Blossoming Rose Best Planner for Muslimah

Year end is coming and of course, some planner recommendations and finds from me. Today planner will be from . It is made specially for Muslimah, contains all the parts where you can strive to be a better person for a whole new year! The planner has a size of 18cm(W) x23cm(H). It reminds me of the PlumPaperPlanner but this is way more light and not thick as that one. More travel friendly. On the front I had my name printed on for a more personalize feel. This planner were sent to me and here are my reviews and tour for you on what are some of the features of this planner.
On the very early pages contains some tips and reminders on how you can fully optimize this planner.
Continuing on a pages where you can start fill in these pages with your goals for the whole new year!
Then the basic planner layout, the month layout which I love. I love to write down on agendas and events that is coming on the month I am in so I can see whats next and such.
Then they have this weekly planner section where you can jot down your To-Dos on each day for the rest of the week.
My favorite part! Encourage you to salaat! Make sure to fill this page! ;)
On each end of the moth page also contains goals pages.
Ramandan, one of the best month! Also have a section specially for your Ramadan plans and preparations.
Also some Ramadan meals planning and preparation!
Also Ramadan Ambitions!
Then comes the Eid day, some shopping list and plans also encourage you to give more!
You can purchase this planner for 30USD / 32USD (with custom front cover) at :
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  1. Wow such a gorgeous planner and love all the roses theme. Would love to check it out but I got a certain planner that I'm eye-ing on. Anyway, nice post xo