HAUL & NEWS : Holiday Shopping and Getting Naked

Hi guys! I just came back from a small family holiday. We went to Langkawi from last Sunday! Yes! My exam is over! So here's a little post and pictures of what went over my holidays!

Langkawi was among the most popular holiday spot in my country. You can go crazy shopping for chocolate! Its a free duty tax shopping place. It is amazingly cheap. Shopping for clothes may not be my choice, ithe best part is, the food! Delicious and cheap! Then we went to Oriental Village! Its was great! I get to fed the deer close up! and rabbit feeding and much2 more nature activities there. So heres what i bought during the holidays!

if you guys are wondering, why the hell did a ball of yarn is there! i bought it there, the price was 2 times cheaper than my local store back at my home town... and why did i buy them? I was inspire by QueenBeeuty from this video! Click here. Im going to make a skinny scarf! I'm going to give it to someone special! ;)

and the last above picture, i didnt buy it from Langkawi. i bought it at some small kiosk in Tesco! Just wanna share because i got it for such a bargain! Guess what? I only pay RM25 for all of them! <3 <3 <3

and im not getting naked, but im going to get the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2!

so heres what Urban Decay says...

Click here to sign up!

so till then! If you have any question don't hesitate to ask! comment below and have a nice day!


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