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As promise, here are my verdict for the first ever acne scar & dark marks gel that have been quite popular in Thailand 2 years ago. 2 years? Yeap. I won't give a rainbow and sparkle verdict before see it for my self, does it really work? This year have been the worst skin condition I ever have in years. Major breakouts! Why? I blame myself for being very lazy. I have been so busy I am so lazy to remove my makeup at night properly. Yeap! Its a lesson learn. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ DON'T EVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON! And... Due to lack of rest and a proper skincare to my skin. I experience break out and as usual, I can't get my hands of to "pop" it! I know... I was very inpatient and did a very bad actions. Ending up, my face is seriously pissing me off. I have acne mark all over my face! So, Alhamdulillah I get the chance to try this! This product was given for free during the product launch recent week, you can check out the post here - CLICK HERE.

As you can see, sorry for the gross picture above. (* ̄m ̄) I don't really have marshmallow smooth skin ok. Its  my left cheek if you wanna know. Haha. I have other marks on the other part of my face too, but this part will do. To show the evidence  the above picture will tell you. All the pictures were taken during my use of this product. Picture lighting may vary because some pictures were taken during day or night. No Photoshop editing, no makeup, bare face after cleansing routine. 

My Verdict :
Day 1 - Erggh... That is disgusting right? The red marks were the pimple that were already started to heal/dry up 2 days before using this product for the first time. So basically the pimples already start to foam up a scar. Around the red marks are the acne marks I got 1-2 months before. All are quite new. This is to show you on does this works on newly "pop" pimples and old acne marks scarring. 

Day 2 - Nothing really changes. But my red marks started to be smaller and everything seems to soothes down.

Day 7 - Jump up to day 7 because during the day before day 7, small difference start to appear but the pictures I took cant really tell. As you can see, some of the small marks started to fade but the newly acne scar formally to be my red marks have reduce its redness and started to heal up.

Day 8 - Nothing chances, but my pores seems to be very visible right? But actually no difference between Day 7 & 8.

Day 16 - Continue using it daily. During day 8 till day 16. Small changes might happen, but I seems didn't notice until I took the 16th day picture and compare it. Wow, seems different right? But still some acne scar are there and my skin are smooth. Pores were smaller and only dark marks can be seen.

What can I say about it :
It work, but I in a long period of time. It really works on acne scar but not very effective on dark marks in a short time. On other part of my face, dark marks can still be seen but kinda lighter. It is easy to apply and smell nice. You can use it as an extra skin care product during your skin care routine. Probably after moisturizer before makeup. I bring it anywhere and repeatedly apply it whenever I get the chance, before and after makeup (during the day). It does feels a lil sticky but absorb in a few minutes. There is a chances of buying this product when I finish it. I think it will be a great additional product in my skincare routine. I know, I will never stop popping my pimples.. (-_-)''' Probably need to give a really long time for it to act as promise.
I give this a 3.8 / 5 star product!

PRICE : RM38.00 for 10g

Hugs and kisses

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