Spa of The World Scrub, Cream & Oil Range Review

Never get enough of pampering. Going to the spa but have no one to company you, well thats me basically. Haha. So what I do is I love to try some body care and in anytime I feel like pampering my self, I'll just make one. Recently I have been trying these awesome body care from The Body Shop. They are from the Spa of World range. They have many options of scrubs and cream there. Here I got three items and I let you know how I feel about it. Both of the cream and scrub comes in a very huge satisfying jar! They are pretty heavy but I love how it looks. You pretty much can scoop out by using your whole hand inside the jar. Another one is a Body and Hair Oil.
Spa of The World Dead Sea Salt Scrub
You know that I LOVE scrubs. I think it is the best thing to spend for because I literally will use till last bits of it in a short period of time. This Dead Sea Salt contains high mineral and its coarse crystals bits are the perfect texture to reveal a fresh looking skin which also stimulate circulation when you massage it to your skin. It said that this invigorating scrub is a part of their revitalising ritual that will make your body and mind feel instantly re-energised. One of the main ingridients in this scrub is Soya Oil from Gebana Brazil too. It helps to exfoliate your skin and leave it feel fresh. I love how this smells. Its refreshing and it has a hint of a citrus kind of refreshing scent. But there is a twist to this product when I first try it. I use this before shower. Why? A little goes a long way and this is my first time attempting such "greasy" body scrub ever. On wet skin I took a scoop of this scrub with my hand and massage thoroughly on to my skin. I can feel a bit of oilyness stuck on my skin if I did not scrub properly. So after scrubbing, I rinse it off using warm water and a body wash as usually. The good thing is that it keeps my skin very very hydrating. It just that you will need to really scrub it off and rinse it properly. I love using this on my feet, my elbow, my arm and my back. It feels so good and I feel my skin is much more deeply cleanse. The bits in this scrub is pretty fine, there are some looks like a chunk but it does not hurt my skin when scrubbing. It kinda melts to my skin and took away the dirt out effortlessly. Each jar contains 350ml worth of products and they retails for RM169.00 (link)

Spa of The World Japanese Camellia Cream
After taking shower I pat dry my body and go for this cream. This is one of the best seller cream in this range. One of the main ingredient in this cream is Shea Butter from the northen Ghana. This cream focus on the Camellia Oil which has been used by Japanese women since the 8th century to help soften the skin and moisturise the skin. It has an exquisite scent that comes from the pure and elegant flower that has properties that allow your mind and body to reconnect with a moment od profound peace. It's pretty true. I never scent this kind of scent before. It is so soft but at the same time it has this mild sweet scent that is so relaxing. It has a light and velvety texture that absorb fast on to my skin. The cream it self is not too thick. It is pretty bouncy to the touch too. It is so easy to apply and I love how it does not leave my skin feels sticky. This jar can probably last you a whole year with frequent use! A little goes a long way. Each jar contains 350ml worth of products and they retails for RM230.00 (link).

Spa of The World Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil
Another option after shower is using this Body and Hair Oil. Pretty much like a multi purpose oil. It said that it has been used by the women of the Pacific Island for over 2,000 years for a lucious and glowing hair and skin. Monoï is a sacred blend of coconut oil and fragrant tiare flowers. It helps to condition your skin and body naturally. It comes in a sturdy plastic bottle. The scent reminds me of the Nuxe Oil I had before. The oil is pretty light and blends nicely on to my skin. I prefer to use this on my hair. Just 1-2 drops and I go through my hair gently. It helps to weight my hair especially after shampoo where my hair tends to be dry. Another start ingredient of this product is the Brazil Nut. Each bottle contains 170ml worth of product and it retails for RM129.00 each (link)

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  1. I love scrubs too ^_^

  2. love their packaging though!

  3. Body shop punya scrub mg mhl2 skt liz kne tggu discount br bli hihi

    1. Aah, btul, lagipun dieorg selalu buat sale kan. and berbaloi sgt, botol dia besar! tak abis pakai ni haha