but it really gives a whole lot of impact to each individual. I have been with my husband before we got married for 8 years. He stills talk about the perfume I wore during our first date. It was a floral scent I bought years ago. He said that the scent reminds him on how we met, how we first looked at each other and it was truly a memory we both cherish.

So every time when I buy a new perfume and bring it home, I know he will love it and sometimes, even wears it! Haha! I personally use the Dolce & Gabanna’s Floral Drops. I have featured it in my blogpost before. It is one of his favourite scents and I love something floral and fresh. Glad he loves it too! So what is your signature scent? What reminds you of a special someone?

This post has been sponsored by Gucci and Hugo Boss, but all thoughts are my own.

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