NEWS : Have you heard about ? Beauty Junkie community!

Hi guys! Have you heard about What is that? Its kinda of a community age for makeup/beauty product junkie! I love it! So here's a quick overview,

So, down here is their homepage, You can see the bar on top have labels like, products, videos, photos, people, talk and articles. I personally think its very nice arrange for easy references....
The homepage
 If you click on the product button tab, you can see all the product that have been reviewed and rate. So its kinda an easy access for you if you wanna do research before buying anything. Pretty nice huh! Loving it! You can sort it to the categories you wanted.

 For example, I'm clicking on the Jumbo Pencil. So here we can see some review on it... Some swatches pictures, videos related to the product and many more!

The review
 Below, This is my fave part, a whole group of beauty videos straight from YouTube! Only beauty videos! Nice! You can even sort it to only tutorial videos or even, only giveaway videos!

 So, i clicked on one video, below is an overview on the page. You can access to the Beauty guru profiles and all the product mention pictures are also listed on the side!
It's hollyannaeree! <3
There's much much more to be explore! Nice huh? Hehe, Im not affiliate's or paid to promote this page, I just like'em! I think its a good page to share with all my beauty junkies friends! Ok, Till then again.. Tata! Off to KL again tomorrow! :( Need to work!


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