HAUL & NEWS : Holiday Shopping and Getting Naked

Hi guys! I just came back from a small family holiday. We went to Langkawi from last Sunday! Yes! My exam is over! So here's a little post and pictures of what went over my holidays!

Langkawi was among the most popular holiday spot in my country. You can go crazy shopping for chocolate! Its a free duty tax shopping place. It is amazingly cheap. Shopping for clothes may not be my choice, ithe best part is, the food! Delicious and cheap! Then we went to Oriental Village! Its was great! I get to fed the deer close up! and rabbit feeding and much2 more nature activities there. So heres what i bought during the holidays!

if you guys are wondering, why the hell did a ball of yarn is there! i bought it there, the price was 2 times cheaper than my local store back at my home town... and why did i buy them? I was inspire by QueenBeeuty from this video! Click here. Im going to make a skinny scarf! I'm going to give it to someone special! ;)

and the last above picture, i didnt buy it from Langkawi. i bought it at some small kiosk in Tesco! Just wanna share because i got it for such a bargain! Guess what? I only pay RM25 for all of them! <3 <3 <3

and im not getting naked, but im going to get the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2!

so heres what Urban Decay says...

Click here to sign up!

so till then! If you have any question don't hesitate to ask! comment below and have a nice day!


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Got an email saying that,

say it all... click here to Sigma website!
To all Malaysian! Don't worry! they do ship to Malaysia! Fast shipping i guarantee!
I have purchase them before, it is awesomeness!
Free shipping seems nothing!?
No way! You can save up to RM30 per order you know!


My Top 3 must have choice!
12 Brush Kit - Make Me Classy - Black

Cleansing & Polishing Tool

Sigma Pro Brush Belt - Pink
and much more~~~


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NEWS : Let's get Naked 2!

Like...Ok..let me take a deep breath first... (Inhaling) I heard and SAW! a picture of Urban Decay Naked Palette 2! Yes! Number 2! Like? I haven't get my hands on the 1st one yet! Here's a picture,

Picture credit to google (i dont know who owned, everyone seems to have this picture...sorry owner! :(
What we can have a lil sneek peek is that, it have like a metal casing, same number of eyeshadow and a brush...I heard they came with a lip gloss... what pissing me off is that in the palette, they have Blackout shade. The last color from the left. the black one. I have it already in my 15th Anniversary palette! (one of the reason i bought that palette. tsk* tsk* well... cant wait for it to arrive in Malaysia! REALLY! I wish i can have both naked palette soon! <3 Till then... Bye2!

and oh well!

Blogging while hearing my friends screaming cheering for our local Harimau Malaya Malaysia Football team! Good Luck! I hope they win! Match between Indonesia in the Sea 2011 Games! Good Luck guys! Make Malaysia proud! <3

WE WON! ;)
It was a awesome....
Congratulation Harimau Malaya, we all proud of you.
Thanks for making Malaysia proud.
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FAB FINDS & TIPS : Makeup Organization & Storage Ideas!

I manage to squeeze a lil time to blog... When i'm stressing out, i browse the web... What else..watching YouTube and reading beauty blog... Since i started collecting makeup, i always try to find the best storage that i can ever done to my makeup... from ordinary closet drawers, to train case, to baskets... none of them are helping me to get neat and organize... year by year watching other YouTube guru show their makeup organization and storage. They are awesome! But i am not the kind of person who love to have like so many makeup that is for me insanely to much for me. For me having 10-15 shades of each type of makeup would be ok! ;p depends on the type too... anyways, makeup expired right? im planning to post a blog regarding expired makeup which had happen to me. A disgusting fungus/algae something2 grows in my eyeshadow! wait for the post ya! So for this amazing date today with my coming new year resolution, i came out with another organization plan. After on the of research for them... i may choose one of them or maybe the best last choice. I hope my dream storage come true! Yes, I need to save.

So the first ever drawer that came in my mind was this, inspire by Juicystar07 makeup collection video and some other gurus. What i like about it is the depth of the drawers. so you can never store to much ending up you forget to use them.

what i dot like about it is the shape of the drawer. i prefer the drawer would be wider. because we tend to pull out the drawer help of the rectangle and we may forget some items in there. And im actually prefer the 12 drawers than the popular 10 drawer because i like to sit while doing my makeup. I don't like high drawers. I know i'll be ending up getting my room a mess... So why i may did choose this method is because... ITS NOT AVAILABLE IN MALAYSIA! i search high and low for the drawer...  i saw one similar at Tesco, but its only available for 4 drawers which the drawers are too big! :( I may purchase it from amazon... Click here if you are interested, the price vary from other sellers, you can actually purchase it as low as 49.90 US Dollars. but im not sure if they ship to Malaysia...

I think it is a great storage idea because its has a wheel, so i can move it around. why im moving around while doing my makeup? i mean by yeah you know you may not wanna sit up straight like facing the teacher in class, you may move around and cleaning may come in handy. yes, i like the dept of it... the small 8 drawer on top would be home for my makeup items. and the other 4 big drawer, i may store other misc items like hair tools, hair product that are usually big, skin care stuff, mask and others. on top of it, i can put my brushes or perfumes!

This have been a very popular trend nowadays. First the high end storage that can cost up to 300usd++ per cabinet called the ClearCube! Saw Kim Kardashian use it in her reality shows called Keeping with the kardashian. Yes... Its custom made as you demand... Then came a dupe called Muji drawer that available and a hot selling item in their online store. You can check it out here - CLICK ME! I personally dont like the clear cube. Because its to big. I like Muji better. Its a reachable size drawer and stack-able and its much more cheaper. But still, its not available in Malaysia. I live in Johor, near to Singapore. I can go to Singapore and purchase them. But I think the price would be 5x higher after converted. Tsk* Tsk* There are a lot more styles, this is what i can only find in their website.

I combine the 2 large drawers using Photoshop. on the left is the 5 drawers, smaller than the right one.
Acrylic Case 2 Drawers with Lid Large - the website
Acrylic Case 2 Drawers Large - the website
Acrylic Case 5 drawers - the website

So here what i have in mind if i owned it...
Aaa~ Sigma brushes on top.. interested? Click here!
what i dot like about it its not available in Malaysia. We don't have Muji stores yet. May not fit everything I think. Foundations and big items like powder packaging use to have fits few in the large drawer. While the 5 drawer is a bit smaller. Just nice for lipstick, single eyeshadow, lipgloss and other small items.

I think it is a great storage idea because its super stylish! you can see everything inside! so you wont forget to use them its stack able, and the size is just nice! Its quite affordable too! You can add more drawers as you will.

This may be my choice due to some reason although there is still some cons about it... It the drawer from IKEA called the ALEX Drawer with castors. 3 small drawer and 3 large drawer... Its huge! Its very wide. The more popular one are the one with 9 drawers like newrulefarah have.

You can see it live in this video at minute 5:05

The larger 3 drawer at the bottom fits OPI and china glaze nail polishes perfectly! An the other 3 small drawer on top have the perfect depth for makeup items.
So here my layout idea again - 

ALEX Drawer with castors from IKEA, RM469.00

what i dot like about it is to wide! if i sit next to it, i may not able to reach the one that on the other side part. I may reach it but i may not be easy... Quite expensive, but I think it will last for years. I wish the have it like this not to wide, and maybe 2 more drawers that makes it 8 drawer. keep the depth height! it is just perfect!

I think it is a great storage idea is because its have a castor (wheel on the bottom) which help to move easily. Super stylish! Perfect depth! Can be turn out to be a table. Hey! Its Ikea! Small space isnt a problem right! :) I can purchase this drawer locally! Yeah! We have Ikea here. Or you wanna find out more? Click here! It cost RM469. a DIY furniture.
So thats it! My idea and project 101! <3 Next 2012 resolution, perfect skin 101! Till next time! Owh! Dont forget to leave a comment on what you think! or maybe a link to your post about how you store your makeup! i would love to see!

Hugs and kisses

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REVIEW : Best Lip Balm Ever? Jack Black Lip Balm & Victoria Secret Naughty Kiss Lip Gloss

Due to dry humid days in my country, i lip tend to chap. Thats why I don't really use lipsticks. Currently I have been using the Victoria Secret Naughty Lipgloss. Then I got the Jack Black Lip Balm from a small giveaway by Nicole's Mirror! She raved about this lip balm. It can be purchase at Sephora. So here the review...

Add caption
Where can I purchase this in Malaysia?
I bought it from my spree. It can only obtain through Victoria Secret Website. ;(

How much is it?
Approx RM49-55

Pros :
Its minty! Its make my lips pouts but in a very nice feeling kind of way. I love the packaging! It super sexy! And yes, I love how the minty feeling goes....

Expensive, and hard to get.

Would I repurchase it?

Rating :

Where can I purchase this in Malaysia?
You can purchase it at Sephora!

How much is it?
I will update later, ( i got it as a prize, I dont know how much)

Pros :
Super Duper Fast action! It make my chapped lip instantly (not quite instantly) i mean a few moment minutes my lip is fully moisturize! The texture is a lil bit thick, but i like how it goes! Affordable! Sleek packaging!

Nope, nothing!

Would I repurchase it?
Yes! But i wanna try the Carmex one too!

Rating :

She even send me some beauty product sample! She is so kind!
Ok that's all, just a simple review o my current lip balm love! Below I will feast you guys with some picture that truly a breath taking! A peek of a lil heaven eyh? Hehe. This picture i obtain from a friend of mine in Facebook! Ok! Till next time! Exam starting this week Guess I will go hiatus for a few moment again. See ya!

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TAG : Get Your Freak On: 15 Weird Facts Tag & Malaysian Youtubers?

Hi! Haha! Since I'm still at my hometown, i can sneak up on some blogging! I was about to post on my review about the lip balm that I have been loving.. I'll guess I'll do it tomorrow... Today, I watched a video from a Malaysian YouTuber! Yeah! Im so proud of that. I wish more Malayisan arent shy as me to make videos... Hehe! So this girl called  tag me on this TAG! Okay, Im it! Here it goes--->

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
When I was a baby my father usually call me BOBO, haha! because of my chubby cheeks. Until today they call me INA.. ;) Please dont call me that, i get awkward whenever another person that is not my family call me that. Its weird...

#2. What's a weird habit of yours?
I BITE! Haha, Yes. Its a lil bit disgusting but i can't help it. I bit things especially pencils and pens. Thats why people will think twice whenever i want to borrow their pens or pencil. And absolutely  you can recognize my stuff. If there's a bite mark on something, THAT'S MINE! LOL!

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
I'm afraid of the dark... I love bright places, I wish my room have a lighting just like the supermarket...

#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast && belt out when you're alone?
Randomly picked...

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
Smoking girls, smoking people around small children and absolutely, RUDE people.

#6. What's one of your nervous habits?
I bite my lip and sometimes says things that i should have not say (weird nonsense stuff)

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

#8. What was your first stuffed animal && it's name?
A rabbit! I have it until now. I called it, er..rabbit...

#9. What's the drink you ALWAYS order at Starbucks?
I dont usually go for Starbucks, can u recommend me what drinks best there? I like to go to Coffee Bean actually, Vanilla Coffee with whipped cream!

#10. What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
Smile. A lot of people say I have a very arrogant face that i didn't notice. Hey, I'm actually friendly you know!

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
The mirror! And start to poking my pores! Haha!

#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
I don't know actually... ;p

#13. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
Fruits + junk food.

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
Haha.. Randomly speaks actually.

#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
Im wearing bright green pajamas right now! ;p

DONE! Hehe. Not interesting actually. But yeah, told ya. And now I would like to share something. YouTube is like my school. Ok, weird but seriously, I learn mostly everything there, Especially makeup, and editing photos, graphic design, gaming, latest tech stuff, cooking, my maths, and many many more. I have an YT account since 2006, but then i close it and open a new one with a nicer name ;p. Past years after years, I realized that there were no Malaysian you tubers  But now, there is! Whenever I saw a Malaysian Beauty YT-er, I surely sub to support them. Who know? What if my dream business happens to be true in any days, I have my own Local YT reviewers! ;D

Here is Alisyalicious, a bubbly girl with a lot of personality! Great singing to! Totally Love her English accent!

newrulefarah is another YT Beauty junkie! Love her hauls! Shes friendly too! Look at her collection! Man! My heart pounds!


She sweet, soft spoken and very creative! That kellyworld18!


She is like the early find of mine. Since I watched YT, she the only person I find making Makeup/Beauty related YT videos! She is ekyn86

There's more but heres my last of the list. Who else? She is so pretty! If you love afforable finds, do follow her blog and YT Channel! Here tutorial are amazing! She is shafinatul <3!

OK, Thats all for today! See ya next time. Support local YouTubers! ;)
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UPDATES & HAUL : Its been so long... So I went for a little retail therapy!

Owh.. I know... It been so long since i left from blogging.. 1 month I think... Been busy busy busy... My final exam is just around the corner, and I have been busy doing my part time job. I have a very big plan for next year resolution! ;) Pray for me... So here just a little highlight of what I have been doing from my absent... After stressing out from work and studies... I went shopping! HAHA! Yes.. Although my financial wasn't that good around this time, I manage to find things that quite a good buy!

A leopard print satchel and a hearty wallet...
 I bought a leopard print satchel. I need a bag that looks well with formal attire for my part time job. I'll be meeting people around, would want them to look at me like i am 21... LOL! The bag was retail at RM59.90. It was ok for me... But still pricey... For a student like me... And i bought a wallet since my wallet was like... Terribly dirty and worn out. I decide to get a bright color wallet! Haha, black wallet give me panic whenever i want to find where is my wallet. Since handbag does not have a light inside, i tend to think that my wallet was not in there....And get panic for no reason....
My brother's. I need to learn save like him.. ;p
Back from a small weekend holiday, my brother ask me to help him build up his most exclusive Lego.. I was staring at the toys and imagine that the Lego cost my whole month pocket money! But I was proud of my brother since h bought his Lego all by himself. From his saving and chores pocket money. Guess how much was the toy cost him? RM899.00!!! I can go insanely shopping with that kind of amount! HAHA! It was my most favorite Lego from all of his collection, you know why? Because its a Shopping complex Lego! Haha! Who does like that! You should have seen the interior of this Lego! It is amazing! Just like a doll house!
Use technology wisely... :D
So here Im back.... This is what I have been doing for the whole month.. Studying... My Ipad have been a very good companion.. whenever i need assistance on my Engineering Math, My little baby Ipad helped me.. ;) But last Monday, my Ipad fell off.. Yes...It cracked the whole glass screen... But still I can use it, only that the face of the Ipad looks very disappointing.. :( You know how much it will cost me if i want to fix for just the glass scree? Refer to the price of the Lego.. Yes..exactly.. RM800!!! I'll guess i have to keep it like that first for a while until my financial is okay... :( Well that all... Im planning on posting a review on my current favorite lipbalm! That i receive from Nicole's Mirror! It is awesome! And

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my Muslim friends!

Till then, See you guys again! Love ya!
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