Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Crème Review

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This is a multi-action cream that said to dramatically reduces the look of multiple signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, and dehydration. A luxury cream by Estee Lauder, comes in its signature looking sleek jar. This is the first cream that has a technology called the IntuiGen Technology™. IntuiGen Technology™ created and will know what your skin needs by activating the skin own revitalization. It is lightweight, has a silky soft cream texture that will leave your skin feels smooth and refreshed.

This cream is great for both day and night and feels so comfortable on the skin. I tested and this is a great moisturizer for my makeup base, hydrating and lightweight. It does not leaves my skin feels greasy at all and even I have layered 2 serums before applying this, it does not makes my skin feels uncomfortable or that thick feeling. This is a cream that helps to reduce multiple signs of aging. This retails for RM385.00 for a 50ml jar.

Purchase this at your local Estee Lauder beauty counters or online -
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Top 3 Best Nagano Beauty Products

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Find premium skincare & cosmetics with high quality payoff & affordable at NAGANO. NAGANO have wide variety of beauty products you can discover. From Facial Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Cosmetics and Nail Polish. NAGANO is a premium quality products under the license of NAGANO Japan (certified ISO and GMP factory) and develop especially for Asian skin types. All of the products are natural, safe, non-toxic, not tested on animals and approved by  Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Control Bureu. The packaging ti self also a very environmental friendly. Dis you know that the plastic container are made from corn and the paper box are made from wood pulp and soy ink for printing. So here are my Top 3 picks you should check out from NAGANO!

1. Nagano Collagen CC Cream
CC Cream is a great staple product for your daily makeup routine. It corrects and conceal your skin leaving skin looks fresh and natural. This Nagano Collagen CC Cream contains Vitamin E, Collagen and Peony extracts. This also protects your skin from sun rays with its SPF 35 UV protection. This CC Cream is very moisturizing to my dry skin and also I love the natural fair effect it gives my skin. I top it off with a bit of concealer and powder and this is a great base for a daily makeup routine. This retails for RM39.90 and you can purchase it here -

2. Nagano Sleeping Mask
You know I love sleeping mask. This sleeping mask from Nagano contains ingridients such as Gigawhite, Aloe Vera & Collagen. What you do is that apply and leave this sleeping mask on your face during your sleep overnight. It will deeply moisturize your skin and highly effective to improve skin hydration, restore and rejuvenate your skin. Gigawite is made out of 7 best combination natural plants that also helps to lighten the skin, reduce age spots and even out skin tone that may cause by sun burns. Also it has high concentrate of antioxidants and collagen. I love the gel like texture, very light for a sleeping mask and feels comfortable on the skin. My skin does feels softer the next morning after using it the other night even in air conditioned room. This retails for only RM39.90 and you can get this at

3. Nagano Whitening Body Cream
Favorite of all! This Body Cream from Nagano does wonders! It contains Macadamia Seed Oil, ALoe Vera, Gigawhite and Cucumber. It also rich in Vitamin C & E at the same time has sun protection too. I love how this gives me an instant whitening effect at the same time gives moisture to my skin. After applying my makeup, my face tend to look fairer than my hand, so this helps to even out the whole entire look. Like most instant whitening body lotion, they are thick and feels greasy on the hand but this does not feels like that. I barely feel anything and its feels so comfortable on my skin. This has a cream texture but very very light! This retails for RM39.90 and you can get it here -

More info & shop online :
WhatsApp: +6 011 2655 1488
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Revive & Replenish with Kiehl's

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My skin is dry and when I am wearing thick foundation for that high coverage look, it can be cakey and flaky at the end of the day. I discover that a facial oil can help me with this problem. The most love facial oil from Kiehl's which is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a skin savior. So to keep skin hydrated and not dry I tried the 24 hours correcting concentrate regime. All of these are from Kiehl's! You know I am a fan of this skincare. One of my favorite is their Candelula Cleanser. I am eyeing on their face mask next. But here are the products I tried for a week now and I can see a difference! It is a simple day & night skincare regime that has help with my dry skin.
During the day I will use this Daily Reviving Concentrate. I loveeeee the citrus scent it has! I think it is a citrus scent, I'm not sure but I love the scent of this facial oil and it makes me awake during my morning routine. This facial oil has a very watery texture and makes absorption fast. This helps to strengthen my skin against daily aggressors. It provides antioxidants protection which are the blends of Ginger Root, Sunflower and Tamanu. I use about 2-3 drops of this Daily Reviving Concentrate and pat it all over my face. Then in circular motions, I gently massage it on to my skin and do avoid the eye area. This retails for RM234 for a 30ml bottle.

The star and my new "sleeping partner". I use this Midnight Recovery Concentrate during the night.  This facial oil helps to  Regenerates, repairs, and replenishes skin for smoother, healthier skin. It has a very soothing and calm scent. Might be from the Lavendar Essential Oil in this facial oil! This also ask like a "sleeping mask". That is why it is best to use during the night. During sleep, this will helps to keep my skin hydrated even in air condition room, and when I woke up in the morning, my skin looks energize and less dull. This facial oil contains Evening Primrose Oil, Lavendar Essential Oil, Squalane. Squalane is a signature Kiehl’s ingredient which is the one that has been keeping my skin extra soft and supple. Same technique, I use 2-3 drops of this facial oil and gently press it to my entire face, then I massage it into my skin to let it fully absorb. This facial oil can be use alone or you can also pair it with your favorite mosturizer. My favorite product to pair with is the next item below! This retails for RM243 for a 30ml bottle.

After either both of the facial oil, I will use this Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel-Cream. This gel like cream contains Imperata Cylindrica which contains high concentrations of potassium, thus this has been providing my skin a long lasting hydration without feeling to oily on my face. It also contains  Antarcticine, which is the one that help my skin a protection against dryness. Using the facial il can sometimes leave a oily texture to my face, but I pair up with this and it helps to make my face feels more comfortable and hydrated. It is true to what it said, my face does not look oily all day even when I am wearing high coverage makeup. The gel like texture leave a cooling effect to my skin. I skin feels calm and comfortable and ready for a sun block and makeup! It is a great base for makeup routine. This retails for RM120.00 for a 50ml jar.

All Kiehl's products are Natural, Oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free. More info and shop online go to : .
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Lime Crime Haul, and something happened.

I was casually browsing the internet and went to Lime Crime website. I feel very lucky when I saw they are having a Flash sale! 20% on all orders! So I made some calculation and decide to purchase some Lime Crime Velvetines. I remember the last time I have a very good experience with Lime Crime Velvetines back in 2014, you can see the review here. Loveeeee the liquid lipstick! So I though I wanna get more. So if you wonder how much is the total discount I got and shipping from their warehouse (USA) to Malaysia, here are the receipt :
Each Velvetines are $20.00 USD and after discount, approximately each Velvetines I pay around $14.00+. The shipping from USA to Malaysia is $10.95 USD, took about 4 weeks to arrive and I think my order does not exceed RM500 in the receipt so I did not get tax charges. In the receipt the -$23.20 is the 20% Flash Sale discount and the $9.28 discount I forgot where I got it, I think its from the mailing list or first time order code. Sorry, I try to remember but I could not! So each Velvetines are around RM55+. 
So after 4 weeks plus my package arrive, with their signature super gorgeous mailer box. The shade I bought are Shroom, Wicked, Riot, Marshmallow, Prairie and Bleached. All comes in the metallic box and the frosted tube with flowers print on the cap. Super pretty! But I notice that the cap have different shade soft red. Theres goes my OCD. 
Here are the swatches. So this happen. I notice that the formulation has change. From what I remember, the Velvetines I tried before has a creamy and super pigmented formula. Dries instantly but still very2 comfortable on the lips. I notice that these Velvetines are now very liquidy and streaky. Dries slow on the lips and does feels sticky on the lips. Some of the like, in the shade Wicked and Riot are pretty good, lightweight but dried to matte after a few 1 minutes+. Shades such as Bleached, Marshmallow Praire are streaky and does not dries to matte completely. It was a bummer actually bit still they are workable and looks pretty on my vanity haha.
Lime Crime Velvetines swatch, From left to Right : SHROOM, WICKED, RIOT, MARSHMALLOW, PRAIRIE, BLEACHED.
Also this happens, I did not know that they are very liquidy so I accidentally spill it all over my newly washed bed sheet (cries at the corner). What do you think? Maybe because of the Flash Slae I got a bad batch or something? Does the formula really change? I saw their Instagram feed, the colors are not like what I have here. I am not in their drama, I know some of you boycott them because of the drama but I did wanna get my self into it. Oh well, this is what you get for the price I pay right! But still, I love them and will try to make it work since I bought it with my own hard earn money. Haha! You can purchase them at , they ship internationally!
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Blossoming Rose Best Planner for Muslimah

Year end is coming and of course, some planner recommendations and finds from me. Today planner will be from . It is made specially for Muslimah, contains all the parts where you can strive to be a better person for a whole new year! The planner has a size of 18cm(W) x23cm(H). It reminds me of the PlumPaperPlanner but this is way more light and not thick as that one. More travel friendly. On the front I had my name printed on for a more personalize feel. This planner were sent to me and here are my reviews and tour for you on what are some of the features of this planner.
On the very early pages contains some tips and reminders on how you can fully optimize this planner.
Continuing on a pages where you can start fill in these pages with your goals for the whole new year!
Then the basic planner layout, the month layout which I love. I love to write down on agendas and events that is coming on the month I am in so I can see whats next and such.
Then they have this weekly planner section where you can jot down your To-Dos on each day for the rest of the week.
My favorite part! Encourage you to salaat! Make sure to fill this page! ;)
On each end of the moth page also contains goals pages.
Ramandan, one of the best month! Also have a section specially for your Ramadan plans and preparations.
Also some Ramadan meals planning and preparation!
Also Ramadan Ambitions!
Then comes the Eid day, some shopping list and plans also encourage you to give more!
You can purchase this planner for 30USD / 32USD (with custom front cover) at :
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Make your own Soda | SodaXpress

I never knew that I could make my own soda at home until I discover this cool machine. This is the SodaXpress SQUBUS Starter Kit. SodaXpress is the 1st Sparkling Water Maker in Malaysia. It does not require wire and operates by it self in just a single push of a button! It is design to give your home a style and fits perfectly in your home space. In this kit its includes The Sparkling Water Machine in Burgungy Red, one Carbonating Gas Cylinder, one Carbonating Bottle (to be filled with your own cold water and fizz up using this machine). This machine also comes along with a 1 year Warranty.
So here I will show you on how easy it is to assemble the machine and use it straight away!
1. Gently pull up from the hole of the back cover and...
2. pull it out. Put aside first.
3. Open the Carbonating Gas Cylinder Cap.
4. Then twist it inside the attachment that is located on the top part inside the back of the Machine that you opened just now.
5. Make sure all good and...
6. Close back the cover.
7. Fill in some cold water in the Carbonating Bottle until the shown water level mark on the bottle.
8. Insert the bottle into the dock & twist bottle until it clicks to lock
9. And finally the fun party, Push the button to "release" the gas inside the water! Push the button once. Then press the "rectangular" button on top of the machine to release/unlock the bottle. Now you have your own plain sprakling water that is ready to be use for many kinds of recipe! You can check out their webste for a full list of drinks recipe that you can experiment with here -
My own quick way to make my own sparkling drink is just use a ready made cordial syrup and simple mix it with the carbonated water we made just now. It taste so good! One thing good about this is that you can control the sugar level of your drink but still taste good just like the soda your bought from the store that actually not good for your health. You can make your own Detox/Infused drink with real fruits with a sparkling twist with this machine.
This SodaXpress QUBUS Starter Kit retails for RM420.00. The To find out more about this and shop online (FREE SHIPPING on order above RM200!) click here - . The SodaXpress Carbonating Cylinder refills can also be purchase there, check out the full collection here -
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AuraHijab Review | Conditioning Shampoo & Perfume

Hair Fall, smelly hair and it is like a bad hair day + bad hijab day! I discover a all in one shampoo that had helped me with my hair fall plus it makes my hair smell good all day long! This is the AuraHijab, specially made for girls & women who wear hijab. To our ht and humid weather, things can get pretty stressed when you start to feel uncomfortable.
The Aura Hijab Shampoo is made from Black Seed (Habastus Sauda) , Candlenut (Buah Keras) , Ziziphus Mauritiana (Daun Bidara ) & Olive Oil (Karbo Minyak Zaitun). In just 3 days your hair will feel smoother, in 7 days, you will see that your hair fall problem will be reduced, in 30 days of usage your hair become stronger and thicker.The best thing about this shampoo is that it is like wearing perfume for your hair! The fragrance lasted 12 hours!
My tips, make sure you have rinse your hair until it is fully damp. I like to use warm water. Use your finger tips avoiding the nail tip. Lather the shampoo onto your palm first and then lather it on your hair. Massage your scalp gently and to the ends of your hair. Then I like to rinse off with cold water, make sure to rinse off the shampoo completely and pat dry your hair. Let it air dry and avoid hair dryer as much as possible.

It smell so good trust me!


My own feedback :
I was amaze by how moisturizing this shampoo is. Every time I use a shampoo, a conditioner is a must or else my hair will be very hair to be comb, tangled and not smooth. Most of the shampoo I use leave my hair dry, but this shampoo that said to also be a conditioner is not a gimmick. It is really oisturizing. It lathers so nicely and leave my hair smooth even in the first wash. The fragrance lasted 12 hours and my hair feels fresh and stronger. I could see that my hair fall problem is reduce every-time after I wash my hair. Plus, this shampoo is Halal & approved by KKM!
Saya kagum dengan shampoo ni sebab dia sangat melembabkan rambut saya. Setiap kali saya guna shampoo brand ;lain saya memeng kene pakai conditioner kalau tak mesti rambut saya "tersekat2" tak lembut dan kering. Shampoo lain buat rambut saya kering. AuraHijab mengandungi semua dalam satu jenis syampoo iaitu shampoo dan guna conditioner buan gimmik jualan. Memang rambut tidak kering walaupun dalam satu basuhan. Bau wanginya tahan selama 12 jam dan saya perasan yang rambut gugur kurang lepas saya menggunakan shampoo AuraHijab ni. Tambahan lagi, shampoo AuraHijab ni halal & diluluskan oleh KKM!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Shop the best shampoo for hijabis , AuraHijab :
Whatapps : 017-5444880
Send this code : AH80 to the whatapps number above to get RM50 discount!
Price : RM129.00 for 400ml bottle
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