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Have you heard about a skin care that is custom made for you? Seriously? Yeap! A skincare that fits the only needs for you.... Its like wearing a designer dress, shoes that was specially for you, no one can fit in. How incredibly is that! Thsi company was formally known as MTM, but in Malaysia it was called SRM, (Serum Mix to Match Skincare). It have been in Malaysia for 5 years ago! You can actually see the consultant mix all those ingredients in front of you in a nice glass wall lab. I can see a lot of small tube, labelled as Pineapple extract, apple extract and many many more that will be put inside your skincare to fit your needs... After a short skin consultation with Edward, a very nice man with a good knowledge about skincare needs, he gave me this awesome mask that was specially made for me! Can you see my name on that jar? I feel special! Most of the clients went there and very satisfies with the result. They have from Moisturizer, to serum, mask, sunscreen and many many more. 

Back to the mask, as Edward ask me a few questions,about my skin concern and look through with a "telescope scanner" on my skin, a few skin problems have been detect. I have problems with my pores and hydration. I admit, I hate drinking plain water. I barely drink 1 liter per day sometimes. The thick greenish mask is ah-mah-zing! Its smell like Colgate tho... and its very very soothing and minty. Unfortunately  I can only wear it for 5 minutes.... :( Its so fresh and cooling I just don't want to take it off. I find that my pore are lightly calmer but my skin is very dry. That's why it comes with the second "aqua" looking mask. I have to use the second mask whenever I use the Pore congestion mask. The second mask is called the Miracle mask. It is quite soothing for the first 10 minutes but kinda release this heat up to my eye causing my eye to sting alil bit. Quite annoying how I need to use it for 30 minutes. After a week of use, I find that my skin is more hydrated and my pores are smaller. I love this mask!

For more information to this brand kindly visit here -
The price of the mask start from RM350+

Want a one to one consultaion of you r skin problems and needs? 
Kindly visit their store at
The Gardens Mall,
Fourth Floor,
In front of M-Yoga.

What do you think of a mix to match concept skincare?

Love and hugs!

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